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dropbox.com/s/bnj4lcihjw8rvoh/1257AD Modded ver 0.2.zip?dl=0

This is Rhodok soil

saxon genocide best day of my life


Mod that let with fight Rhodok as CaoCao when.

I'm posting The Humungus, The Lord Humungus, The Warrior of the Wasteland, The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla in honour of the original Humungus poster until we get a good post-apocalyptic mod.


Fuck is this gook shit
That helmet is not staying on for starters
Scale maille and lamellar will end your supply train
Why would you put gems in iron not gold inlaids
Belt should be wrapped around like in witcher

let me* fight

>Scale maille and lamellar will end your supply train
>Belt should be wrapped around like in witcher

white men

dead general

Jesus the Floris mod is ass. They totally flood the field with bandit hero parties that can thrash any kingdom stupid enough to stay near the nordic coast.

I claim this thread in the name of the Rhodoks.

I'm posting Cao Cao in honour of the poster who was posting in honour of the original Cao Cao poster until we get a good Romance of the three kingdoms mod.

What about that Dynasty Warriors mod?

what about that shitty zombie mod?


It doesn't add pre made troop trees you retard, it allows you to make your own. How is someone this fucking new?



Newbie question.

When the hell do Nords get stronger then fucking Sea Raiders?

Sea Raiders are as gods and all men shall flee before them.

Fucking shit campaign AI, declaring war randomly.

it's never random, it's always because of border disputes, curbing power, or conquest of a particular desired fief, or sometimes alliances if the mod has diplomacy

suddenly, Hourns

what did he mean by this?

I'm not bordering them, I have few fiefs and lords, none of my fiefs was originally theirs and they're not allied with anyone.
Loaded a previous save and they didn't declare war on me.
There are factors, but it's pretty much random.

what's your RtR?

you don't know Lotr? Movie, book, anything?

Nah, it's mostly random, you can savescum every time there is a declaration of war / peace deal you don't want.

786 renown, 51 honor and 9 RtR, but I'm not the leader of the faction. I'm helping a claimant.

yeah, what does your post mean though

hourns are race from lotr (kind of ents)

I was told that when you give a fief to a claimant, they leave your party and start acting on their own.
I gave Suno to Isolla and she's still in my party.

They'll stay in your party until the original faction has been completely taken over by the rebel faction.

thats some bulky ass armor
what did he mean by this?

>what did he mean by this?

Most likely "eww"

Will she return for Bannerlord?


This thread is 70 percent stale memes, copypasta and x variation on "where is bannerlord".

it's old game, everyone knows everything already (except relase date)

I'm gonna rape you, ok

Nova Aetas

Based user reuploaded modded2x 1257
Please put it on OP

dropbox.com/s/bnj4lcihjw8rvoh/1257AD Modded ver 0.2.zip?dl=0

I wanted to spoil tournaments, but tournaments spoiled me.

Already captured all Swadian territories. How do I wipe them?

hold onto everything for a while longer, the lords will start defecting

I think I'll ask Isolla to release me from my oath and help another claimant when this is over.
Or maybe marry her and take over the kingdom if that's possible in Dickplomacy.

A friend got this for the Xbox One. Do the console versions have the waypoint "move soldiers here" feature? Never used a gamepad for this game.

Your friend's a nigger and so are you


So when are polearms going to have innate guard break against swords Bannerlord?

When you stop being a faggot, so never

polearm autist btfo


>actually being this much of a cuck

What mods are you playing both the GoT mods are lore breaking garbage.

The insistence of polearms being lower damage weapons despite the superior leverage is a ridiculous fantasy in movies and games

better a polearm autist than a sword autist

>b-but muh polearms muthafucka

Congrats, winning a nation for a claimant is one of the most difficult things that Warband has. What now m8?


speaking of cuckoling, I need to be vassal for a while in 1257, who's better, strong country or weak? Plan looks like this
1. join them
2. get a castle/town
3. piss off ruler
4. be wronged
5. gtfo with fief

that's just theory, I never did in this mod
I can declare war on some dying country, too. The issue is that I have 9 rtr, I'll most likely get gangraped on the spot.

I wonder if you can make staves with that creation system

Get more rtr nigga

It would be great if the player leverage the high relations in a meaningful way. Firstly you are going to take a relations loss on leaving the faction and secondly the AI is so batshit random that they will declare war on you anyways at some point regardless of your history or liege relations.

marriage, improoving manor and quests "Resolve dispute" and that other one, about making a peace, from guildmaster? These are all ways to get RtR in 1257?

That's why I' asking what faction should I pick. I guess I'll try with strong one, HRE or England

Even if you have 99 RtR, the risk of gangraped by neighbouring countries is quite high in huge mods like 1257ad

>better a polearm autist than a sword autist
actually it's better to recognize the good and bad of every weapon and not be a sperg about it

Join your ancestors, slav

Another version of 1257?

Mount & Blade is a war setting not a civilian honor dueling sim

with some luck I should take some gentle gangrape, I jut wanna make my shitty odds as good as possible.
I found this sticky by accident:
when I was about to start new game, 2bh I don't see a lot of difference, except few soundtracks etc. I barely know 1257, tho, so I could miss a lot

If they gangraped you so long, they will also destroyed your economy in the process and you could be in the verge of bankruptcy.
The longer the war, your fiefs will get so poor that they won't generate any cash. That's how 1257AD economy works.

right, I let 2 villages (not even mine, some guy had them) be looted, my city went from the richest one to very poor at once. (previous game as a vassal)
these mongol hordes help a little, but don't solve the issue perfectly, this is sure

Can you install multiple claimants in one playthrough?

I tried to conquer Calradia myself after I won Arwa's quest. It didn't go well. I had lot of honor by the end and these guys were 75% of total lords of the realm. I couldn't convince them to support me and got destroyed.
I had 100 relations with Arwa, too, she didn't declare war until there was almost no others than we 2 (Nords had castle or two and that's it).

tl;dr- be carefull with honorable lords if you plan to do something else after claimant q.

>Two factions go to war
>Slide in and loot and burn both nations villages down
>They're to occupied on each other to even care
>Leave with a fortune
There is no better feel.

>looting villages

anyone tried this slav shit?

>Not playing as a bandit
You're missing out.

The path to God Emperor is paved by honor

where do recruit your troops when shit hits the fan?
It's not about being good, it's about doing what pays off.

t. Another >looting villages >ever user

I just walk up to bandits and recruit them or go to another city-state and recruit there.

>Not living life on the edge by being the most wanted man on the continent
Sounds boring desu

swords were used in war
stop being so buttblasted that polearms aren't super weapons

now I see, it's cool then, I guess
mayby peasants can be worthy opponent, too :^)

This guy is trying to capture Praven with 20 soldiers. I just captured but he's facing 120 units.
Tried negotiating to see what happened.
He wants Praven, all the associated fiefs and 15000 denars.
Top kek. I'll give him 15000 arrows.


you could have just captured them indefinitely.

I didn't even think about it,sounds like good idea

is Dickplomacy and CTT not screwed up anymore? are they safe to use together


page 10

Bonerlard killed M&B

Is it possible to make every claimant a ruler of their faction in the one game? Or does it limit you to just one? I've never fully gone through with it before


done and working, they fukin stronk actually
(except 2 faggots, they barelly lift their armor and don't fall off the horse)

I asked the same thing

sure but why would you

yo faggots
don't let it die

this is my last post until bannerlord comes out

damn, that's goodbye then

>this is my last post until bannerlord comes out
I will miss you user

I wonder how many people Turks killed inside
see, you should think in advance and be ded inside ealier on

>pic unreladed, siedge of Pampelona