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> News
- The Rapid Blaster Pro has been released! It has Toxic Mist and Ink Storm!
- The Tenta Brella weapon has been revealed and is coming soon! Sub is Beakon, special is Bubble Blower.
-- nintendotreehouse.tumblr.com/post/165521794157/big-bad-brella
- Splatoon 2 artbook announced

> Splatoon 2 Information (links + translated tweets)
- pastebin.com/h04p6aqy
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- imgur.com/a/eV8p0
> S2 New weapon stats
- imgur.com/a/NFzgv

>Patch notes
- en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27028/~/how-to-update-splatoon-2

> Big S2 Gear & Weapon list (contains unreleased weapons)
- leanny.github.io/splat2/

> List of possible main abilities for gear (contains unreleased gear)
- docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18ip1HahYq8DRZRgSEXoRqa915aThLXPb79AFF91HCe4/edit#gid=0

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- twitter.com/splatnetstore

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- docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y-zt8u4va5GuDYnX_ToKfRUFRHu-1izMtE6ifaRK4II/edit?usp=sharing

> Splatoon 1 Artbook
- archive.org/details/TheArtOfSplatoon

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>Overtime has started
>you are the one carrying the Rainmaker
What would you do in this situation, /ink/?


gn /ink/

New thread hype! HB Pencil drawings!

Who are you, /ink/?

play it even safer and lose because of it


You know who I am.

What's this I'm hearing about turf lobbies?

>all the squibs put on my team

I miss it so much

Why is the woomy so interested in that squid hanging himself?

>when a dumb squid rushes and dies on overtime

>Bomb rushed out of my baller

Are you the user in my square that's looking for his son?

Is anyone hosting any meme lobbies?

source on pic

Because she saw what Hoodrat Woomy did.

Rage of Bahamut
character is Kaisar

Oh shit you work fast, looks real good.
What tablet and program?


Last night's private lobbies, different POV from the other user. It's about 2 hours, but skip the 2nd half. No edits.

It so much fun to destroy the baller with a bunch of bombs.

>ITT all of /ink/ lives in one house

Knows the truth about where Milky milk comes from.

Would you ever eat your woomy's eggs while she cries so much she throws up and tries to pull you away?

>other discord friend offers commissions, certainly pretty good ones
>prices range from 25bux for sketches to UPWARDS OF 160BUX for full body pictures, give or take based on what's requested

Is this how commissions work? Do I really want to spend 25+ dosh on a picture of my squid?

Just go on tumblr and search.
most people have reasonable prices, that's literally highway robbery

Oh yeah thanks for reminding me. I was gonna repost my perspective too just in case anybody missed/wanted to see it again.

im kier

I got a nice picture of my woomy with color for 20 dosh. It depends on the artist.

>backing the splatling into the corner with my ball before popping it

Any artists who would draw guro?

>keeps pairing me against other /ink/ users and then I get a DC on my team.
It's okay, I'm fine

i thought you were going to stop posting this shit

run in and die.

>/ink/friend using my main
>Go out of my way to bully him

what if slut woomy was a boy

We'd call him kier

I only dabble with the dapples in the turf okay

Go ask a guro artist? Or on /f/reakshow?

Gigolo yebby

It would be a nightmare


Stop bullying me Kagey. ;_;

>tri-slosher keeps spamming this way for some reason
>DCs halfway through
>we still win lol

not the right beret either senpai

Kier! I want to fuck your squid in an alley!

>Level 1 squib put on your team

Git gud or git out

Anyone got any tips and tricks for a newcomer? I'm not totally a shitter, but I'm not far off. ty x

you better not do that again

w-we'll just pretend it's like that on purpose, to separate the two but keep them similar

i thought you were gonna frick my squid in an alley and bring drinks to share

You're lucky I don't have my main with me. Even though you killed me multiple times before even with it. ;_;

>they're the best player

>Hop on to join
>Room full

If someone said that it wasn't me, but okay!

That's pretty fair, but a lot of people charge over or under their worth for their own reasons, I paid $60 for a full color fully shaded NSFW image, but I also paid colordraws $35 for two inklings fully colored and full body

Don't worry, I'm sure the randos will leave soon. Kagey is being a huge bully.

does he do it?

Uh...rust I don't know what you were trying to do but I wasn't having that skip dabba doo hop all the place bullshit.

Well looks like we got ourselves a public private /ink/ lobby where wins do matter and we must shed blood for the purpose of growing stronger

Yeah, I'm not sure how you didn't get me in the first place, and then you lagged died on my end.

Use motion controls

Extremely late but I just wanted to say,
these two are cute as heck and they'll always be the Queens of /ink/ in my heart

>2 dcs
just fuck me in the mouth, jesus

>Other team got absolutely fucked
Eh, slut woomy is used to that shit anyway, especially being squidbagged on

Play the singleplayer and have fun!

You know what, I'm not even going to try. My teammates are trash.

be my guest

Combining the last two replies since this is exactly what I did: practice Split Joycon motion controls in single player. I went from complete dogshit to King of Fuck Mountain in a mere 20 levels.

m-maybe you can do us both. i wanna share kier-kun


For real mate

I think that's a possibility~

time for some target practice

You can thank ranked for my biased against rollers.

Why do you always break the exact same Beakons I jump to Kagey? ;_;

No Rainy no!

>leave to scrub, change weapons, and hydrate my squid
>turf war room becomes full
Hello darkness my old friend

d-double penetration?

i wanna have cum drip out of my squids butt when he's in turf war


So what's the build for Tenta Brella then, ISM, IRU, and OS?

i hope his team mates notice

At least the yuri fags don't do this shit

That's because 90% of Veeky Forums is dudes

There's no girls on /ink/ to begin with. And no trannies don't count.

Faggots are gonna be faggots, what do you expect?

>Want to git gud
it hurts, /ink/

Rate my purchase.

>when the other team starts making you legitimately salty

spank a fat bottomed woomy

what did they do


>they think people who like yuri are girls
you poor naive souls



My shit aim and using a weapon I haven't used in a long time has momentarily triumphed over Rainy-senpai's close range weakness with a charger + Sting Ray!
>tfw I now have to watch for held charge chargers

I would buy that shirt if the logo was just a tad smaller