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>A version of the old Zero no Kiseki fan translation was leaked:


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>Latest news

- Ys VIII released, but PC release date delayed due to issues with the port: steamcommunity.com/app/579180/discussions/0/1484356232247880393/

- Sen III trailer has been subbed: youtube.com/watch?v=QGfoGCWHLgI

- The trailer for Sen III is out: youtube.com/watch?v=fr-8b6S6HOQ

- Trails of Cold Steel III's on track for Japanese release on September 28th of this year, confirmed PS4 exclusive. News/article translations: gematsu.com/tag/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-of-cold-steel-iii

- Short CS3 TV ad: youtube.com/watch?v=NYaV_GNqyCo

- Ys Seven is out on PC: store.steampowered.com/app/587100/Ys_SEVEN/

- Zwei II coming to PC via XSEED (Autumn), official website:

- Tokyo Xanadu out on Vita, improved EX+ version on PS4/PC scheduled for late 2017

- Cold Steel 2 confirmed for PC, release date pending

>Older news

- Check out these Trails FC & SC updates, re: translation improvements (xseedgames.tumblr.com/post/159288714430/the-legend-of-heroes-trails-series-localization)

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This is a lot of assumption with little to back it up, though. Erebonian legend doesn't say anything about Sandlot piloting a divine knight. It makes more sense to believe she originally awakened her knight that time in legram.

2nd for Fies sharp tongue.

Pre-order her game and give her back her Crossbell.

I played both. Vita's pacing is fine unless you don't like Dana. Interception ruined the pacing more.

I'm kinda hope Ash will end up being the straight man, despite trying to come across and edgy, and teasing people. Would make for a funny contrast .


>Randy's pose of him on his knees
Why does it hurt so much, bros?

>tfw i imagine myself as a character
>tfw i imagine my crafts, my S-craft, how do i pose in the menu while listening to trails in the sky music
Am i the only autist that does this shit here?

I would love to use a lance and have a craft that works like Estelle's morale but with speed

How does he manage to be best boy in almost every game?

Considering that ouroboros plan is called Phantasmal Blaze, I think that the battle at infernal castle was more related to the fire Sept-Terrion.
Whoever who wins becomes the next guardian, seeing that a king/emperor is in the card, I guess?

>TFW he could probably keep going, but choose not to after everyone else died, and lost his will to live

Do I get something for winning the Blade attractation at the festival?

Do we already know how they will implement bonding system in CS3? I hope they used Ys VIII's bonding because you can bond with the NPCs there.

You can't just disregard the word phantasmal, though. Why is the blaze phantasmal?

You can do everyone's events but it looks like only the first few can get bonding points.

"Phantasmal" is referring to mirage I guess.

The phantasmal part was in crossbell and the blaze part was in erebonia.

Hmm, that could be it I guess. So the fire and mirage sept-terrions must be connected somehow.

Mirage is connected to every sept-terrion though

I'm struggling in Ys VIII on Hard. I'm on the chameleon boss in the coral, Clarion(?).

Is there a trick to getting Flash Move off, or is it just practice and being well-stocked on curatives?

posted this in the last thread and then realized it was ded

>playing NIShit

Could like Ao, where you interact with Kea, Shizuku, Cecil and so on, and learn more about them through events. There are bonding points though, but Kondo stated you'll be able to watch everyone's events in a single playthrough, so i imagine you'll be able to spend points on people you want to increase your link with, and after they run out, you just watch them for the cutscenes, with no link points being won.

Phantasmal was in Crossbell, because they used mirage to awaken the "blaze" in Erebonia, since Mirage can talk with all sept-terrions.

The RNG that gives you a shit deck is even stronger against her than normal play.

this was my first NISA game and it's probably gonna be my last. the rumors were true

I think it's more likely that the king represents the imperial family somehow, or maybe dreichels?

I hate you so fucking much.

Just keep trying until you are familiar with the bosses moveset/tendencies.

I don't mind the bonding events, but the use of bond points imply the events still take place in one special section separated from the story. It feels so rigid.

It just makes it easier to keep track of i guess. In Ao, it was really fucking easy to miss an event with the people you could max out, especially the NPCs, since nothing indicated when it was available.

Too bad there aren't any details on how it went down in that timeline.

Yeah, I'm gonna give it another whirl in a minute.

This translation's really fucking bad, though. Don't the Ys games usually have pretty strong characterisation?

Then how about you learn2trails and talk with everyone?

What's your problem with it exactly? The second phase? VIII has large boss arena, so just stay away from it until it's safe to attack.
Flash move is pretty hard to pull off for me unless the attack is very telegraphed.

Calvard when?

Yeah but that was kind of the point. You actively had to look for them if you wanted to know more and earn the final event/accessory. Besides what's the point of trails if you don't talk to npcs all the time.

I do talk to everyone, i'm giving a general idea of why it was probably done this way in Cold steel, and not everyone is going to go around talking to everyone. Hell, even people who try and check all NPCs, end up missing a book or a recipe because they didn't go back to that one place after event X if they're not following a guide.

Also I am impressed just how much dialogue there is you would not see in a normal playythrough in just the blade event. There is a different scene for every character after you know about the blade master and before and then alternative dimension dialogue for every win/lose possibility.

>not everyone is going to go around talking to everyone
Then fuck off of trails and stop dragging the series into a direction of the waifufag pandering mass that jrpgs became.

I played against Elliot once and his entire hand was bolts and one 7.

CS had the best NPCs though, stop shitposting.

>impressed by two extra lines for everyone
Festival was actually disappointing cause 3/5 events are mini games, half of the 4th is stock luck phrases and the 5th tried a little but in the end everything amounted to muh festival/friendship.

Nah not really. Only VIII has proper characterization for the side characters.
Seven has 7 playable characters but they're all just there. Celceta tried but it sucks.

It was still fun anyway.

>Then fuck off of trails and stop dragging the series into a direction of the waifufag pandering mass that jrpgs became.
Are you retarded or am I being baited? Name 1 big JRPG with the an optional romancing/social link mechanic that does this other than Persona.
Meanwhile you get to do that in Bioware and Bethesda games and in The Witcher.
Fuck off back to /v/ with that shitty "waifufag weebshit" meme.

NISA GODS gets cs3
>12 month localization

XSHIT gets cs3
>24+ month localization

Hmmmmmmm really makes you think

Literally a fucking buzzword. Fuck off. Cold Steel is shit. Fuck you.

Nah, it was fun.

Not him, but fuck off dude. Nobody cares about your NPC autism

>gamebreaking bugs for half a year
>abysmal term consistency
>unoriginal forced memes
Why am I even respoding to an obvious bait?

I guess. It just reminded me of ao's intermission so I expected something a little more personal like mirror castle's wishes or even the fortune teller question instead of fortune cookies.

Does anyone even care about Tokyo Xanadu EX+ at this point? We already got Ys VIII.

It was good tho

>fun is a buzzword
why is the autistic CShater such a retard?

Maybe if it's your first time playing high school anime games.

True. But i guess they were trying to show that they were going on with their lives, and trying to go on normally. In Ao the break was due to all the heavy shit happening in Crossbell and needing a break from what was going on.

I'm easy going, and i like things for what they are easily. They're not absolutely great, that's not what i'm trying to say, but i still found it entertaining.

Haven't you heard? These games need to be the absolute best games ever else its shit

I do


3rd music is so good

More like csfags won't accept their games are anything other than perfect.

Most people here aren't even saying that though? They're just saying they liked it, not claiming it's the best thing in the entire universe. You're the one pushing for that narrative.

You're the one sperging out all over the thread, as you do in every thread. Get a life.

And I'm saying I didn't like it but they keep telling me no it was fun and making excuses.

You're forgetting

>Multiple errors in the journal
>Items descriptions that are plain wrong or swapped around
>Crashes that didn't exist in the original jp release
>Character's personalities outright changed or neutered
>Obvious machine translations

Probably because you act overly aggressive every single fucking time someone says something in favor of Cold steel, or an aspect they liked? I mean "Literally a fucking buzzword. Fuck off. Cold Steel is shit. Fuck you.", is just asking for people to respond to you. Or do you just lack self awareness?

Literally every advanced food has wrong descriptions. I couldn't believe it either.
Haven't run into any crash though.

Can't wait for the price to go down so I can buy it used on the cheap without supporting NIShit

>reasoning with an autist who has been sperging out for over a year
Come on.

>Kyoto Ys
>Trails of Akihabra
>Shinjuku Sorcerian
What other game set in modern japan is likely to happen?

I haven't seen any crashes, and machine translations contradict the idea of wildly different personalities. There's no need to exaggerate how bad a job they did.

Fuck off to the BIG HOLE, NIShitter

Go suck ZANES dick faggot

You must be exceptionally stupid to think that was a defense.

Finally, shit got real. The mood change after the festival was cool and all, but even with that, I wasn't ready for October 30. How the fuck did Osborne survive that? You could pass an arm through that hole.

It's almost time to flex the NPC autism all over again.

We have no idea how yet.

Will you be posting a link to that stream you said you would probably be doing for Sen III, or did you give up on the idea?

Chicago Brandish

For sure. Took 7 days off work so I can play through it hard. I don't think it'll be enjoyable one though because of NPC autism.

That's fine by me, i want to see all the NPCs who'll be making a return. Hopefully the crossbell segment is early on, so we can see if they allow you to go talk to Dingo, Sunita and so on.

Oscar and his tsundere waifu soon.

He didn't. He died and then came back. And the world wondered, and he sought to use strange powers to deceive people, to take anothers plan and present it as his own. People will say "Who can possibly defeat Osborne?" But his reign will be short. For judgement is at hand. One is coming with white hair and eyes red and burning like fire and all Osborne's armies will be reduced to ash. This person will be the true son of Aidios, not the imposter chancellor.


Luck fortunes are just better than the love fortunes.
The fortunes themself are way too fitting for vivi not having fixed them somehow.

They're all growing up.

This is your new divine knight mechanic. Say something nice about her!

If Renne doesn't appear in a future Kiseki game, I will eat my shit.

File sizes.

Run Valimar

They're going to kill all the old characters off in the second great collapse in CS3 then start over with the rest of the series takimg place in a world of ruin

I hope her uncle has sweet loving sex with the sole purpose of procreation with her music teacher while holding hands, fingers entwined, sweaty palms, chaffing nails, touching wrists.

what are the four other files released with the game?

Will Ouroboros finally lose for once? I'm getting bored of their "all according to keikaku" stuff over so many games. Feels like all your efforts are worthless in the grander scheme of things.

So far we've all just been on ouroboros's wild ride, but supposedly CS3 is supposed to be a turning point. Not sure what that means in this case, though.

The reason I really loved the endings for CSII and SC was partly thanks to the fact that we got one Anguis turned into salt and another being BTFO by Rufus' big noble cock. I hope CSIII has stuff like that.
Renne in Zero/Ao switching over to the good guys team was also pretty endearing.

Forgetting someone who rused them super hard?

Campy is also pissed off in the trailer, so who knows, Osborne is probably gonna pull some shit on them again.

Osborne is definitely going down in CS3, though. If Rean and the gang take him down, then the only possibility is that ouroboros goes back to winning.

>the only guy other than the Pope that is able to do fight with Ouroboros on equal standing
>we'll have to take him down in CSIII
Can't wait for the Arteria arc where we'll find out the church is also bad so we do Ouroboros yet another massive favor.

Why is this fight so fucking bad? It's a gay battle on giant robots for god's sake, it should be cooler than this.

Because it's the first time they did one and they hadn't figured out how to go beyond rock paper scissors.

It ended up still being rock paper scissors in the sequel though.