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Old >list of good comm. servers

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A pro MLG pyro will abuse crit gimmicks more

>Pyro mains

Pootis spender here pls

i wanked too long without cumming and now my balls hurt
should i switch off engi?

MINE hevy wapons mann loaout (cooll): pepsi
OTTHER poepls loadutss (badddd): bepis

why do people still play TF2 if paladins exists?

As someone who hasn't played for roughly 3 years, are sites like TF2 lobby still the best place for somewhat competitive games? Or are there some decent community servers I should know about?

In-game comp is absolute shite, community servers are dead 98%, tf2center is the go-to for pugs

>enemy says thank you
can we seriously stop doing that its not even that funny like seriously


that's it if I recall correctly

>Getting tilted over something so silly
You do realize that's the entire point of Z+2 after every kill, right?

Damn that's brutal to hear. Even the community servers linked in the OP look dead as fuck.


The future of valve is now.
People didn't know how the game would turn out in a decade but here it is in, almost 2 weeks and 3 days, tf2 will be a decade old.

I use it as "Thanks for a good time." The fact that people like you get so salty over it is a bonus.

>kill enemy
>say good job
would you prefer that?


It's a compliment really. When you say thank you, it shows that they were a very worthy opponent. One that deserves to be thanked for giving you the opportunity to grow as a player. Be honored user. Our lives are only a temporary state into our transformation into the unity of the universe. You and the enemy are like wood and the fire that burns it. One cannot function without the other.


>enemy scout strafes straight into a pipe

>whomst would you

>Bragging about a pub killstreak
>Not even a single kill was all that impressive

why are they all hideous

So you guys are basically just children trying to make people mad then


asian looks good, but then again, so does the bottom-middle left one

short pigtails looks kinda nice under a hat

i'm 8

Are you new to FPS gaming? Taunts, voice lines, chat binds etc. all exist for the purpose of tilting the other team.

Because equaility?
I really don't know, most of the male TF2 characters are actually attractive so It's kinda lame

There are all pretty bad. Not because they're female, but because none of them really feel like they captured the essence of the character. They're just either straight genderswaps or someone's OC dressed up in the merc's outfit.


>male tf2 characters are all for the most part attractive or somewhat so
>female tf2 characters HAVE to be as hideous as possible
where is the logic

optimistic as this is, most players do it just to be fags

Provide the link at least drewwolf.com/tf2alt


this one is actually alright but its just default scout in sport shorts

also stop trying to make scout thicc, its a fucking speed oriented character

>An internal pitch project aimed to bring female characters to the cast of Team Fortress 2.

>I was responsible for story, character development and visual design. With the exception of their class function, It was important that each design presented an entirely new character. I wanted these characters to live on their own and add dimension to the current roster of in-game characters. The goal of the project was to dive deep into possibilities and facilitate creative discussion.


gay lmao
and not the good kind of gay

You are exactly the reason I say thanks after every kill. Sometimes I'll toss a "nice shot" in there as well.


>black demo isn't missing an eye
>only one has the eyepatch
>the one major lore item
>is not included

I actually like this ones

>most of the male TF2 characters are actually attractive

Pretty much all of them are attractive, other than maybe Pyro because we have no idea what they look like.

>no chinlets
>everyone has a visible jawline
>taut, higher-leaning features (as opposed to saggy or fat ones)
>everyone has cheekbones
>everyone has narrow eyes

>With the exception of their class function, It was important that each design presented an entirely new character.
>entirely new character.
>entirely new character.
>entirely new character.
>entirely new character.

>no chinlets
Sounds like the opposite of tf2g

>spy mains goes for le epic stair trickstab
>pipe him as soon as he jumps
>compliment him for his bold attempt at such a high skill technique

I'd fuck some of these but the appeal of TF2 is it's a very masculine experience firmly rooted in more traditional 1970's culture (except the cosmetics.) Even the ridiculous stuff like the Halloween events feel like something you'd see in a 1970's cartoon.

BTW they're from here valvetime.net/threads/valve-artist-drew-wolfs-new-website-reveals-team-fortress-2s-female-cast-and-more.257891/


Why even claim it as TF2 related at that point? May as well just admit it's your OC dressed up in TF2 clothing.

>Missing the entire point of spy's design to make her more feminine
>That scrawny ass engineer, but medic is thicc as fuck
>Gorilla arms on red heavy
Even exempting the fact that it's barely TF2 related, this art is rather bad.

This is the only one I like. Asian STEM women aren't uncommon, plus you had STEM industry in Japan during the time period TF2 takes place in so it's not particularly weird or jarring. The icing on the cake is she looks like she would appear in the game's universe and isn't some artist wish fulfillment or an anime character.

australia is also a super advanced society so a place sitting next to it (japan) would probably inherit some of that industry

Just got announced. Registrations are open, prizepool is honestly pretty nice for a monthly thing that is also TF2 related.

Then fucking say that you nigger

I thought this was someone's tumblr shit you pulled out of thin air that was just r63, not entirely new characters loosely based off of existing ones

Were afro russians a thing in the 70s?

Only thing we talked about back in social studies was the whites vs reds and the proletariat class revolution in russia, among other things, and not the ethnic groups in countries

What class counters copious amounts of braindead explosive spam?

the classes with braindead explosive spam

every class in the game if you're good

>heavy counters demoman

yeah if you're good if you suck you die

Just don't walk over the bombs.

lol just don't get hit nigga just dodge

this but unironically

This has some truth behind it. They intentionally made Scout, the hardest class to kill, an insufferable little shit to specifically trigger the other team and lock their attention on him.

play scout
go where they arent shooting
kill them

couldn't ya see the bloody bombs?

shoot them

>Hardest class to kill
lmao just fucking shoot the scout lololo what are you bad?

Can someone PLEASE post that one image? You know the one I mean.


this one?

It doesn't even look like he's aiming at them, how do I reach this level of gamer?

i got u senpai

Probably because it's a STV demo. I don't have that many scout clips.


unironically 40% of tourney TF2 players use aimbots

>acting like thats a suprize
>acting like thats not wallhacks or (((((((((((((((sniper mains)))))))))))))))

Where you see the model and where the server sees the model/hitbox is completely different depending on your ping. It's how people can kill you despite you falling behind cover or hiding behind walls. You can only learn about this through experience, since your connection to the server won't always be constant.

This is true as well. A huge chunk of competitive Sniper mains got smashed by VAC a good while ago.

Just because someone has actual skill doesn't automatically mean they're hacking. There's plenty of players who are just legitimately good at the class they play. Also, latency factors a bit into it, but even on LAN they can land consistent headshots. Unless they're a pot8o.

A lot of those who got banned were UGC players. UGC is seen as a joke for a good reason.

how the fuck do you play sniper with sensitivity that high


why are you not in the /trash/ thread

what should i tell my friend about their spy

Delete his account and get some better taste


>i-it's just the league!

Any MLG game has a wealth of cheat programs, not just TF2 (though I'm sure TF2 has way more)

I haven't been in the /trash/ thread since it was made. It's not worth even acknowledging, to be completely honest here.

whats inside the thread?


Post your favorite loadouts that you're currently rocking.

I'm pretty happy with these four.

Again, not saying hackers don't exist, I'm saying high level players have no need to hack because they're genuinely good. We've even seen some of these people play on LAN and they're still consistently good. It's way too easy to throw out hackusations, but hackers are usually obvious. UGC isn't taken as seriously as some leagues because it's full of smurfs and sandbags and in general just really shitty players. I've seen some of these so-called top-level highlander players those pyros from that one gif are platinum. There's not much skill in UGC, it's a joke league that not even the players take seriously because it's just TF2.


say it with me everyone:

just about 1/2 of the loadouts posted here

Even top-level players aren't above using software to make that tiny bit of difference or compensate for when their aim isn't on-point, don't pretend accusing someone of hacking (especially in TF2) is some egregious offense

There's a difference between just accusing someone of hacking and being outright retarded and accusing high level players who perform consistently at LAN of hacking.

>if you play on a pro setting you are immune to ever hacking

Are you enjoying these charity (You)s


wew lad, that's not what I said at all. A bunch of UGC players got banned because their anti-cheat is a joke, there were hardly any ETF2L or ESEA bans from what I understand. I was trying to find the list of players who were hit with the big wave but I can't, but from what I recall it was mostly UGC players.