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/sthg/ #959 - Metal Edition

>Sonic News

Heavy Magician! Vore me!

Amy best first.

Post 3 & Knuckles


We all like Metal Sonic, right?

Mystic Cave is finally finished. Three more Sonic 2 badniks to go

Of course.
Metal is best boy.

We all love a good PINGAS joke.

>no "Larry died because of him"

He's the better Sonic.

Let us proceed to the cutting of the MONITORS

Better than Sonic

No, he's a boring ass robot

Like if he was on some hank henshaw shit then maybe

But he's just a generic ass robot

Precious clanker is precious.

We all like Honey the Cat, right?

>you can really tell who grew up with Sonic Rush as their first game if they think Boost is a good idea

see how stupid that sounds? Just because people enjoyed the Cyclone stages doesn't mean they think it's the only way it should ever be for the character. do you really think the Cyclone is any worse than "designated
background character to hold the Miles Electric"?

Tails in the Cyclone isn't better than Tails on foot, it's just different.


First for Silver a cute!
A cute!!

Sonic would not be happy right now.

Sonic should take notes from Paper Mario and stop trying Innovation and interesting stories.

*robotic noises*

Speaking of, anyone has a good Sonic CD apk link, or are yall gonna make me google?

I'd tip Metal with my feelings.

What would happen if Emerl and Metal Sonic copied each other's data?

>another Sonic nendo
Why? He's already got a perfectly appropriate one.


they would have each other's move set

Looks good, user!

He'll be even less happy when he sees this.

He can fucking deal with.


Best Team coming through!


>Sonic games should be less automated and scripted. - Everyone on the planet
I can't deal with these levels of incompetence anymore.

What if Knuckles' answer to shadow had King Boom Boo's ""blood"" as the answer to Black Doom? And, this character was like an Exorcist or Necromancer, playing up that part of Knuckles' theme song that talks about expelling even spirits from within you?

And, due to King Boom Boo's essence, this character is grey and blue, contrasting with Shadow's black and red?

Sonic Team are too scared to make real games anymore

They look nice, although I don't think the pincers on Caterkiller mk2 are prominent enough on the latter design. Could work like a choker or something.

What would you do to Zeena?

They're not making a game for Sonic fans. They are making a kids game. That's my only guess for why there's even more handholding and scripted levels.

Why didn't you tell Sonic Team this, instead of telling random people on the internet this?

Yeah I had that same issue actually. I might change it up later

Crawlton's design was finished for weeks actually, I only just finished Flasher's today

They seem to be doing fine with Puyo.

yell at her for not being Rouge

>Everyone on the planet
What about all those professional video game critics saying Sanic is too hard and Mania's water levels "show complete misunderstanding of what Sonic is truly about"?

It feels like a Skylanders game at times

Tie her up and violently remove that horn thing so she could at least be half shag-able.
>"lets see if you bleed green."

Unless you think you're turning japanese I doubt that'd be very productive.

Not to mention the numerous amount of critics who say all day & night that Sonic is all about going fast? I mean for fuck sakes, for as easy as City Heights is supposed to be, some people still get hit & die playing the demo levels. People in 2017 can't play platformers for shit, otherwise people wouldn't call Mania & Crash "too hard."

Sexual things.

Hydrocity's bubble segments were totally lame though. GG/MS gimmicks that change the way Sonic moves for way too long suck.

You mean like this?

After the turmoil I was secretly behind in the last thread, you people will surely have seen reason by now. Surrender to me your Rings, and we may part in peace.

You sure you want me to take these things off? It will go badly for you.

Fuck off!

Learning Japanese to better your favorite video games is more productive than getting angry that a game studio that doesn't go on Veeky Forums didn't listen to you.

Forces' OST is so fucking godlike but does anyone really hate the leading instrument? The actual level themes have such absolutely awesome melodies but they're totally held back by that crappy leading synth they keep using. All they had to do was replace the synth with an electric guitar or something and that would have upped the quality a good 5 notches.

It's such an awesome soundtrack based on what we've heard so it kind of peeves me that it could be so much better if they didn't try to be special.

What is Sonic Team's problem exactly?

What's your's?

Sort of, except still looking like a living person. And also looking like Knuckles.

Oh, and behaving sort of similar to the "idea" of 'Chuckles'. I mean, like, the fan perception of Classic Sonic as this super serious character (Shadow) focused on stopping Eggman, with Classic Knuckles being this giggling guy who's always getting in your way and messing things up for you, all for laughs, or whatever.

And, he uses the power of the Master Emerald in a 'wild' way, in contrast to Shadow controlling the power of the Chaos Emeralds. And he shares a similar responsibility or life duty to Knuckles, but instead of embracing it, he chooses to run away from it and tries to oppose the very idea of order and destiny, even though its encoded into who he is as a person.

Yeah, that's been the one thing about Forces OST I really don't like. The synth isn't even that bad as I still enjoy all those songs, but they're really overuses it & that could make some songs sound samey. Like you said, it's really holding back the OST from being so much better.

What's yours?

What wouldn't I do is a better question.

Why, only the first two were actually good.

Sonic has the dubious distinction of being a Japanese franchise that's profitable without being popular in Japan. As a result, Sega executives really don't give a shit as long as it churns out money. Sonic Team is where they keep all their retards that nobody else in Sega wants.

To me the issue isn't that the sawtooth synth ruins the tracks (they fit in well), but that it's used in so many tracks in the first place. Ohtani got a very strong fetish for EDM lately.


So I tried editing the Sonic 3 Sprites mod for Mania with some different sprites, and all I got was a garbled mess of improperly loaded things. I used GIMP to edit the GIF files directly, but I guess they didn't save right.

Is there some weird trick to image compatibility?

Rings are completely worthless now.

>Cute character
>Fun personality
>Good role in one of the best arcs in Archie's run
>Good porn
Fuck yeah I do.

>those hips


But is Nega from the future of Blaze's world, where Silver is now from, or or the present time period of Blaze's world? Also sorry for reopening the discussion. I was taking a shower.

please tell me there's porn for this

Not a lot.

Silver is from the future of SONIC'S WORLD.
Nega is Eggman's descendent.

Do suits ruin everything?

>Nega is Eggman's descendent.
eggman eventualy banged some bae

Is that the Japanese version?

The problem with Silver, Blaze, and Nega, is that they are explicitly characters that are meant to travel to Sonic's World from elsewhere across time and space. Future, Alternate Dimensions, it all boils down to not existing in Sonic's current time and space.

Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be a guitar cover of Classic's Green Hill and it'll be godlike

So originally SA2 was only going to have Sonic, Knuckles, and Eggman playable right? Does anyone know what the story was originally?

oh my goodness are we still arguing about silver and blaze

I'm beginning to wonder that Blaze was actually intended to debut in 06 and Dimps ruined that by giving her a detailed backstory and character arc

Because the character written for Rush and 06 were relatively the same, yet so incredibly different that it feels like there was a major schism between Dimps and Sonic Team at the time. Contrast to Cream, who was made for Heroes but got fleshed out in Advance 2 and X

True. I have no idea what is talking about.


More like relieved.

I was just joking with the original post in the old thread, but yeah. Seems like it.

Read the previous thread


The story still had Shadow and Tails involved so probably largely the same. It's just that they would have been in cutscenes only.

I'm not sure if Rouge was involved in the initial draft at all though.

It's fucking weird to me that none of the Green Hill stages have the original music (I get why though). Who would think to compose a fucking dance track called Guardian Rock for Green Hill?

Think about what Rush and 06 have: Space and Time being affected in some way, and the power of Flames, tied to "Sol". Sol Emeralds, Soleanna, Solaris. A princess who conceals her feelings, because of special flames inside her.

>liking fakers made by the MAN


This is my personal opinion on her to be honest.



>Who would think to compose a fucking dance track called Guardian Rock for Green Hill?

I love the way SoJ's been marketing this game, tbqh


>a Twitter photo with no proof and no sources is more relevant than the entire games and Iizuka's statements at a convention 5 years go
>a Twitter photo with no proof and no sources has shat up any discussion about Blaze and Silver

The new part of Fist Bump during the concert was fucking sexy as hell. Shame about the other 90% of the song.

How could we not?