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>Donnager did one thing wrong
>New headmin in the pipes
>Bring back mopstar
>Adv Cam Console to be fixed
>Free-ranging spider queens is not human harm
>Tramadol is aspirin

>What is Space Station 13?

>New player guide

>BYOND client

>Pomf Serbian, main Veeky Forumsstation server

>Test server

>Public server list

>How do I connect to the servers?
Hit the cogwheel in the upper right corner of the BYOND hub and pick "Open Location"

>Veeky Forumsstation forum and logs + Discord circlejerk

>Map renders collection: updated sometimes

>Coderbus, here!
@rizon #coderbus @rizon #vgstation

>Cryo Autism

>Round Stats

>SS13 booru for all your SS13 images!

>How To Install BYOND: The Video Tutorial: The Movie


>OP Pastebin

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Was I first?

Did you wear it best?

third for vox, of the cute variety

Did it always take this long for a new round to start?

It feels like it used to reboot faster


I play a vox am I cute senpai

finally a decent OP


Pressure uses these in setup and species.dm
#define HAZARD_HIGH_PRESSURE 550 //This determins at what pressure the ultra-high pressure red icon is displayed. (This one is set as a constant)
#define WARNING_HIGH_PRESSURE 325 //This determins when the orange pressure icon is displayed (it is 0.7 * HAZARD_HIGH_PRESSURE)
#define WARNING_LOW_PRESSURE 50 //This is when the gray low pressure icon is displayed. (it is 2.5 * HAZARD_LOW_PRESSURE)
#define HAZARD_LOW_PRESSURE 20 //This is when the black ultra-low pressure icon is displayed. (This one is set as a constant)

Obviously, some races like golems have different ones

It's a ZAS config setting for push thesholds so you'd have to pull it up locally then ask an admin what the server is currently set to


This controls look like ass

there is only one cute vox

>Implying this game won't implode and vanish from existence

>implying it will ever even have the potential to compete with 2d spessmen

Post statics that need to play more often


I don't know any other than Gary Tide who need to play more. He's sucha polite greytide and he always co-operates after fucking me sideways with buckets of water

He got enlisted into the military. I remember playing with him for his final round. gonna miss that guy.

should I join or observe the current round

he was a suomi? Can't have been worst korean, his english was too good

observe, it's ops

Thanks! Now I now my target is a Captain.

>Adv Cam Console to be fixed
I'll believe it when I see it.

>implying it's not in an PTSD riddled assistant's butthole and the second he sees you pause or double back when the pointer shifts he wont ventilate you

>roll miner
>no idea what i'm doing
>get uranium and diamonds
>ore processor doesn't process them
>only metal and plasma

what am I doing wrong here

need to eject them from the ore stacker console

ah, I assume the dude in the ripley just jacked all my ores then

>Got an X-ray gun from summon guns
>Using warden cams to try and find wiz
>Holy shit there he is
>Click his image to try and get his name
>Green beam blasts through him
>Look out of camera console and see a hole cut through the walls where I shot him from
>Dispense justice across the station without ever leaving wardens chair

can we delete the ore stacker? it's basically useless now that materials stack on their own.

from last night.

What's the BEST way to powergame against Ops?

That's amazing.

Good God, that's fucking grand.
thats basically the only reason I even play xenoarch anymore, to find fucking x-ray guns and hand them out to people.

putting the disk in a locked locker in the AI core
AKA what mikecari used to do every round

Check the lobby, then check the manifest.
They never, ever add themselves to the manifest.

>be borg
>it's malf
>AI wants to reroute disposals into a borger
>seems silly to me but mite b cool
>engibro finishes the ride
>immediately get busted
>get ion'd, welded in a locker, and blown
>now in sec dude's pocket as he breaks into the core
>AI places burger in front of him
>tell him humans suck and he should just jump in
>he actually does it the absolute madman
>unfortunately I was still in his pocket
>he gets blown and AI gets the axe
10/10 would milf again

No. Stacks keep having issues crop up. Don't fix what ain't broke

what does the bullet look like on an x ray gun? is it the slow moving green shot or is that plasma or something?

Only 1-in-10 operatives know how to crack mechanical safes.
If you're feeling extra fancy, destroy all the stethoscopes.

Unironically disk in the Clown. Either they have to gib/space him and hope it respawns conveniently or perform surgery, which is time consuming and most Ops are terrible at.

Put the disc in your butt
Nuzzle the AI in the core.
Click your mags and stand in your chair with two signallers, bombs, and a very angry pAI. You'll kill 3/5 of the op team and from there it's a cakewalk for the station to find the new disc and mop up

>ops telebomb the bridge to reset the disk

This. If you put it in the safe and melt/blow the stethos it's fucking over.

Nah, too many clowns wear mags these days.

what did he mean by this

Fine then. quickmix some bombs,, 3 chloral RSG's. Jetpack out to the corner of the map with circuits and metal and build your own station with hookers and blackjack. If you see an op, throw the disc and it'll spend 20 minutes missing the station meanwhile you can chloral the op, take their holosuit then kill them all

Don't wear mags I mean

pretty sure the disk respawns as standard when it hits the edge of a z-level too.

Nope. It just re-enters z-1 space at a different point. t.did exact thing and had to chase the retarded thing around until it finally landed.

It's a green laser that travels across the whole map

>In case of emergency, when there is no time for prebreathing, NASA helpfully directs the astronauts to gulp aspirin, so they can work in spite of the agonizing pain

Guess that would work then. Pain in the arse for both parties, but it would work. Ops successfully foiled.


Pomf, I still love you, but what the fuck were you high on when you wrote the advanced sec cameras. Holy fuck.

I like this, but give all the IAA flavors slight variants of it.


Ketamine, his boyfriend left him again

Hey, while you're redoing that...

Jean Blancy! She's the best HoS!
why doesn't she play more


Is this real life

It tore out the walls?

You ain't never seen a girl with a duck before? What are you, gay?

No. What it does is leave trails in the walls, but the walls themselves are intact.

I'm only gay for latex birds

Closest I've seen is a girl with a goose.
But if geese are basically barnacles, then saying ducks are basically geese isn't much of a stretch.

Veeky Forums statics be like

Dickstation when?
Tinystation when?

Deep fry it then put it inside a sandwich sandwich fried ice cream sandwich sandwich fried disk sandwich.

never post oddman 11 here again


Disk in a bag with a mousetrap bomb.
If you can, put that inside a BoH with another mousetrap bomb.
if you can, THAT inside a locker with a proximity bomb
And that inside an armed mech also carrying a shard

It was made
There's been 3 completed and one abandoned

Have the chef make a million sugar copies. Stuff them all in one object.
Actually, just leaving the disk with the chef as good as secures it. Dude's invincible.

Wait fuck I just remembered a better one
Superglue the disk
That's it

No pics and not in rotation.

>And all of that inside of a fried sandwich sandwich

>it's a non-antag armory raid episode

I had rightful access as king pharaoh of the station. I can do what I want.

Almost got banned for that after finding the vault with 3 glue bottles in it.
Was essentially put on trial to prove I had no way of knowing it was ops when i did it.

damn right nigga, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. time for justice against them whities

What's wrong with Douman Seiman, aside from being super derivative?

if you cut off the hand of the guy and he releases the superglued disk does the disk stay glued afterwards?


yes. the only thing I can think to do is to melt it and hunt the newly spawned one.

Do go into more detail about this. Sounds hilarious.

oh my god thats hilarious

>Glue to clown's butt
>Butt butt butt

Why did joachim think murder boning in the middle of a goddamn xeno attack was a good idea?

Learn to compile then dipshit

It's trivial to cut a limb off.

If you don't ahelp it and take logs, screenshots and take it to the forum, literally nothing will happen about it.

>joachim was antag

shit, I hired him to help repair the traders shuttle and docking area. Was he a tator tot?

>Xenos attack
>Fuck up and run into the tunnels and get fucked
>Could have taken plasoxy to burn them out but so used to being nonantag that It doesn't even occur to me until after I'm dead.
It hurts so much

Might not have been at the time. It was autotraitor.

Yes, you can cut the limb off, but the disk is still glued. They can't put it in the nuke.

Ah shit, you're right.

Wait. You had to prove you DIDN'T know it was ops? It would have been bad if you did know? That's no fun. It should be totally legal to glue the disk if it's ops, especially considering there are no traitors, so the only way to get it in an ops round is from a vault.
But there should also be a way to un-glue things or else that might be a bit OP

they have the tools

The point is you have to stil lbe able to use it in case of blob/xenos

Yeah, so why would gluing it be a problem if you KNOW it's ops?

I dunno, I wasn't there. I imagine just housekeeping cause there's a ton of metagaming shit people do

As I understand, there's certain things you could do against ops that are considered metagaming even if you know that there's ops.
Bombing their shuttle isn't allowed.
I'm not sure if stealing the nuke from their shuttle is allowed.

They ought to be required to take care of their own shuttle.

Yeah, those are considered metagaming because you're using metaknowledge of where the shuttle can be. Even if you aren't it's hard to demonstrate that. But the knowledge that the ops want to stick the disk in a nuke is considered reasonable (on this server, at least).