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>What is Guild Wars 2?
Guild Wars 2 is an active free-to-play MMORPG from ArenaNet, the sequel to Guild Wars 1, with events taking place 250 years after its timeline.

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Nausea incarnate.

>compressed like it was published in the early '00s
What in the fuck?


They were the toughest times, they were the hardest climbs.

>battle templar
>support templar

*already mapped pause as another button

So this is the same as the old undub patch but now with the original GCCX staff?

This sound like something from a shitty Western-developed licensed game.

Post you are player level retards

obviously not on pc but with your description the only thing I can think of is The Ooze for genesis/megadrive

>a little bumpy

>you might as well be bolt shitting


Halo 3 had some of the best looking / acting water in video games to date. Everything technically in that fear clip and more.

I'm trying to get back in.

not too bright are you?

good evening

Can't wait to play the Game of Thrones level.

>autistic janitor from like 2 years back
Holy shit why did you guys remind me, he was a nightmare.

Play them majority of the time on my Vita

thank you but I meant is fightcade the best way to play fighting games on pc or like should i be playing cnsoles idk anything about fighting games

I think most people on this board do.

Some of those placements are just weird. Like Kanji and Rise being below the other P4 characters and Aigis. I really can't see them not including the entire investigation team.

welfare implies inferiority for lower price. +10 armor and +1 prayer/strength is utterly insignificant. the boots are basically the same except one has a retard tax on it.

welfare boots are rockshell or barrows.

>pls stop trying to use a ship for something other than multiboxed 10mn 0dps cloak blob fits it upsets me

You tell me.

thanks for the dolphin pornag_inc-214.tagspoil-0;m=0;o=d;s=rel

felicia has been in many vs capcom games while jedah is completely new. I'd be fine if both existed but felicia just got thrown away

Wrong general, sorry shameful dispray.

>breast em up

close enough

I have 3 word; Fuck you Valsu.

Alright boys, check it out and let me know what you think. Creating content is my jam.

Any feedback would be A+ btw!

Also, i'll have to check out Albino for some inspo

face too pretty
stance to dominant
stares directly at camera

I've heard one on the Genesis is really good.

Shadow over Mystara is one of, is not the best, breast em up ever.

is Triumvirate the patrician choice right now?