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kill all tripfaggots

xth for Anna!


So let me get this right

You're telling me

That Warriors


Isn't going to be good?

I don't buy it

Pretty large Cloud this time, you sure linked within thread a lot!

Also, goodnight /feg/!

Mia when?

I have a Wo Dao+ sitting on a useless Athena, who should I give it to? Olivia for memes?

Also have a 5& Peri I don't give two shits about but she's really only good for threaten def isn't she?

Wats the best snes emulator and translation patch for FE4?
I want to finish it before the Geneology banner


Too bad Seth a shit in FEH

Dori is a-dori-ble!

hopefully never

>lol warriors
>stop musou

-hp +def, usable or only if i will never pull another one?

Which is better for Athena, +HP -RES or neutral?

Don't forget to buy Rukina's game!

Why are Xander and Camus the two DCs that aren't at the top of the tier lists?

yeah I'm not gonna buy it either

Post great waifu art.

Might Windsweep be good on a +Spd Hector? Think about it, with Phantom Speed 1 and speed buffs (for example, Blucina's 6-speed goad) +Spd Hector could reach 39 speed from just the Blucina buff, not to mention the effect of Threaten Speed 3 if used as a C skill. Windsweep would make it so that anyone even one speed point slower can't bait Hector effectively, and trying to attack him within QR 2 range gets you doubled. Very few units that aren't red nukes should be able to one-round hector, and anyone who can't is either killed or maimed. Thoughts on this?

R8 my All Might


Project Naga

Even though Warriors's PR is atrocious and it will totally flop, I'll still buy it some day. It'll merely be a good game which will be ruined by a bad release date and a whiny fanbase.

>heroes dlc better
Console port of heroes with 3d models when?

I have a +def -atk and she still manages to fuck everything up, she replace Lukas as THE WALL

>extra wife
>hyrule in the cloud

>I don't buy it
Yeah me neither. I'm getting BING BING WAHOO instead.

So... why didnt Anankos simply turn into human form to avoid degeneration like other dragons did? Isnt it like they stay sane as long as they dont turn back into their dragon forms?

>Darting Blow
For what purpose



Would you be happy or disappointed if Fire Emblem Switch follows Heroes's style of level up stat gains?
As in random, until it ultimately pans out the same at max level.

I love my +def Neph i'm sure you will too

Disappointed. It would hurt replay value.

God I really want to Dick Fates generic maid portrait girl

>All this Ninian art
>Still no Nils

The last thing I want is for a shit roster to make the tolerable characters shit based on level ups, so I'd prefer things being relatively samey in Warriors.

Mine isn't even +Def, but Skill/Seal stacked Spur Def and dumb A skill shenanigans fix that. Note that QP and Wrath charges stack, making Ignis bomb shenanigans very much a thing in Tempest Trials, especially with extra speed for more doubling.

Olivia is a legitimate recipient of it, she may not be fighting much but it let's her net a few more wings of mercy warp kills.

Palla, Caeda, Hana, Selena, and Fir all appreciate it's effects as well.

Is this real?!

Xander is fine, it's just he's not the best red sword cav anymore.

Camus is garbage and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

I know it's the popular thing to shit on the warriors models, but I think most of them look alright. This one however doesn't. She really looks like a dude in this.
You first

>As in random, until it ultimately pans out the same at max level.

So... Just like any other FE game?

Sex with Ninian while everyone watches!

Something looks off here.
Either she is too tall, or the hair is wrong somehow, I'm not sure

Well Fir is cute, and Palla/Caeda is an option if I ever figure out what to do for my flier emblem team.

Think I'll sit on her for now, but thanks.

Fire Emblem Switch. Not Warriors.

To out speed evil ofc I'm just sick of throwing fury on everything and wanted to try new stuff and mess around abit

I want Jill and Marcia

So like Radiant Dawn?

Her head looks like it belongs on a completely different body.


Pick 3 representatives from each of these and create a better game than warriors

She is great. Kidnap her

What IV is that? That stat spread is breddy good

Peri is a really good offensive lance user, moreso with firesweep. If you bother to give her Berkut's lance and Distant Def she can also tank mages pretty hard. Look up her stats. The only things that are bad are her defense and HP.

Her neck seems kinda thick and a bit too long.

You mean sex with Ninian while Azura and Olivia watch, and then later join in.


Also pic related.

I honestly would like a main FE game with less RNG when it comes to things like level ups and skill procs.

Don't care about the idea of replay value with variable level ups, getting bad level ups just is not fun


I already have 5-star Gramps/Burger King with Aether but i dunno for B skill, vantage or Wings

have you even played any FE besides Heroes you piece of shit

you mean you don't battlesave and scum for perfect level ups?

I shoulda stopped the second I pulled the first 3*

>need fates love
No please

It'll be disappointing, because you know a bunch of spergs will figure out the exact units to use to beat Lunatic mode and that will be it. You will not get to do any fun shit because "you're playing wrong"

It'll be like WoW, where if you're running a class without the right skills/equipment people will not raid with you, except in this end people will start giving you shit for using subpar units instead "Dude! just use Y to tank while Z and X flank, we've known this forever why are you being such an idiot?"

I'm going to contrast that and say I like the RNG. There's something charming about a normally shit unit getting lucky and becoming a god.
Plus I'm a mymfag, and that's what makes them fun.

You get pretty close to cap most stats if you hit the max level, unless you get screwed pretty bad with RNG.

And old games had low caps.

Hello. Watch your back in this battle!

Also forgot to say this but no as far as lance calvary goes Peri's offensive spread is second only to Oscar, who has one more base speed than her. If yours is +attack or +spd she can run a firesweep or brave set very well, though you'll want horse buffs on the brave set, and just slapping Iceberg and Fury along with a breaker skill makes a good budget unit too.

Pity about that Elincia and Amelia.

>make a game that panders to nuFEfags
>even nuFEfags hate on it

Should have gotten a +Res/-Hp one with Waterboost and the HP seal. Look at how many mages have 40 or lower.

Hello. Watch your back in this battle!
>Hello. Watch your back in this battle!

+spd -res he does pretty good i often swap out hector for him just because hes way easier to use in many situations.

Oh, sorry.

Then, no. Standard FE leveling.

Plus impregnation?

I have both so I wouldn't need them

There would be no fun on characters like Kliff though.

I did.
I already have 6

One, staffs aren't gonna get used and what, you mean putting them on a Horse or giving them to an armor unit or some shit? Is that what you mean by several subdivisions? Cause that is about as unique as Lyn is to basically every other sword user in the game. You are bitching Lyn and Celica being 2 more sword users yet you all you suggest is giving them a mount of some shit. The most unique thing we would get are Dragon Stones and Beast Stones and the like. Giving an Armor unit a sword, putting an Axe or Lance user on a Pegasus or Wyvern or putting a Tome or Bow user on a horse isn't gonna make them super unique.

At most you have a 8 character roster plus one beast stone user that offer anything really different from the other.

This guy basically said it perfectly The game will devolve into nothing more than absolute perfection play or bust, similar to how speedrunning is done.

Calm down Eliwood

>Survival Hunter since day 1 of Legion

I like the way RD does it. It's random but you can use bonus experience to "fix it" for a limited number of characters.

Still won't have an Edward with high resistance, tho.

You guys ever look back?

Last time i checked, the dude married Fiora, buddy.

She can become an ignis bomb that constantly has it charged. She's like a faster version of the Wall.

>All tomes are the same
>All staffs are heal staffs
>All swords are the same
>The only way to not make them the same is to change how they move

I have legitimately never met someone with this little imagination.

>3 staves
>Not dividing sword/lance/axe between regular and mounted meaning at least one class gets fucked and left out.

Pride, pure and simple. Most of the mad dragons simply decided they would rather lose their minds rather than lower themselves to walk as a human.

So are gunners colorless?

There is still hit/miss RNG and crit RNG which can influence a playthrough

Plus, they can do it in a way where the game uses normal RNG on level ups, but if one stat gets a few points above the average it won't get a growth, and a stat that falls below average gets a guarenteed growth next time. So there is still variance, but you never get screwed.

Yes. But only on her most fertile days, that's when it feels the lewdest.

If you're running him in TT with a mixed teams, WoM will help with getting around more easily, though if you're running Tana or Amelia and don't really have as many movement issues then I guess Vantage might be more useful. Fury goes with Vantage, Steady Stance/Breath otherwise so you can get to Aether more easily.

They are rainbow colored. That or Black.

Guys, I have no stamina. I want to start a new phone game with cute girls. Name me some that's not named FGO.

Normalizing the levelup system making the whole system pointless. It'd be better to throw the whole thing out by that point.

Don't games starting from awakening always give you +1 stats no matter what?

Love Live