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Chaddragon edition

>Monster Hunter World
-MH:World is coming out for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, and eventually PC. pastebin.com/TRFRGFn1
↳MH:World's Proof of a Hero: capcom.co.jp/monsterhunter/world/audio/bgm/bgm001.mp3
↳TGS Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=xtT5GIViSXo
↳Trailer 8/18: youtube.com/watch?v=ULqY6yXn2S4
↳Demo Gameplay 8/22: youtube.com/watch?v=WBg6KnkpaXU
↳Weapons: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ALSpmx2A8sAdeuYKMnrCt0xCpwPyPbC

-Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. out now, region free. youtube.com/watch?v=Urb9cJcwAUA
↳3DS to Switch Save Data App: my.mixtape.moe/ezwmnj.png
-MHXX Update 1.2.0 w/ Eng Patch v4: my.mixtape.moe/glpowg.png
-Monster Hunter Stories released!

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Create or find a Gathering Hall
Passcode: 7243
In XX, ターグット: Gathering フィールド採集 (page 1, middle right)
In Generations, Objective: Gathering
In 4U, Target: Fishing

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Get hyped for Worlds!


Get depressed for Worlds....


why isnt the OP just called Monster Hunter World General, nintendo babies need not apply anymore

>when the shitposting gets so intense, the general itself posts gameplay


is this some kind of double falseflag?



I wonder if you can chop off/break that mane.

lol forgot to take the name off.

Other than the Anjanath, the snake-narga thing and Nergigante, I'm not really that excited for the new monsters. I'm glad Barroth came back, so what I'm really waiting for is more returning faces.


Wind element HAS to be a thing for world


dumb nostalgia fag

Only thing I'm worried about is PC not having nearly enough players to justify buying it there. I know for sure the japs will flock to the PS4 as usual, but what about everyone else?


You could just go by which one you have more fun using, not which is "least faggotty"
>maining a weapon

Anja is like the least exciting monster shown so far.

>Tzitzi Ya Ku
How the fuck do I pronounce any of these fucking terrible names.

Everyone will be on PS4 until Steam sells it for 5 dollars.


if you post here for advice and can't pick what you like best you're the faggest of fags already

mhg polls all had PC first

isnt it cross platform anyways?

Sides, there's enough Nintendo players who will be getting it on PC anyways we'll be fine.

>I know for sure the japs will flock to the PS4 as usual
No shit, it's the only way they can play it there

Considering DS3 is more active on PC than PS4, I don't think so.


Stop having an American education first of all.

the strawpoll done a few days ago suggests that most people on /mhg/ will be getting the pc version, if you have real friends just get it on the same platform as them

Nel Gigante
zipzap ya ku
puké puké

Fuck you. Dinosaurs are awesome.

I thought that was the Jagras
Use gratuitous Spanish pronunciation of vowels


its a fine place til the discord faggots show up.

I'm 99% sure it won't be cross-play, because Sony pays big shekels to prevent people from playing with PS players if they're on another platform, which is why I asked.

I just have one friend who likes MH, everyone else only plays JRPGs.


So you're saying Monster Hunter is going to be a twitch shill meme community now?

user which name for which monster?

Is Paoluma the bat?

I could see it having a longer lived fanbase (for western players at least) due to eventual sales on Steam and shit even if it's not as big on launch, guess we'll see.

>playing jrpgs
There goes the fertility rate.

Don't worry the twitchfaggots will stop playing it soon when they realize it's boring as shit to watch for the average memewatcher.

Paoluma is the bat, Legiana is the mantis dragon thing, Pukei is the iguana monster, Tzitzi is the flashdrome

Thanks user.

Does /mhg/ mind if I stream our hunts together on Twitch?


I mind if YOU do, everyone else is fine though.


Would you throw money at a qt french gal streaming World?

Eh, I could see it getting some longevity out of people playing with their favorite Ecelebs on stream


Who cares where people flock to? If you are playing with randoms you are already playing the game wrong.

How do I fight the Azure Rathalos and a Seregios at the same time?
I get fucked up by the Azure Rath alone.

What exactly does the dust do?

nah, randoms are cool.

I've made some pretty decent hunting buddies each game simply loading into random games and questing.

There's nothing better than finding some random shmuck and showing him the ropes so he gets good at the game and stop's triple carting all the time.

>at the same time?

You don't. There's a reason dung bombs exist.

I think PC would have a reasonable playerbase, MH does have some brand recognition at least and people emulate the PSP games already so it's not going to be dead on arrival like Toukiden 2 or whatever the fuck.

Why were monster names ever localized anyway? They aren't Japanese names or words and are specifically made by the devs. Why so many creative liberties? Dialogue is also garbage and is always trying too hard to be "wacky"

Capcom sucks cock.


>your Handler's Locket has been stolen!

>>There's nothing better than finding some random shmuck and showing him the ropes so he gets good at the game and stop's triple carting all the time.
Playing with friends and not wasting your time trying to wipe some random french 12 year old into not being shit at the game? That's pretty good as well.

What kind of Palico will you make /mhg/?
Now that we have some actual customization I can finally try and re-create best kot.


Who even cares about that fat race mixer anymore

I don't want to fight a hororohoruru nor a Tigarekkusu

clearly you care enough to not care

Literally, LITERALLY no one cares.

Don't they ever think that people are fucking of seeing the cuckthalos everywhere?

another fucking westerner ruining it for everyone

fucking capcom unity faggots

I would like to fight a Teegrayxe though

Hororohororu is fine. Tigrex is still Tigrex in Japan that's just how they say it. I'm talking about things like Raizex to Astalos and Lioleus to Rathalos.

This. I actually really dig Nergigante, too. Wish we were getting THAT cover....

Whaddup mon

Kirin armor for World!
Kirin itself can fuck off though

>fanged beast
>still looks like a Rasta RLudroth
>fight like a Zimzam and a Rludroth

no shit dumbass. Captain Obvious much?

I'd be pretty suprised if the armor itself didn't comeback. Probably one of the most iconic sets next to the rathalos armor.

THIS. This so much

Big kirin huntress butts for World!

>you cared enough to reply ecks dee

Pls user pls

Since the lore is that Elder Dragons all make some kind of pilgrimage to the new continent every 10 years we're probably going to see the vast majority of them come back.

I almost hope that the final boss of World is some kind of unholy fusion of Fatalis and Yama Tsukami made of a comet or star stuff.

I also hope they reveal that there is another Tower level somewhere on this new continent where the star boss is.

It's weird. I actually really like Rathalos for the first time in World. I don't know why.

Because they made him to be more like Old Ratha from MH1

Cannot wait for my Long GL return havent played since 3U

>star boss

Because he actually telegraphs his bullshit attacks now.

i need a screenshot of the deviljho LBG with a silencer attached, anyone got one?

It's because your time in /mhg/ has made you gay for monsters.
you know it to be true

>bullshit attacks
>past 2gen
git gud

wait what's wrong with the discord?

emmm.... what's wrong with XX?

The director and art director are saying the star motif is super important to World and that they haven't actually revealed anything about it yet.

You seriously don't remember the bullshit around Generations release and playtime?

Constant faggotry from the discord faggots at the time. Just shit up /mhg/ and any group they joined.

Main discord group was pretty much blacklisted by the standard /mhg/ players.

emmm... whats wrong with Generations?

yeah, what is wrong with XX?

I hope y'all don't take the bait when "he" comes back here.

What faggotry/shitting up did they do?

Ok but this general has ALWAYS been absolute shit, before tri, during the FU times, during the 3U times, during the 4 and 4U times especially, and that was back when discord did not even exist.

Something tells me you're trying to put the blame on the discord for something that is a recurrent problem for almost 7 years now, and let me tell you, the quality of this general is EXACTLY EQUAL to the quality of the discord.

>Monster Hunter threads on /v/ are the same handful of posters doggedly trying to hate the new game before its release, which you can tell because the same exact posts, lists, etc are made word for word in every single thread
I don't get this. Do they really not have anything better to do than try to convince others?

Hello there

>this general was shit before it even existed
>this general was shit before Veeky Forums even existed
>this general was shit before generals even existed on /v/
Hi discord