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PS4 release date scheduled for Jan 30 2018, Pre-Orders available now.
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1st for ffbe is rip

Uwah! Lightning-sama's eating for two!

Are they ever coming back, /ffg/?
should I delet them?

FFT is shit

Are you going to put up the raid again?

Veeky Forums

How many more units of time until we are permitted to draw thirty relics at once for free in the game Final Fantasy Record Keeper?


>tifa's a martial artist who trains real hard
>her tummy isn't toned at all

This is bullshit.

3/4 isilude ultimate

About 0.00372 fortnights.

didn't mean to quote

every fucking time I check theres no room up
fuck you and your shitty meme

Highly unprobable
>everything else
They're gone, Jim.

>mfw this is actually accurate


Kill yourself

finally almost done with this shit raid

You were done two million points ago

Still do it to sell the coins. Cool 2 million per day.

Say that to my mace motherfucker and not online see what happens

I want the king burst pot
I think 10 million is enough gil


I'm sure I can shave off those last 3 seconds with a... more aggressive approach from Deuce and others.

>tfw only just hit the King Power Pot
I fricking hate this raid so much.

>tfw levels keep dropping
I fucking hate this raid. They really need to add something like an automated mode - if you can kill the fucker 10 times in a row without anyone dying, just let people convert the goddamn orbs. I mean, I already do something like this because you can macro most raids anyway, but it's still just a waste of time.

More is never bad. Now that expeditions are a thing, you lose more gil a day than you get.


>finally in top 1k
I'll savor it while it lasts, no way am I gonna refill for this shit

I know but repetition is hell

>Wol (Mobius) is a stoic, snarky, sarcastic asshat all the time but is actually a big softie
>Cecil un-falls and becomes a paladin guy
>Cloud is stoic because he can't deal with his past(s?) but never acts like he has no emotion
>Squall is stoic but in more of an emo or kuudere way but comes around later on
>Lightning is stoic because of war and is trying to be as independent from people as possible but is really into /ss/ with Hope
Which is your favorite flavor of stoic?

>Earth is unfazed by thunder strikes

What about crystalized sand, tho.


>bartz USB
>entrust bot
>still cant beat it at least under 1 minute

Cloud in the last third. He's stoic and tough, but also doesn't take himself too seriously because he loves his friends. People like to deride the let's mosey thing as an out of place line but it fits him perfectly.

Threadly reminder that Vayne Solidor did nothing wrong.


>no navel piercing

Also, for Fenrir, how fucked am I if my only ice DPS is Ayame's BSB.

I miss-clicked a couple of times. Also, the only one who's honed in there is Vanille, and I also lack hastega.

Wol because it's laterally me

me on the right

Not much, just be careful of the physical blinks and bring your best mage with ice stuff

You're good. Just entrust bot, instaga and bring three healers.

>tfw I thought anniversary started right now

>expecting a drawfag with a muscle fetish to not be retarded


It starts in an hour retard

>best mage with ice stuff

That would be Lulu with her USB. And maybe Shantotto with her BSB. I'm not sure those would work.


That would be a problem.

>three healers

Nigga what.

Cecil > Cloud > WoL > literally nobody else matters in the Final Fantasy franchise.

So, is england a country or its 4 countries in one?

Rather than fitting him, I think it fits him BECAUSE it's out of place. He shrugs a lot during the game in a lot so it seems like he's going along with things just for fucks, especially in the comedy segments.
I could totally see him awkwardly give a "let's mosey" or try to crack a joke because he feels like it.

>That would be Lulu with her USB
I thought you said Ayame was your only Ice DPS
Lulu is amazing with her USB

>tfw its always the literal retard that have some good USB

Wol is only a snarky because Palamecia is bullshit, and he's calling everyone out on it.

England= one country
UK= four countries under one government

She's lv50. Also, I thought she wasn't that great until the ability enhancements.

So if the 30 pull is coming at the usual Sunday night update time, are we getting the second VI banner tonight too or is it getting bumped to tomorrow or something weird like that? I know I'm the only one here who cares about it, but it'd still be nice to know.

psst hey kid
come join my raid
it'll be fun
what do you say?

Well I know that know you fucking bitch.

Why can't they just let Ireland be a country?

That's Rinoa.
Lulu just spams Abyssal Shards

congrats senpai

Just stfu about the second VI banner. It is a living meme that Cecil doesn't deserve to be associated with.

Because NI doesn't want to be independent

Well you gotta realize, this has a lot to do with why they fight.

Cecil fights to make up for his past mistakes.
Cloud fights to save people.
Squall fights because he was raised as a mercenary.

no 6 star relics in the 30 draw right?

The only guaranteed relic in the 30 draw is a 6 star relic

Guaranteed OSB. And there is a chance to get another one.

Oh, that's nice to hear, guess I'm levelling her first in the fest.

I sure hope R2 works, because I don't have enough MDO for R3.

Thanks m8.



Has anyone tried Sephiroth's BSB1 on Magicites?
How does he fare? Does he reliably hit 2x9999?

> 2×9999
You're joking right???

yeah my bad, forgot that OSBs are 6 stars too, don't have any.

Navel piercings are utter garbage

The second VI banner should be pushed to monday yes

Good luck by the way. I don't know if you're a devoted or just stupid characterfag, but regardless I'm looking forward to your pull

When are we getting the magic version of Cloud USB

Whatever happened to ultros poster.

It ignores DEF nigga, that's why it's so hyped up.

i ate those

How did you that I am female

>wasting unit slot for a mere 2 hits attack

Piercings are plain garbage for retarded whores
I'm looking at you,

I hope for another 1/11 garbage pull so i can finally quit this trash game for good

Why do you care about a mexican
Are you namedroping yourself again?

Wynnona only avatarfags when she's pulling for a unit or dropping money

Thanks. Yeah, I'm a Cyan fan. He's my 2nd favorite FF character, my favorite male character and my favorite character from my favorite game. Been using him since I started last March, all I've got from pulling on his banners so far is 4 copies of his SSB2 (magic blink) from the last VI event. His USB and LMR premiere here and don't come back, and it's the second and final appearance of his BSB, so I'm spending what little mythril I have left here. I'll make sure to post pulls tomorrow.

Rinoa spams chain blizzaga in jp because her usb only applies to black mgic..

>a Cyanfag
Bless you
I hope you get everything for him. It'd be cool to raid and see how he does.

I'm disappointed Rinoa didn't get it. They could have balanced it by making her uncontrollable, like in her Angel Wing limit.

If you don't get that burst you know what you can do, kupo~

>best giri with best mage USB
missing opportunity right there

I hope it's Someone i like. what mages still need a usb?

I wish you that you get his stuff and he gets a good flash/ super OSB or new USB
>and LMR premiere here and don't come back
Actually, I don't know the details, this may be a paid banner, but for 3rd anniversary there's apparently some banner with additional selection with the picks being BSB+LMR, Cyan's LMR shows up in that at least twice, not sure about his BSB though, let me dig a bit to see

In the next FFVII event, where Cloud gets BM 5* and gains an ice/thunder magic USB

I was right, whatever it is, it's called Dream Selection and Cyan LMR shows up in combination with
Sephiroth BSB2
Bartz BSB3
Strago BSB
But not his own BSB, sadly

Never gonna happen. PHY is supposed to be quick but weak while MAG is supposed to slow but strong. USBs are supposed to undo that, giving physical attacks more power and magical attacks more speed.

Honesty time, lads - are you going to pull on the gem banner?

Cool, thanks! I'd definitely grab Strago's burst out of those three, already have Bartz BSB3.

I hope globez gets it he really needs some love.

Also, if I have everything for selphie but her bsb2 in jp would it be dumb to LD her? She has double cast but I'm not sure how good it is without an aoe medica I've never actually gotten one.