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*I wanted to post this b4 but thread died before I could rip*

So guys, any hopes on returning items in skellington crates like the Hero costumes or neon cats?

Hoping that Naryu personality/hair will become available because I was away in the time those were available and they are some of the best things in their category

I don't have name plates or quest markers or anything on, I can never tell if someone is in a guild even if I look right at them.
I do however wave at anyone who waves at me and usually look at the guild page to see if anyone is in my area, but as a newer player I've yet to encounter anyone as far as I know.

good night very alive community

I hope the Mages Guild robes return. I was hoping for them with the Dwemer crates (associated via scholarly-ness) but nah. I just wanna look like a Mages Guild nerd, dammit.

Had to attend a wedding this Saturday.
No time to play ESO

I am only getting two free spooky crates instead of three

rip. still have 14 minutes to kill something today, in case anyone hasn't done so.



Hey /tesog/

I've played the game on-off since launch, and quit a few months ago. Not that I was doing much though. I've never been much for group content in MMOs, be it PvE or PvP. I'm just a story nerd with mild interest in RP.

So my main is around 300 champion points, and all I did in the months before last quitting was farm resources to sell and do daily crafting writs, but I plan on reactivating my plus membership (crafting bag best bag) but I also want to roll a new character. Probably a bow main Argonian NB. Yes, I know I'll get my shit kicked in early on, even by public dungeon bosses, but I think I'm willing to risk it.

Any tips for the build, or decent ways to scav for gold?

Probably not, but they'll be back in a year.

Season 3 when?

>Probably a bow main Argonian NB.
Don't actually do that

Crafting a night mother's gaze set and using the warrior mundus stone are solid tips. Argonians and NB makes a great combo since NB gets ultimate from drinking potions, while argonians get extra health, stamina and magicka.


Mage Guild Robes are in the 1000 crown starter pack

Just to confirm, the event is now over and everyone will get their crates on 27?

I'm hoping for the elk to get chucked into a crate

Apparently a new elk with darker fur and I think different colored eyes was data mined a while back, may come out near new life

Personally I just want that witch knight charger horse to come out already, mount looks great

It's over but I've no idea when we'll get the crates.

Is there a list of all the motifs that can be found/looted/dropped as a whole book and not just the chapter pieces?

Secret meta:

>pick sorcerer and dual wield dagger crit skill line
>slot surge
>guaranteed heals every second

It's just races that's regularly found as whole books. The rest of the motifs (outside of the ones you buy from pvp vendors) can be found as a whole book even if it's extremely rare.

Is it bugged? Don't I need to use dw?

I caught some fagets roleplaying in the Wayrest tavern and some dude tried to hit on a girl.

All motifs can be found as a whole book. It's just a lot rarer for the ones which also come in pages.
The book only motifs are the Alliance races, Imperial, Daedric, Ancient Elf, Barbaric and Primal. Soul Shriven is also book only, though it's a bit different since it's given out as a quest reward.

What's a dw

Dual wield.

I'm assuming it hits faster so it scores crits more often


>log in
>don't know what to do
>log out

While you're out breaking armor, he's breaking hymens. Whomst is laughing now?

Literally me for the past two weeks
Occasional pvp and daily pledges then gtfo

>not breaking hymens at the riften inn

Only one of them. There was a pack of three once upon a time, shortly before I got the game. I'd like to get the others, especially the ones with actual pants.

Didn't know that. Now I want them.


Now I'm sad this guy didn't make it in.

Telvanni. The greatest of the Great Houses.

Just downloaded it again after not having played since Imperial City. I have 600 crowns somehow, should I buy a cool mount or is there something more useful?

buy me the beard ;__;

You aren't getting a mount for 600 crowns. You could get the starter pack, that comes with a bunch of stuff, like 5 xp scrolls and a pet.

I think they changed the art direction at some point in development because the robot in the middle is very clearly a Dwemer construction, while the stuff we see in Clockwork City only looks as if it's inspired by the Dwemers. Probably a result of being in development for so long.

Get a cool pet. Wait a few weeks and the not-Halloween event have probably started, you'll probably be able to snag a cool pet by then.

Kinda reminds me of the robot from the HL1 intro, the one that casually stomps into a puddle of radioactive goo.

They will never let you trade or sell crown items with other players


You can apparently gift them but the process seems like too much hassle to bother.

asking for a friend

It involves a cooperating GM and support tickets.





Is there a way I can contribute to the guild or something from the shadows so to speak? I want to play with people but I don't want to PLAY with people, if you know what I mean. If I can indirectly help people out or support a guild that would be cool I guess.

when do you think all the vvardenfell motifs will at least halve in price? i want to learn them myself, but they make so much money ;__;



>still horny
Iba needs to step up their game.

yes but, it isnt that one inn right in the city is it? i stop by every other night and have NEVER seen anything remotely lewd

Shit's going down RIGHT NOW.

Light e medium version please

Alright so I tested this out on a couple of harpies while I had utterly outdated gear and was missing some armor pieces and I effortlessly outhealed all damage. Surely they are just normal mobs but maybe there is something to it.

You can put intricate items or semi-valuable materials/recipes in your guild's bank. Making armor for people is pretty direct, but a lot of people appreciate it.

Oh fuck if user knows how to play his cards

>tall characters everywhere

Why does this game attract insecure cunts

t. average height and proud

Where's my goddamn crates?


You sound like a short guy

For you.

Short guys play tall characters.

Guilty! (I didn't even realize until this was posted: yeah, all of my male characters ARE above average height and not a single one is bosmer)
>t. 5'10 Asian manlet who has to work with a 6'7 boss

It's like salt in the wound.

Praise the Father of Mysteries.

So, anyone else wondering if this guy is going to eventually get a cameo? (Assuming that's even possible. I mean were there even records of the Corpus disease at this point in history?)

r8 edge

I'm 6'5" and play tall character's, tho. Well, actually, come to think of it, they're all fairly average height.Imperials don't suit being giant and my redguard's sneaky so didn't fit him either.

178cm is white manlet height tho, for asians it's the king of khans size.

>very spoopy/10

Are you a vampire or is that a skin?

It's the stage 4 vampirism effect

not for 300 years

Well I'm one fourth white, so where does that leave me?


Also might want to reconsider the dominion shoulders, it ass a sword of sweeping, natural curviness without any harsh points.

>it ass a sword of sweeping

I just go to the extreme ends on the slider when on Altmer/Bosmer. My Altmer tower over the population, my Bosmer are the size of a medium crate. Other races I stray like 25% from the middle to spice things up a little.

>buff characters everywhere

Why does this game attract insecure cunts

t. average weight and proud

>AD fag visits other factions

>not playing an altmer

kys, manlet

I'm 5'7 and play a short orc
Tried bosmer before but even on max height they were way too tiny

mag sorc is a difficult class

>Why does a shitty MMO based on a shitty fantasy series with a story that's constantly stroking your ego attract insecure people

>characters everywhere

Why does this game attract insecure cunts

t. not playing and proud

Just reached level 50 alchemy. What are the moat used potions for stamina nb and for templar healers?

Could this be a new meme?

Why does every rank 50 item in the guild store have a lower cp limit of 160?

>everywhere everywhere

Why does this game attract insecure cunts

t. in the incorporeal realm

Flawless is all well and good, but have you gotten Master Angler though?

I'm like half-way through dominion angler, does that count?

That's acceptable. Keep up the good work, bud.

What are the major differences between the Scolar and Telvanni personalities? Both seem magey and it's not like we can get a decent preview in the game.

telvanni is like the big-dick version of scholar

Scholar is the annoyed, reclusive wizard
Telvanni is the boisterous, flaunting sorcerer

It's the virgin scholar vs the telvanni chad

So I'm doing the vvardenfell questlines with rewards right now and it's pretty funny how often some sort of "Stealth is optional for this mission"-situation appears. Then again it would be pretty shitty if you needed to be a medium armor DB thief to do the mission so my light armor ass can't complain.