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September 24th 18:00 JST
- 1 free 4* of your choice
- 30 Quartz
1st: HP Fou x10
2nd: 4* EXP x10
3rd: 3* ATK Fou x10
4th: Mana Prism x100
5th: 10M QP
6th: Golden Fruit x10
7th: Tickets x10
>Rate-up schedule
9/20-27, 10/1-4: Merlin
9/28,30,2,4:Artoria (Saber)
9/29,30,3,4: Artoria (Lancer)

>[Kyoto Manga Anime Fair 2017]
- 5* Okita: September 20-21, 24-25, 27
- 5* Hijkata: September 22-24, 26
- 4* Tamamo Cat & 4* Suzuka Gozen always on rate-up
- 5* GUDAGUDA Poster Girl CE (Taunt & ATK Up +10% for 3 turns)
- 4* Launch Order! CE (Quick +10%, Buster +10%)
- 3* Fate GUDAGUDA Order CE (Quick, Arts, Buster, Star Generation, Star Weight, NP Gain, NP Damage, Debuff Rate, Debuff Resist +1%)

>English FGO has its own general for now, search /fgoalter/ in the catalog
>Monthly items: Dragon Fang, Unlucky Bone, Magical Spinal Fluid
>Epic of Remnant 3 ~Stage of Corpses and Streaming Blood~ to be released mid-Oct


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: June 29)
Add yourself docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCq3eZgh3zlUtZ3G6Y-zzv1kaXt4GHuWVBRlV__V3Q3rC2Pg/viewform
View list docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Alternate Servant/CE DB

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I'm glad I got NP3 Lancer Alter before I could use the ticket, otherwise I would have chosen her.

Is Misora pure bros?

Lancer Alter #1

Pure slut.

Sasuga Reddit's number 1 favorite servant.

Did Jeanne Alter ever return to normal after the Christmas event? Or she stayed a loli forever?

Was Gil right?

Bazett servant is going to be announced tonight

>Gorgon: 12
>Lancer Alter: 10
Remember your katakana already.

In a perfect world she stayed a loli forever

We are reddit XD XD XD

Reminder this our official top pick list

>10 votes

Yeah spaceships are pretty cool



Gil is always right.

>tfw fgo turned you into a l lesbian
Fuck Penth is way too cute


Have based Gilbros ever once been wrong?

>of all the options you pick penth
You'll be back to dudes in a week.

the most picked *4 servant in Japan
1. Lancer Alter
2. CasGil
3. Gawain, Lancelot, Nitocris
4. Herc
5. Nero, Gorgon
7. Astolfo
8. Yan Qing, Tristan
9. Li Shuwen
10. Bobmiya

Are you suggesting you're seeing Pen as a woman and not a warrior?


I'm suggesting I want to kiss her abs and be held by her strong arms

>1. Lancer Alter
But why?

The two aren't mutually exclusive

That's a disgrace for the Amazones.

I'm proud of my powerlevel now. I feel like I can handle a TYPE

>Gawain and Lancelot pretty much even, one relying on looks, the other on pure gameplay value

As expected.

NP2 Herc or Medea Lily?

And Pen hates you for it.

Kiara solos your whole crew

Fuc off Achilles.


Pancake witch

Waifu. Don't think

>he thinks Kiara is stronger than an Angel of Destruction

Bros, I have an issue where if I can't get the servant I want I will get angry and keep buying quartz until I get her. This has caused me to spend 1k+ for just one servant on 3 separate occasions.

What do I do bros

>not Merlin or the cute book

get a higher paying job

Read the comments that nips who voted made about the servants

I will become an amazon and serve Penth as her subject then as long as I can touch her a little as a reward for doing well I'm fine with it

>Want to pick Herk because I like him back from FSN, he is a bro, sekai de ichiban etc, 10.0, sinergy with my Merlin, my other Berseker despite being SSR (mhxa) got 0 survivality

>Want to pick Saber Lancer Alter because FAT TITS, I really like her design, voice, she is a great Lancer but I already own Mama Lancer

>Want to pick Gorgon because I love Medusa as well, THICK FAT TITS, I don't have an Avenger at all, she is a buster avenger so she works better with Merlin i compared with Lobo

I guess the correct choice would be Herk because gameplay right?
I heard Gorgon is not even usable even if she was my only avenger and Lancer Mama is better than Alter

>get promised the mother of all omelets
>before you even get to see it you start bitching about how many eggs had to be broken to make the omelet
>kill the chef and pat yourself on the back for making sure nobody ever gets an omelet

Suicide is always an option.

>gorgon split into two
>for an English poll
For what purpose? This can't be another case where weebs can't decide on the proper spelling of アルトリア.

>not Jeanne Alter or Carmilla
Shit taste.

Learn not to rage-gamble. Eventually you'll hit bottom and realize it wasnt worth it. Before that not sure; hitting bottom and being fucking broke usually does it.

For Tristan's first skill, what's considered a mental debuff?


Irrelevant ones.

>Gawain chosen by pleb fujoshits
>Lancelot chosen by gameplay and powerlevel bros
As expected.

What 4* did you end up picking?

>I heard Gorgon is not even usable even if she was my only avenger
Lies and slander.

>and Lancer Mama is better than Alter
That's debatable but if you have one you don't really need the other unless you like her more.

Just pick whoever you want.

Being charmed, I think.

>Martha instead of BB



People are not eggs.

Kotaro and Gilles also have mental debuffs.
That are a random chance of being skill sealed or stunned once some time in the next 5 turns.
DW is incompetent.

Why is it always the CCCucks?

Top 5 Heroic Spirits
King Hassan

Between Gil(Archer) and Merlin, who would win in an all out fight?

Who wants to join my professional esports FGO team?

>sinergy with my Merlin
Herakek can't crit.

Hiroe Rei should have designed and illustrated Titturia.

He can if you generate enough stars.

shh you cant say those words in a sentence. Rick Fox will come out of the bushes and ask if you want to be on an esports team

Too many dicks.

Always pick your waifu, there will be nothing wrong with it.

Stop this, you know it would be Gil.

Top 5 Servants
Solomon/King Hassan
LoD Vlad
Alcides/Berserker Lancelot
Edmond Dantes

I hated her at first but by the end I started liking her even if she is discount Arthuria

Nah the design we have is better

>most merlins on my list changed to waver
>the merlins that didn't put a CE that isn't bond ce on
these cunts

Merin has hax, but I don't think he's super strong in a fight. Like he's more likely to use the hax to fuck off.

>do a 10 roll for saber alter to try and get NP2
>Martha and chink assassin

The rate-up is an absolute fucking lie.

can't even hurt Achilles

Gilgameme is not crown station, he gets stomped

Whichever literal who designed and illustrated Arianrhod should have designed and illustrated Titturia.

I got Martha from a single.

Thinking about giving her the Da Vinci oven.


That's a pretty cute lance

Don't do it, her debuff removal and heal are pretty useful for challenge quests.

>Discount Arthuria
But she's better than any other Arthuria if you mean gameplay wise, at least better than her 5* saber and lancer version

e-communications abate conflict by bringing mutually suspicious people together. What do you think?

In my experience Waver is more useful for mindless farming.


Huge ass tits and gameplay memetry

We already have a poll man. poal.me/hz44qe

People need to stop with this meme. He's high mid-tier at absolute best.

Who is Kyon?


My waifu is vanilla Artoria.
But she refuses to appear here and in NA.
I like her titty versions more now but Im not sure it's a good idea to hoard Lancers.
Gorgon also pleases my dick but If I can't use her to kill rulers in challenges what's the point?

Let me get my harpoons.

Not my fault most Female Servants are weaklings.

Would you /fgog/?

1-4 Yan Qing
5-8 Wu Zetian
9 Saber Lancelot gameplay faggotry please don't be this
0 Doggo

Good luck reacting to his speedblitz if your name isn't Achilles or Kerry