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This day in history, 24th of September:
787 – Second Council of Nicaea: The council assembled at the church of Hagia Sophia.
1664 – The Dutch Republic surrenders New Amsterdam to England.
1830 – Belgian Revolution: A revolutionary committee of notables forms the Provisional Government of Belgium.
1841 – The Sultanate of Brunei cedes Sarawak to the United Kingdom.
1852 – The first airship powered by (a steam) engine, created by Henri Giffard, travels 17 miles (27 km) from Paris to Trappes.
1869 – "Black Friday": Gold prices plummet after Ulysses S. Grant orders the Treasury to sell large quantities of gold after Jay Gould and James Fisk plot to control the market.
1877 – Battle of Shiroyama, decisive victory of the Imperial Japanese Army over the Satsuma Rebellion

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What do, m'comrades?

1. It wouldn't be hard to genocide 100 million people if you owned Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Bengal, and more than half of Africa, including the hugely populous Congo and Egypt. Besides, it's not like it was free. Militancy went from 0.49 to 8.52 overnight.
2. I feel the effectiveness of it should indeed scale. It should be easy to wipe out 90% of Jews if they solely reside in Europe if they're your only minorities in highly industrialised provinces, but it should be much harder to kill half of the Japs in Japan when almost no Europeans reside there.
Having said this, if I asked HPM to do this he'd just make genocide not do anything at all, ever. You'd only ever be able to kill 5% of non accepteds, making it pointless.
3. We've been over this before and you just called me a heartless monster, I honestly can not see why Primary fascist Dutch pops getting their luxury needs in Amsterdam would flee from a genocide in Bengal. I can fully understand non accepted pops fleeing, but why should primary pops?

No, the purpose of genocide is to make a masterrace that rules over all. White-Japanese breeding camps would do that.

Maybe the event just keeps popping up until we all agree to give the land to West Austria.
All of it is cored by Germany btw

>It wouldn't be hard to genocide 100 million people
>in a vast overseas empire
>where you are less than 3% of the country population
You are literally retarded

>All of it is cored by Germany btw
Do they still have cores on Prussia?

These events

what do
the first option makes Syria an independent republic, the second option keeps Syria as a puppet and releases the Alawite State and Druze State (which also has cores on the Golan Heigths).

HPM could you explain your justification for ugrian being an accepted culture of Russia? I know its like that in vanilla, but why did you leave it in?

Give them independence for gross Arabiums Assadiums, but keep Frafrique.

These here are the only Polish provinces with a decent amount of Germans left too.

>3% of the population
>100% of the gun owners
Really makes me think. Good luck resisting with pitchforks.

If only the same thing was true in every revolution
Oh wait
Literally retarded

So this is the new VIET project

>spent weeks reading old archives
>carefully studied every post HPM made
>mfw I can identify all his posts without his trip on based on his posting style
>all those posts where he gets triggered when someone abuses game mechanics
>all those him vs rob arguments
>150+ page study so far and its growing about his shilling tactics and shitposts
You are coming down, fucker

Havent czech fucked up germanic minority away from sudetes or is it later event/desicion.

Who are you, autistic user?

Do you think he is petty enough to argue with people without a trip? I don't really give a fuck either way but I'm curious

Prove it or lose it.

What do you think the overnight 8 militancy gain represents?

In HoI, tips to fight late game slowdown?

Second one please

Win the war before You get to the late game

Himself proving that he is in fact South American, and it confirms that he isn't a handholdless virgin as he had a gf at that time. Just follow the conversation, the timezone checks out:
Him being triggered about game mechanics, this is the first conversation I identified based on his conversation with Rob from early 2015, using similar arguments and words. Again, just follow the replies:
Just someone who is here since the beginning and had enough of his shit.

Based anonymous investigator

>"my steam id is arkhometha"
>pastebin name is arkhometha
>got buttblasted and changed his name on steam, can't find it

The whitest, the basedest.
y-you don't have a file on me, r-right based Autist PI?

My son is all grown up.


t. doxxlad

And now it's finally time. In one generation, the empire will at long last be reunited. Not since the days of Theodosius has the Empire existed as a single entity. With luck, it shall once again.

You'll give him the willy mustache when you become him, right, Romanon?
You think it's realistic for 5 million people to kill 100 million people overnight, don't you, lad?

woaoooah can't wait to see your ebic blob faggot

t. gee junk

Are You going to quit after this guy?

So you're going to have Willy ruling the East whilst you rule the West, with him as your heir?
Could you be any whiter or baseder?

Reminder that HFM is the best Vicky 2 mod out there.

Holy shit m8 I forgot Meneth used to post here.
>2014 >posting on /gsg/
>2017 >literally a paracucks employee
As if you needed proof reddit is cancer.

I just bought all the CK2 DLC for 91$CDN

criticize me

t. vercingetorix
I will. Don't know if I should abdicate or let him do his own rule until I die, however.
For you, sure.

le white men

you could have just got them all for free from the OP and not spent ninety loonies

Ok I'll bite, how's that?

>the timezone checks out
That's not a reliable assessment of place user. For example: I am posting at nearly 2am.

t. Irelad

Reminder that Huey Long did nothing wrong

HPM is heading the same way.
One day he'll be hardcoding Victoria 3 so you CAN'T add genocide events/decisions.
Screenshot this post, doxxlad, it'll be relevant in no time.
Let him rule himself, it'll be good practice. What mod that lets you abdicate? Also, are you using mongs and mystics?

witte mannen
whit mans

rob and robmod
ragerage (or something like that) and vickymod
meneth and that one ck2 mod

now alex grandi and hpm

Things get a bit complicated in the autumn of 2014. Some of the posts I thought are R&I (who I can also identify easily most of the time) are seem to be HPM's. Now I don't think there is any connection, and they are definitely not the same person, but it seems like he heavily influenced him. I need to do more research on that period.
Why would I give a fuck about you, you are irrelevant in the grand scale.
Doxxlad was an amateur, he just googled a a few things and put a half assed theory together. What I'm doing is an in dept study.

I am using Monks and Mystics but I have all the stupid shit disabled.

But then I won't have fun with late game tech.

The war has begun.


>t. Irelad
>trying to cultivate some kind of personality on a fucking anonymous imageboard
If you're going to namefag, just namefag so I can filter you you fucking faggot


like it or not HPM is the only good mod for vic 2, we should keep him around until a better mod comes

Reminder that HFM is the best Vicky 2 mod out there.

yeah but now im legit and i dont have to hide anymore


>Jannies ban people for their stylistic choices in the composition of their imageboard posts
what the fuck

Can fascists countries in the new world still get immigrants?

>hollywood belongs to it's workers
>dixie flag

>thinking johan will forgive your past transgressions just because you eventually bought the game
fool that you are, johan does not forget. you will be first against the wall on the Day of the DLC.

>being against the number one source of socialist propaganda

What are ideal colonies for Ukraine?

Israel, because they themselves are an invention of the Jews.




hollywood is devoutly capitalist, unless you're dumb and think casting a black lead actor is socialist propaganda.

i have pirated hoi4, can someone give me a link to download kaiserreich?

>Increased emigration chance from 0.5 to 0.9, then to 1.2
what the literal fuck.

2015 is my favorite period, its going to be an interesting chapter. Him vs rob arguments are very entertaining. One of them was always right and wrong at the same time about something. Most of them ended with a tie. Well, this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.
An R&I study would be interesting, starting from his early development. Might do it next.
There are signs of one, perhaps two new mods coming in the future. Can't tell yet, they are still very recent posts.

what did janny mean by this

Ukraine IS a colony lad

The Eastern armies have made their attack. God be with us, and not them.

>There are signs of one, perhaps two new mods coming in the future. Can't tell yet, they are still very recent posts.
Biggest negro e retardaeo post I've ever seen. Either than or nu-doxxlad is a steamcordplaza shitter who is doing all this just so we play their latest epic meme mod.
How old is your current lad, Faustus? How old's Willy?

Faustus is 36 and Vilielmus is 17. He is also already married and has a son, Sabbatius. A little disappointing, since his brother Secundus is actually a genius, but I wanted to make sure I controlled who he married before he made it to the throne of the ERE.


should i help the poles?

A Roman on the seat of Eastern Rome.

I couldn't care less about Victoria 2, I haven't played it since early last year. Do not question the power of my autism.

I could unironically make another HPM + HFM version with some of the retarded stuff removed and more balanced, if anyone is interested. Will be some weeks tho

yes, instead of doing the retarded meme where you blob into poland as the danubian federation

Can yoiu beat France+Russia?

I think not.

Another unofficial development of HPM, like Bombermod or Reddit mod. Yep, thats exactly what we need!

i shall NEVER forgive you for calling him veal chop over Wilhelm me lad
Yes. A strong Polish ally will help you.
Plus, I believe if both Galicia Lodmeria and Poland proper are in your sphere you can unify them.
Look into my eyes, you see compromise? Your collective demise shall see our rise!
take that grandi FUCKboi down a peg from me lad but dont kill him i need him alive so he keeps updating
What so you think to the theory that HPM "since he came back from china" isn't the real HPM, but rather, someone who stole his trip snd is now crashing his mod with no survivors?

>trying to play as Persia in HPM
>never able to reach GP
>get fucked in all orificies by Russia attacking me and the UK raping my economy by me being in their sphere

Do I just suck?


So did they actually already made the soundtrack for East vs. West? Is there a small chance that they will pick it up again?


Fuck off grandi youth. Well, it would be more like HPM plus most of the flavor shit he is too autistic to include. HFM completely mangles game mechanics and balance, and I don't really want to get into that shit.

Nope. It's getting remade as a HoI4 DLC. Most likely half a dozen, a decade each.
Will you add genocide flavour?
>someone who is here since
Based nu-doxxlad is a favela shitter.
Fucking outsourcing. Can't be have ONE WASP autist?

Gosh, I don't know what you mean, Monaco is vital, VITAL I SAY to the political workings of the Victorian era

Monaco, I mean, it's a nice addition but it's hardly "vital", what Vicky has ALWAYS needed was climate change reforms.

me is interested

He rushed out his update because the discord put out their mod. Same reason why he added the option decisions because of that reddit mod. He is trying to pander to redditors now, because he is scared of losing his monopoly. Yet he claims he doesn't care what mods you play. Well, with his trip on at least.

>It's quite clearly about pollution
>this spastic still memeing about "climate change"

Son's off to a great start. Is there something about the ERE that just causes people to revoke shit like crazy?

>pollution reforms
>not about climate change
What do you think they're about? Give me examples of "pollution reform" being a major issue in the timescale. Literally everything else, slavery, voting rights, even work hours was a major issue, but pollution NEVER was. They just added it because dood bernie lol fugg drumpf xDxD
And why did he fuck my precious genocide? Why couldn't he pander to me? I probably play his mod more than anyone else.

does nobody in /gsg/ play EUIV or do they just not post about it

Lots of people play it. Check the old thread.