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Let's just make OPs shorter, please.

>Season 6 changed a bunch of stuff



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Here comes T.Racer!

Alright, I was in favor of the Mercy changes at first, but this rework only proves that resurrection as a mechanic simply cannot exist. Literally every fucking game needs a Mercy as a standard pick now. Being able to resurrect someone in every team fight, sometimes multiple times thanks to her ult, is so fucking invaluable that you have to either play her or yell at someone on your team until they play her. What a fucking joke. Every day I see more problems with this game because Blizzard doesn't understand the basic concept of how a FPS is supposed to work.

This game is just vs saxton hale now.

Mercy is hale

If you kill her you win

if you dont kill her then you lose

Whoops. Previous thread:

>Let's just make OPs shorter, please.
How does having more information about current / ongoing news topics hurt?

>tfw my country is fucked


Reposting from last thread.

Does anyone else get brief framerate drops from Doomfist's slam? Whether I'm playing him or watching someone else play him, if he does his slam and I see the electricity on the ground, my frames drop for a second. Fucking obnoxious. Been like this since the last big update.

I think we were all blinded by the glorious sight of shitter tears.

Pretty redundant to fill the OP with shit like that when the Developer Updates and the dev tracker are already linked. Lists of things just make it look messier and people are less likely to read them.


you are right, it also makes teamfights much longer and more stalematey

you get these fights that feel kind of like taking/defending the last point on 2CP because they just don't end and keep on going way too long in every map

also feels shit to play heroes like widow and hanzo when you getting a key pick right in the start of the match doesn't matter fuck all



Beng is dead kids, you can stop posting it now.

Uh-- uh B- BENG!

>tfw no beng

fuck u

BENG will live forever in our hearts

hey dude :^)

mercy's self-regen should not start so fast, it should start after 3 seconds of not taking damage just like shields regenerating

guardian angel needs slightly longer cooldown

*bengs your path*

If Tracer is gay then explain this.


That's funny, because it used to kick in after 3 seconds, but the community demanded a buff.


did they try 2 secs?


should i buy a 144hz monitor or an ips monitor?


i do remember that and it was a stupid buff, but of course blizzard gave it because it made her stronger while not increasing but actually DECREASING how much skill she takes since it's just a passive bonus that takes no skill to utilize


IPS is pretty much worthless, and don't just buy any 144Hz monitor, find one that supports ULMB

16:43 because Veeky Forums cannot into youtube timestamps

IPS generally has vastly better colours but it depends on your own needs if that matters more than the input lag

Costs 250$ more than a similar monitor without ULMB because it's tied to G-Sync. Also it causes distorted colors and low brightness

People are saying you can barely tell the difference between an 60hz and a 144hz, is this true?


>VR Bloo
What a time to be alive

Reminder that Jack and Gabe are married




When will they reveal if best girl is getting a Blizzcon skin?

It's a very individual thing, some people see the difference, others don't. It also depends on your PC's performance to keep the framerate close to the refreshing rate, otherwise there's absolutely no point in buying a 144Hz monitor if your PC can only produce, say, 60-80 FPS.

60 vs 144 is very noticeable. They probably have the monitor running at 60 or arent getting anywhere near 144 in games.

>Comp plays
>Pick my main
>Suck hard
>Never ever tried the new D.Va in comp
>Win all rounds

Have some D.Va buried in my weird kinky folder.

Thanks, IPS it is.

What I hate most aBout this recent mEta is how D'Va droNes keep memeinG about the same damn thing!

>main ana for the last two seasons of comp
>the only two seasons in overwatch.
>gold rank
>overbuff puts me in the top 30% of Anas
>mercy rework drops
>Ana is pointless

no idea what you're on about mate

>tfw no qt Thai hero

For those who own a 144hz monitor, what other games do you play with it?

I can run OW with medium settings at around 130-150 FPS, so getting a monitor like that could be cool. But I'm not sure if it would still be a waste of money, because I'm not sure what other games would benefit from it.


Basically any FPS.

You'll just get better at the game only if you were already good

Otherwise 60Hz monitors will still be fine.

Neverwinter Nights
The Witcher

fresh off a 4 game losing streak
feels great guys, can't wait to play tomorrow

this tumblr bitch embodies everything wrong with the game. I want to erase her and beat the idiot who made her.

>Basically any FPS.
Yeah, obviously. I guess I should have mentioned "other games than FPS games", because OW is the only one I play or like.

Interesting choices, especially NN and Witcher. Does Witcher 3 need a beefy machine? I'll have to investigate.

Is it even worth getting a smurf? Game is total shit and the devs are clueless.


what the fuck is beng?

well I mean those are just the games I mostly play
Yeah unless you wanna play on shitty graphics without mods you'll need some good hardware for a decent framerate


But I prefer straight Tracer.

They are!

Looks like something from Paladins or Battleborn

Where are the halloween leaks?

>people actually want this blandshit

right here cutie

*unzips dick*

Disappointment as usual.


Use this picture instead.



This is a GAY thread now.

>People say new D.Va sucks
>Play her in GM comp
>Block 3 Gravitons
>Nuke enemy mercy
>All golds

is this a meme.

You all need to calm the fuck down. Stop blowing your load early.



New D.va is very stronk, but she's not really a tank anymore and that concept is beyond some people.

You know, I am not into R76 or the daily faggot spam, but you would think you faggots could at least spam new faggot art instead of the same faggot art you've been spamming for the last month at least.

I always post new shit when I find it. I can't speak for everyone else.



Can't stop won't stop


What does Tracer's girlfriend think when Tracer always comes home smelling like Widowmaker's vaginal fluids?

>Think Reaper is embarrassingly edgy and feel embarrassed when I see people with names like Sasuke666 playing him
>As time goes by his over the top edginess becomes more and more hilarious
>Decide to upgrade to the Origins edition when it's like 10 dollars, Blackwatch Reyes adds so much personality to all of Reaper's emotes
>He gets buffed
>Reaper is now one of my favorite DPS

I was so wrong, all this time. Reaper is one of the best characters in Overwatch.

>be Zen
>carry the fuck outta my team on attack Kings Row
>being one with the fucking universe & shit
>get 5 medals, 4 golds. Even get the card for this
>no likes
>shitty Mercy gets a card for Defensive assists
Fuck everyone in that match, I hope they all choke on harmonious balls

>its a your team comp is absolute trash but so is the enemy's and its high diamond episode

I really need to get out of this hellhole.

>>Think Reaper is embarrassingly edgy and feel embarrassed when I see people with names like Sasuke666 playing him
Most of them became Genji mains

Yeah I realize that now.

>Have all player icons, blue skins, sprays, voice lines
>Loot boxes just give me duplicates

Should I keep playing this game or just drop it and wait for the Halloween event?

Dupes mean coins, which means you can buy future event shit.

Farm coins if you really want to. That or just wait for the event. Those are the only times Blizzard feels like releasing cosmetics because they know it's the easiest way to get money.

Does anyone have those long posts by that guy on Veeky Forums (or a similar site) who went on a rant about why Overwatch is so bad?

I want to bang the dva


Men that love other men