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>Combo video playlist for each character

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Hi Lucifer

>Asuka or Lili will never be real

Why live this un-life? I am dust.

>JDCR on Heihachi

Does Heihachi normally do such little damage? These combos from JDCR are so unimpressive damage wise.

Standard Hei combo is like 60-70 damage.

I thought so. Why was the damage so shit that match? Are they nonJack combos?

>No damage
The fact that most of his unoptimized stuff is 70-ish damage easy is probably why JDCR still prefers him over other mishimas

Not that it matters now that he picked Drag

JDCR got like 5 parries that match.
That's probably why, the scaling hurt the combo damage.

The problem with Heihachi is that he requires stupid amounts of execution compared to Dragunov. He's simply not worth it when it comes to tournaments. Also the ps4 input lag hurts Mishimas. Namco really fucked the competitive scene when it comes to character diversity, that's why you almost always see two jacks in top 4 in any tournament.



We're doomed to JDCR vs Saint for Grand Finals. I feel Mr. Naps can take out Saint but not JDCR.

funny, I was thinking the opposite
I can see him winning against jdcr more than against saint

Jack is ruining T7 like Bob ruined T6.

So you guys are cheering for our boi right?
Not the mentally unstable meme characterfag that's literally sponsored by r/Kappa right?

Yes. Our guy Saint will win.

dumb post

saint got this

The Koreans have ruined any scene T7 was ever going to have.

Who wants to watch an american tournament where the grand final is fought between two robot koreans.

Reddit can sponsor their guys.
Tekgen can shitpost on Veeky Forums and discord.

Really makes me think.

Uhm... Back off!?!?

Damn aris must have (tens of) thousands of subscribers

>koreans have no personality

he's getting rich as all fuck with his stream

>Mr. Naps is out
Welp I'm done watching. Let me know if any of the last couple matches are worth viewing the vod

He has 35ish emotes, meaning he has around 4000 subs


You're about to miss JDCR getting knocked out by Johnny D. The Ding

jeondding is giving jdcr that work

Competitive Tekken's official ruleset should bet best of one, one round first to one, 30 seconds. It's the best way to determine the better man and it would allow for the most character variety.

I really wanted to see Naps go against the Echo Fox boys, what a shame. Wish they did like an a FT10 exhibition or something with them.

Don't post ever again.

>reverse farmgirl


John Ding is a waifu shitter

Holy shit, that comeback

what free agent would /tekgen/ sponsor?


The Hero we need


Tier list for this ruleset
S tier: Dragunov, Jack, Kazumi, Chloe
A tier: Eddie, Paul, Whoreang
B tier: Everyone else
E tier: Mishimas, Bryan, Bears, Nina, Yoshi

he's already sponsored by district g

virgin beats chad????


JDCR vs saint again LOL.

fuck he was so god damn close

>The gimmick meme character stops working when it becomes a best of 5

I think you don't quite understand those "sponsors"

>Aris and rip trying to desperately build up some hype

Jeondding may have lost the tournament but he won my heart

More like:
>Stops working against the two best players on the planet.


he shouldn't of trolled so hard


calm down Naps...


Did you just assume my sexual orientation???





>Viewercount dropped when we got to grand finals

nice game harada

no it didn't, it's been sitting at ~14.5k the entire top 8. shut up faggot

It was 16k before

It's fucking gaining viewers

The Chad webm guy is back.


yeah thanks for the webms asshole it's not like i literally just watched this shit happen 5 minutes ago. you know twitch has a clip feature if I want to see this shit again?


why is there a female woolie sitting on stage?

>tournament standard

what a shitshow

Great match

and the crowd goes mild

that was disgusting

>Dragken 7

this is all your fault tekgen

why are you guys mad at this dude for posting webms? did i miss something?

What a great final round

and these are easier to safe, fak off cunt

thanks for all the webms all the time


I'm glad JDCR won.

It is going be even greater when he gets conquered at the main event.

I have heard that the mutated eastern europeans have been saving up strats.

The bell tolls, JDCR!

Where's the announcement?

end of this month

>thinking Aris is actually serious with the pina colludas

This guy was apparently an EG manager on top of it so how he doesn't understand Aris is joking is amazing. He should thank him for making people even give a remote fuck about the 100th JDCR vs Saint final.

>EG manager
embarrassing. why is making a big deal out of this.

aris is half of the reason I watch tekken. the fact that some stoners don't understand a joke is pretty sad.

Manager of a team leading in Tekken and not knowing Aris's personality? Just sounds like Aris unintentionally hit a nerve and he went full sperg mode

He tweeted ResidentSleeper, so maybe even he, the manager realises shits getting old and it drops viewers. The collusion comment just gave him an outlet for his frustration.

>it drops viewers

Low brow commentary has always been hot because lol videogaems; what can you talk about in between other than the same match up and lines of frame data? Listen to the anime fighting tourney commentary and tell me youre having some fun

yeah but theres lot of retard early 17er that doesnt comprehend decision these top level players make even if you explain it to them in detail
just parroting whatever funny meme guy say and could actually believe him

collusion is an american fgc past time. he is literally part of that since ricky and justin and pr rog did that even back on eg.

Will saint's eddy ever be good?


Who is the more endearing troll, Lili or Chloe?

They're both so adorable in their own way. Love their smug and swagger.

you play both, don't you

chloe can be fun
lili is never endearing, just rage inducing

Does anyone have that gif of King Jaguar-Stepping into Lucky Chloe's WAN TOO kicks?

no, eddy is only good online.