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Triggering Kledfag edition

You see what they're doing is they're "Rioting" the project, or "Riot'd". They'll nerf everything about it but the actual problem, then nerf the problem really fucking hard after that and leave it with no compensation buffs.

nice bump limit faggot

>blackthorn morgana will never lure you back to her lair, command her blackthorn vines to strap you down, and suffocate you between her massive breasts

why live


>not wanting morgana to drain you of all your semen first

Best guy!
NuEve looks so cool!!!

I wanna cuddle Jinx

Buff Caitlyn more

Graves is real best guy

I want to make a sploog in lulu

Cant wait for FNC tonight lads

What the fuck do you do when your team feeds 8 kills in 12 minutes. What do you do when your entire team chases and dies and even if you push a turret it doesn't matter because they'll just send the most fed person on their team to kill you.

What do you do when this happens every fucking ranked game.

I am so happy I got this skin randomly. Wish I played her more often.

I want to cuddle Lux

who do you guys think is gonna get reworked after Eve?
I know Swain was already anounced but they have 2 rework teams working at the same time

Lets go further down the rabbit hole. Because Kled goes down in that fallen angel hole.

Just have 9 kills in 10 mins

Lose. Maybe try to stall or stop the bleeding if there's a glimmer of hope (Twitch, Fiora).

I'm not sure what you're expecting to hear, desu.

Jinx is Perfect!

caitlyn cant be too strong or sjws would be offended

How can one Star Guardian be so perfect?

Who is /our/ guy?
the virgin Viktor ? or the chad Jayce?

league of legends general more like

waifu general

am I right ladies and gentlemen? haha laugh or im crashing this plane

>play against p4 adc on my smurf
>lose lane initially because I'm bad I guess
>first item back gets beserker's greaves
>second back gets a zeal
>proceed to win lane after being 1/4 before this

>placements left me in Silver 3


I knew 6-4 wasn't enough

xth for Cute Ashe

I'd down half a bottle of Jack. Possibly quit League for the night and do some Borderlands farming or something.

My money is on either Zilean or Nunu.

i want to fuck boys

Either one of two things:

Unironically the mordekaiser rework finally happens


Kindred Gameplay update

I'm leaning on Kindred because she was only playable for like two or three months before they nerfed the shit out of her, and Riot knows her design is extraordinarily popular but the reputation of "they're bad" isn't helping.

>bewitching morgana
this skin will forever make my dick hard

I'm actually about to drop to Silver II because of this shit and I can't take it anymore. Six fucking games in a row this has happened. I try pushing turrets and telling them to take objectives when there's 4 people top to try and kill me but they either go back to base or decide to just do whatever.

I don't understand. I just don't.

A tried and tested method.

Nunu needs it the most he looks fucking awful.

>ywn come home to find your beautiful wife in bed with a well endowed black gentleman


How can they be offended by a strong, intelligent, successful and attractive woman?

>Canon yordelfucker deserving love and care?
user please, she's at the same level as lulufag

Viktor of course because he's smart enough not to chase bitches (they ain't shit but hoes and tricks).

dr. mundo for sure, maybe cho'gath

Somethings not right about this thread. I need to run a test.

Bets on either Aatrox or Irelia. We'd probably know who it is a few weeks from now since they'll release another champion roadmap.

Thats not Soraka mate

whats wrong with lulufags???


Lendo lews WHEN?

I don't know. Win/pressure lane harder, draw jungle attention then don't die for it. Play shit with waveclear that scales.

my christian eyes

Pick one opponent and do everything you can to make them ragequit and then hope your team can target whomever has their gold in the 5v4.

When is the official riot endorsed comic of jinx fucking twitch coming out? I mean she fucks yordles and blacks. Why not rats too?

It could be anyone from here, but apparently after the Morde lord of bugs disaster, more and more people are complaining that he needs a reworks, so it could be him, the only ones that don't want a rework are Mordefags that think he's fine

Didn't like four people already explain away your headcanon?

How can one Elementalist be so perfect?

>how can ugly losers be offended by a successful and attractive woman
Practice, user. Lot's of practice.

what are they doing to eve

But Jayce dosen't chase bitches either he's hermit with no friends that shouts to little girls

I wonder how burch would ruin lulu.

Now I think about it. I don't think I ever seen anyone play Voli anymore.

>sluttiest star guardian

How can mordefags not want a morde rework? Like, I played him and he only works on retards that want to fight you.

Everyone else just ignores you. This is the same with Aatrox. Except Aatrox can force a fight, you just walk away from morde

Its simple

She has a crush on a man named Burchany Anth

I want Eve to rape and kill me, then use my deadbody after 48 hours to rape me again and bring it to a shadow isles altar so she can revive me as a ghost to rape my ghost forever

Aatrox is already announce to get a GU, not VGU because he's to recent for that

>laugh at this guy and his weird fetish
>suddenly recall the time I killed an Officer Caitlyn and fantasized fucking the shit out of her

I understand where this comes from and it concerns me.

graves is SECOND best guy
Draven #1!

Rework VO feat. Tiny Tina

this is pretty hot desu

Soraka is pure.

I haven't paid any attention but since it's the rework team they're going to remove everything that makes eve feel like eve, change the aspects of her cause most people to pick her when they do and ditch her voice lines for stuff completely outside of character done by a different actress who is friends of theirs. There's also a bonus 33% chance she's going to be played somewhere other than jungle.

Kayn is the best champ of s7
fite me

>How can mordefags not want a morde rework? Like, I played him and he only works on retards that want to fight you.
I swear everytime someone mentions Morde rework, a bunch of Morde main jump out and tell how he just needs a VU and number changes

So do you guys think next season Janna/Soraka/Sona are going to be toned down?

I'm so tired of healslut whores. I miss report this pussy ADC commitment champs.

nah, they're going all the way

fiora got a rework and she was pretty recent, ryze has had how many?

Rammus is perfect, don't you dare rework him rito

So? Just climb out of it. I'm a permanent gold shitter and I've always climbed out of silver. Last season placed me to B1 and it didn't took me long to get back to gold. This year it was S2 and I was out of it in a flash. And as I stated I'm bad at this game.

Because the rework team is garbage?

Nope, not in a million years

how would you convince Shyvana she is NOT gross?

literally just played him, hes my comfy toppick ever since quinn fell off
he draws jungle attention with the option to 1v2 and even 1v3
of course that doesnt matter when your ahri goes ad but hey i got fed and took 2 towers

Because black gentlemen doesn't exist?

I want to bury my face in star guardian pussy and breathe in.

> toned down
so more mage in bot meta?

Because every rework except Soraka, has made the champion objectively worse and more boring.

They literally removed Sion, Replaced Sejuani, made an entirely new champion and called her Poppy, Ruined Tristana, and practically deleted Gangplank twice.

Reworks in this game are fucking disgustingly bad, and it ruins entire characters.

Make love to her of course.

Hey fuck you buddy. I didn't know that duoing affected mmr. Imagine my surprise when I got put in bronze II after duoing with a bronze IV.

I was playing with silvers and gold's in placements before that, then they went to bronze and silver and at the end I was playing with bronze iii's

What did Gnar fuck to make that thing?

xth for breast metal waifu

>4000 hp and almost 300 magic resist
>velkoz still takes half of my hp with combo and his ult 100-0s me
fuck this
Aram needs a new mods with no melee champions allowed. Maybe nobody would dodge then.

Draven #3

I married her.

there soraka art has been top tier


A pure slut, that is.

Dont call Soraka a "thing", bud.

>Be me
>About to have sexy time with Ahri
>Go down on her
>Achieve full seal
>Blow in her pussy full force
>Do a crab style run to the sunset while howling wololooo wololooo

Why is Sona the breast waifu?

*new mode

It must be the ass or the hips or the thighs or the the dress.

There are a lot of factors.

Soraka's just my cocksleeve, dude.

>implying they wont just rework sona into more of a mage
I sure do love delivering the cc called 1800 magic damage burst

Because you like saggy, gross tits.

It's like people don't know Aram tactics. Just dodge. Lmao