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2. Read the Readme
3. Read the wiki below
4. Google it

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This general is for the discussion of English visual novels and English-translated Japanese visual novels.
All posting of untranslated visual novels and otome games belongs on E-celeb shitposting is not allowed.
Kindly use spoiler tags appropriately when discussing plot spoilers to facilitate smooth discussion.

Whoa she's cute.
What game?


When Sayooshi and Totono comes out, nobody will care about Doki Doki.


>using my picture as the OP image
I'll let it slide this time, user.

You people seriously need to fuck off

Is Tsujido the best choice for a delinquent game for EOPs?

Loli teacher route when?

Burger-tard, this general is #1644.




It's falseflagging. Ignore it.

post best doki

Use this chart if you're new to the threads.

Ignoring it is what got us here in the first place

I know its autistic of me to say this but please for the love of god use the right font.


No, autistic shitposters is what got us here. People who are so retarded they can't admit there's a EVN that just happens to not be shit, and feel the need to clog up the thread with their autistic screeching.

But user you already did!

Which Hatsukoi has the best h-scenes?


Hatsukoi is old news post DDLC.


>tsundere loli
>best anything
Best dokidoki is in the OP.

>fucked with OP and making threads early
Yes, clearly the people bitching about EVNs are the only ones at fault. Neck yourself retard.

Are you retarded? Do you know what a falseflagger is? Jesus you're a dumbass.

When is the DDLC creator going to open the store on his website? I want a poster and Yuri keychain.
Also what time is Tsujido getting released, anything more specific than "next weekend"?
fuck off

Yeah, yeah. Keep falseflagging maybe that will make yo feel better.

>I'll blame everything on falseflaggers clearly no one in MY camp is at fault
This delusion.

Reminder that you can screech autistically all you want but it won't change literally ANYTHING because you don't matter.

A tsundere loli is only good for slaping the shit of her and raping her holes until she get feed of that stupid behavior.

This. Lolis are cancer.

Is ruriko a retard?

>op has mistakes that make literally no sense unless they were intentional



Confirmed; these who read DokiDoki are a bunch of autists.

I want to fap but I don't understand. Why is the ribbon so big? It doesn't make any sense. Wasn't it part of the cake wrapping? I don't think a ribbon that was wrapped around a cake would be this long.

>no scene where you can actually do this to Natsuki
that baking scene left me feeling unfulfilled

False flag.

>heh... if i shit up this thread by posting like a retard, i'll save this thread from those ddlc retards!!!!!

False flag

She's a bit airheaded, yes

False flag.

Just kill me

My tan flag isn't false, faggot!

>this one EVN is ok guys nothing is going to happen :)

why does it have to be this way?

why do you shitposters have to do this? why?

False flag.

user, but this is still this one EVN.

What do /ourguys/ think of DDLC, anyway? I don't think it can be /vn/ sanctioned until it gets official approval.

>shitposters that disliked the EVN shit up the thread more than the EVN posters


Irru read it and said it was quite a ride

I-I also want to make a tan like this to my wifu!

False flag.

Oh well I was stupid when trying to get it to work zzz.

Also this font hurts my eyes a bit wew.

>messed with OP and early thread


DDLC dating sim when?

Nani the fuck?

Yo dude, fucking add Kindred Spirits on the Roof to girls love, the fuck is wrong with you.

>One week left in September
>Still no 18+ Dies Irae

y-you too

At least we are getting Tsujido

Minato Carnival FD when

post more EVN

Because we agreed years ago that this was a flavored shitposting general. This is how it's been ever since Ti9 left so long ago. This is how it will always be, until eventually the thread dies entirely, then some time later is revived with a fresh start.

Here have some OC I made when I first read it but rarely post.

Is Kimika best girl?

Haro didn't like it but said she can see why others would, Moogy said it's cheap trash that focuses way too much on a cheap gimmick and completely disregards everything else.
Steiner and Conj on the other hand seemed to love it.

>...I love you.
You too...
>I really love you.
>I want to kiss you
You want it...

based moogy knowing what's up

It's common knowledge that /ourguy/ is Aroduc though. He's the only one truly willing to accept how shitty the medium is as a whole and talk shit about it, even as he releases translations.


Steiner and Conjueror are /ourguys/ like always

where did moogy say this? cant find it on twitter

What's with the proportions in Ikikoi anyways? Did the artist watch Code Geass and decided that those were healthy looking people?

The discord

Why is Kimika so happy even though she knows she's about to die?

false flag

she's happy BECAUSE she knows she's about to die. I know I would be.

>read Doki Doki Literature Club
>some neat meta stuff and the creator was smart for hiding stuff in the game folder
>but that's really it
Did I miss something? I didn't really think it was long enough to get so attached to what happens in the game.

She wants that, since she feels she's one of the people responsible for Zakuro's death.

>a random short as fuck meme game by some loser got more publicity than Subahibi, a famed long awaited kamige
Defend this

>the creator was smart for hiding stuff in the game folder
I remember playing irisu syndrome 7 years ago and thinking that was cool.

How do I take screenshots of DDLC? I always just get an imagine of whatever windows are underneath. It can't even do that right, what a shitty game.

That's so meta dude

>famed long awaited kamige
lol, no.


press S, it goes right into the main game directory

3/10 false flag

subahibi was shitpostge and we all knew that from the start.

As expected. The people here are just too stupid to appreciate real literature

It didn't though, I'm sure sure one of the shitposters, but if you actually bothered to check Subahibi has a lot of discussion going on in various places.
I have seen very actual disccusion of doki. people seems to just meme it like Nekopara.

Daily reminder that embracing Umineko could have prevented this.

There was plenty of actual discussion before people discovered it was english and freaked out

How did Takuji knew what happened before Zakuro killed herself?


>/vn/ only brought her back from the dead so she could slave away translating for them