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>Is Skyrim Special Edition worth it?
Soon™. SKSE is in Alpha and not intended for all users, but SkyUI 5.1 is working without bugs and more mods will come with SKSE.

>Should I play Skyrim Special Edition or Legendary Edition?
Legendary Edition for mods now, but SE is the focus of future mods (Beyond Skyrim among others)

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first for drama

>tfw you were going to mess with poses and try to get some decent screenshots but you instead pillage an orc camp and rape their women

Orcs out

i was able to change the ground model but not the equipped or first person one.
why did this shit have to be hard coded with the enchant non transferable.

Could you lot help me troubleshoot a problem I'm having or should I just fuck off?


Thats a nice butt

You wasted a post asking if you could ask us about a problem you're having instead of simply stating it.

What the fuck my man.

That's a ded butt.



but who will watch the library?

Yeah, fucking RIP.

She looks like a girl who would step on you without even thinking about it.
post feet~
from a dutch angleplease

I agree. Urag was alright tho.

I just figured I'd ask.
Anyway, I'm playing a fresh install of unmodded Skyrim and whenever I try to go to third person mode (including interacting with workbenches, chairs etc.) the game crashes to desktop.
I've read that jail time or the "player.tai" command can fix it but it hasn't for me.
Is there anything else I can try?

>Letting a fire dude run a library

Literally just asking for an inferno.

I meant out of the college. You're good.


Probably, she's a big lady. I don't have anything like that. I'm gonna fire up the game soon though so I guess I can take one.

Doesn't seem like a good idea.

>kicking Urag out


Are you sure it's a fresh install? Deleted ini files from previous setup?

How do you tilt the camera like that?


Yeah, clean install on a new SSD.

It will be fine. Just trying to get some eye candy in that dusty old place.

He's just getting kicked from the library. He would probably be more suited as a janitor or something.


>Download stupid deer race
>make waifu at six in the morning
>She's halfassed but she looks okay
>Save as racemenu preset since I had to fix my load order so might as well start over
>whenever I load the preset I lose the ability to change eyebrows and the only hair available is the vanilla
>either have to remake the waifu's face every time or use vanilla hairs

I'm not gonna post a picture because nobody wants to see my toasterfu

>having a walking turd as a janitor

>eye candy
now hold on, that isn't a very good idea. You don't want to distract students, leave them alone.

So anyone here actually make mods? Or are you guys whittled down to waifu makers and "amateur photographers"?


>that weird gray wax statue with Special Eyes and awkward hair
>eye candy


Come to Lake Rumare in an hour if you want an arse kicking.

Don't worry once we're done in the north we'll come for you too

>Kick old gross Orc from library
>Get death threats

Tough crowd.

For her, not the students.

Then come to Solitude's Winking Skeever in the next hour if you want an arse kicking, Colovian.

How would I go about making fish fin ears for this snowflake?

Thinking of downloading that Succ a bus race mod. To make it UUNP I simply swap out its body mesh and skeleton, right?

what about em?

Stop butchering drewtoothpaste's thing you ugly hag.

I made a mod of a mod.

What exactly does SSE have over LE that makes it worth investing time into porting mods to it?
And why did Bethesda not just incorporate SKSE’s functionality into the base game even after seeing its necessity in the scene? Are they retarded or just lazy?

Fish ears are just holes on the sides of their head

64 bit dx 11

The Argonian textures don't come off very fish like. You could either sculpt them or look into sticking Argonian fins on her.

If they can't ignore a little eye candy they're never going to make a good mage anyway.

He's the best Orc dammit. No one loves the library as much as he does.

>Kick old gross Orc from library
>Get death threats
It would take a month for me to explain to you why your confusion doesn't even make sense.

He's literally the only decent orc in the game, save maybe the Gourmet. The rest are mud hut dwelling inbreeds, bandits, or the worst bards.

what /tesg/ character would make the best stay at home husband/fucktoy for my amazon?


So literally nothing.

If he's as worthwhile as you say he will recover just fine from his displacement as Librarian.

Yes, 4GB of RAM when patched is more than enough for handling a ton of NPCs in Bethesda's shitty unoptimized engine.

>managed to get game to be stable with my mod list
>but I still get an occasional crash, once every 4-5 hours or so, where the game has a hiccup and it leads to an immediate crash
How do I even troubleshoot this when it's so intermittent?

The crashes tend to happen while switching inventory and I suppose while looting. I also got a crash during combat when I hit a thief with fire blast at close range.

What's the coziest town in the series?

Picture unrelated.

Yeah, but that's boring.
I'm hoping for something like Undyne's fin ears.

I'm planning on editing the textures and normal maps to add gills on her neck, but first I need to see about fixing a weird seam on her legs.

Apart form that I have no idea how to make her look more fishy.

He can love the library from a distance.

You're not wrong.


It can handle on screen or active actors far better. It is far more stable with FPS and CPU calls, making it better for heavy scripted mods, builds, and HDT. Do you need to use SSE? No. But I expect some really nice mods to come out that use the stability in the future months, like RSE and more Organic Faction based content.

will cook you dinner and let you diddle in that asshole all night

Will tease you by walking around naked around the house but will yell at you if you stare

he's the most aggressive of them all, his supreme perversion is what keeps him alive.

take your pick

Well that would be Riften.


When will they learn?

>for handling a ton of NPCs
And when/how would this actually be of any use to anyone

is the one in the middle male or female?

Alright come on out


Is Fireboy really tall, or is it just some perspective bullshit that makes him look taller than Queen Silver?

>supreme perversion is what keeps him alive


>He can love the library from a distance.
You really are an Ice Queen lmao but seriously Urag is cool let him have his job and let fireman and him work together or I will very unhappy

Nope. I hate mods.

Take the fins from that Argonian hair mod and add them as a hair for whatever race you are. You'll probably need to edit the position though.

We’ve had this solved years ago by enbhost.

I remember at one point trying to make an Undyne follower for Skyrim but I got bored and scrapped it. I'm sure someone here could do it better than me anyway.

I make mods but I never feel finished so I never upload them.

>but will yell at you if you stare
No I wouldn't

She's a beautiful little boy.

I tried to make them about the same height. Silver can only be with someone she can pick on.


Hm, I don't dislike the hair and makeup change. What brought it on?

You know that thing where you have to go through a loading zone to get into a city? The thing they did to avoid, you know, having too many NPCs in an area at once for the game to handle? And how Open Cities, the mod that has 500k unique downloads for Oldrim and 200k for SE, gets rid of that? I feel like those numbers are pretty significant, but that's just me.

>relying on an external process
Used to ENB for other games, there isn't a limit to how much memory that can use?
Real question, the Fallout games have the 4GB patch, ENB covers that shit solely on its own for Skyrim?

>because Open Cities
I legit cannot tell if you're being serious right now

Does your character try to be cool?

Surely a compromise can be found that will make everyone happy?

>Real question, the Fallout games have the 4GB patch
Skyrim doesn't need it.

He doesn't need to try, he's a dad. Dads are always cool.

Impossible when they're all cool from the get-go. Gn nerds

You've got about a minute before we storm the place. Surrender yourself to the Emperor's justice

I live, bitch.

There is no try. You are either cool, or a Black-Briar drinker.

I'm a newfag, haven't tried it yet, but it strikes me as one of those mods that more people would use if the engine could actually deal with it, like with Freeside Open for FNV, where a ton of people use it anyway even though it cuts your frame rate in half. Pls no bully.
Dude, you asked who had a use for it. The answer would be the half a million people who use a mod that very specifically would make use of it.

If it doesn't need it, then how is there a difference with SE being 64bit? Or am I retarded and there's some other issue other than 32bit that prevents Fallout from being able to use 4GB unpatched?

But that picture is from yesterday, quit pussying out.

Oculatus capture the traitor!

Download numbers don't mean anything. Warzones was a really popular mod and that mod fucked saves. The problem with Open Cities is that it conflicts with anything else that tries to touch cities. So it's great for people like SE users who might not use many other mods, but useless for anyone else.

> then how is there a difference with SE being 64bit?
Because 64-bit applications can theoretically access up to 16 exabytes of memory.

And 4GB patchers just set one flag, that being Large Address Aware, in the executable. The Fallouts don't come with this set, Skyrim does.

I make mods for my own playthrough. I can't be arsed to package them properly as I use assets from all over, though.

Out with the old, in with the new.

that's a strange tattoo

Brb just stealing ur girl/

Warzones is much better in SE, too. If you don't like big battles and having a lot of actors on screen or designing something that is script-heavy, then yea, SSE has nothing for you in the near future. Dismissing other people's wants is just an asshole move.

He tries, but he looks like a dork instead

Would that mean you'd have to go too?

Why would anyone want to attend a college where the staff decisions are made based on who gives She-Hulk ladyboners rather than their competence and experience

It's only the hair, and it's not for ever. Just got bored and tried out that Chinese HDT thing that was floating around. It's ok.

Try and fail.