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What a qt

Fuck the dragon loli



Reminder that this girl knows the kamehameha.

Garlic gun superior


Except for when they KAIOKEN



vegeta pls

shut up yamacha


why can't this artist just do some vanilla doujins with guys fucking monster girls. Goddamn.

it's pretty depressing



Closest thing I've seen him do to vanilla is, I think, Girls in the Frame.

She must practice that a lot.

Clearly a useful thing to do

slablands is fucking shit with literally zero content and these threads are only alive because you fags keep dumping pictures of monster girls into the thread (which you can easily go to the monster girl game general instead for)

>zero content
>over 50 fuckable characters with many of them having more than on sex scene
Are you retarded?

>thinking this is impressive in a fucking text porn game

So you are retarded.

>make claim
>get btfo because you're wrong
>Well thats n-n-not impressive
Ok cry more bitch.

>slap whatever amateurish garbage someone from the general throws at you into your game due to lack of quality control
>game is still extremely empty
>porn is so boring that not even the people in the general find it remotely remarkable due to the fact no one even mentions it, or the game in general for that matter
>"B-but we have loads of worhtwhile content!"

>You have no content
>We do though this amount
Ok. Go cry somewhere else. You're just embarrassing yourself.

It worked for the cocksucker you're shilling for by shitposting here. Except we aren't making money off of it. Fuck off idiot.

Sorry mate, but it's the truth.
What did you mean by this?

You fucked up, stop embarrassing yourself.

Tell me where I'm wrong.

Already did just stop. Your cringe is unreal.

I think you misunderstood me, I said content, not pages and pages of mind-numbing wall of text and generic extremely vanilla sex scenes that all play out the same.

You're just determined to look stupid. I almost feel sorry for you.

>content is vanilla and generic because I said so.
Dog fucker confirmed.

If I'm wrong then why is there more discussion about the game here then in any of the other generals?

>why is there more discussion about the game in the general where it's created.
Wow I really wonder why.

Stop feeding him

Yeah that last post basically confirmed I'm replying to someone with actual brain damage.

Let me correct myself, more discussion about the game here than in any of the other threads for this general. Anyways night fags. I hope in the next 4 years the game might reach a whopping ONE HUNDRED fuckable characters. ;)

Fantasy law school

She must have an ass of steel

I just more or less ignore the doujins and admire their pinups and single images.
Those are much less extreme and often nicer to look at.



Fucking christ
Japanese twitter is on a goddamn WARPATH right now

They are NOT happy about the big corps firing the writer/director of KF.

KF? Who what

Kemono Friends

The director was hugely responsible for turning the series around.

And Kadokawa decided to axe him because who needs a small-time director that clearly knows what he's doing when they have some Joe Schmo corperate guy they can tack onto their new big series. Right?

Fans ain't having it though. They're fucking furious right now.

Well thats some shit


but why


Skeptic girl


qt half dragos

Fantasy youtube

I get a big sense of Schadenfreude when big companies do something stupid that loses them money.


Awoo maids who start a strike against you because they demand more headpats

They'd never get anything done if they got all the head pats they wanted.

Wonder where spanking guy has gotten to, because this is the perfect time for spankings.


This guy gets it

She cut off her legs?


Fantasy tv



That new Metroid was pretty fun. Gotta admit.

Was Samus a huge crybaby?


Hell no
She bumrushes a boss and gives em a stomach full of Plasma Beam.

And one post-boss cutscene has that annoying-ass robot boss try to get back up, which leads to Samus blasting a giant hole into its head.

Quiet badass Samus is back.

Thank fuck.

>Quiet badass Samus is back.
Miracles DO happen!

Recruiting a Totally-not-Samus-I-swear when?

Also the first one in a while that didn't have any sort of monologue by her. Not like the little bit at the beginning in Super or the rather frequent but still in-character ones in Fusion about Adam before Other M took a shit over everything.
It tells you the plot of the game at the start and drops you there and that's all you get. S'all you NEED.

Also lots of Prime series nods. Very welcome.

The gallery stuff you unlock showing Chozo history and how they made Metroids to combat the X-Parasite was cool too.

And if the last few images in that gallery is alluding to things to come, holy fuck. That's some scary and kinda awesome shit.

Looks like somebody in the company was listening, at least. Doing shit like putting her awful Other M design in Smash was making people worry.

The aesthetics were the least of Other M's problem.
I actually don't mind how the Power Suit looked in that.

It was everything it did to the story that was stupid.

And removing the Gravity Suit was stupid too. Fuck you, I like my pink/purple suit.

What about the suit heels?

If it had heels, I never really noticed them.
If you mean the Zero Suit and it's added heels, then yeah, I thought that was stupid too. Not as dumb as the plot, but still dumb.

the magical doomsday girl cannon

Big girls


Zero to hero


high ac


Rogue clones


big tails