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I want to stay closely at Fernando's side, ensuring that I will be protected by his ultimate when the time comes!

This is Grover, The Wild. Say whatever you like about him, he honestly doesn't mind.


>flanker ying with lifelike

Next OP PLEASE fix this.

Cat in summer heat!

Lets fix Maeve:
Give her weapon drop-off
Reduce damage from 450 to 300
Reduce Pounce damage to 500
Increase 9 lives cooldown from 20 seconds to 25
Reduce health to 1700
Reduce speed (roughly 20%)
Remove double jump, only have double jump when in Prowl
When in prowl and she is hit by any kind of damage, deactivate prowl
Make her knifes in-accurate by RNG (like some kind of spread)
slower her rate of fire

there, fixed Maeve and made her balanced again

What is that thing next to her arm?

My thread


The fuck is wrong with you?

Choose your words carefully heathen, they may be your last!

>we want F tier champ
I'm ok with this

t. the same person who designed Talus

Hi-rez, pls this
Maeve is annoying as fuck and super OP




lol nice one bro, she is not op she is just hard to deal with like Makoa, lmao just git gud.

My wife Ash is so cute.

Who the fuck are you?

quality thread

Voice of a baloon
this is taroon!

we can all laugh about this but it was posts like this one that got her nerfed for no reason in the first place

shit fucking meme

if we rush it now, late bread will have good discussion


>thread is /smgen/ but with Paladins instead of Smite
waifuposters were a mistake

the only people who care whether or not maeve is viable are shitty maeve one-tricks, and who gives a shit about the opinions of that sort of degenerate anyway

Hello there, fellow passerby, excuse for my intrusion, but have you seen any Ska'drin around? May I remind you that helping them in any way is a criminal offense in our realm.

>if we rush it now, late bread will have good discussion
stop kidding yourself
these posts will repeat themselves for the next few hours just like the last 10 threads

Sun kissed skin never ever.

Then you won't mind if she remains top tier?

>someone saved my shitty meme
yeah, proud of myself. Sorry, i didnt see any Skadrin scum around, officer

C-can anyone assist me with my issue?

also here is proof that she is not op at all rofl



That's how most balance with flanks is. 99% of bitching about evie's nerfs were people who main her.

No, but may I offer you a gourd in these trying times?

Go make your account through the website instead of the launcher and see if that works so you don't have to worry about the launcher closing itself? Sorry user, I haven't personally ran into that issue.

Did you try reinstalling yet?

Does this game has a lot of sniffable girls? Tell me please I can't wait!

>babies crying nonstop about muh flank is op
>meanwhile makoa aka the most broken piece of shit in the game is still untouched

Maeve needs her legendary cards reworked, artful dodger is ridiculously strong and the others are worthless.

Flank is literally no fun allowed the class so people bitch about them alots

Hello everyone. Its me, Tyra.
I have some amazing news regarding myself. You can play as me, right now! So do it!
Go ahead and instalock Tyra in every match!

>pick Viktor

open Hi-Rez Diagnostics and Support(it's a little program, I think you can open it through the launcher if you can click it in time, otherwise try to find it using the search thing on Windows) and try your luck there

Maeve x Sha Lin
Nando x Ash
Tyra x Viktor
Evie x Skye


Sha lin was made to take the Fernando dick.

I am the one who created the Dire Wolf Tyra voice lines.

It was all so sudden, the day we met. I wouldn't have imagined we would spend the rest of our lives together.
She makes every day special. It is my joy to be at her side each and every one of them.
I have never loved someone as much as I love her, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Actually any person in right mind would rather want all characters viable than some completely unusable picks to exist in the game

>flanks are anti-fun
>being pulled into a guaranteed death every 5 seconds isn't

I want Skye and Evie to bully Talus in a sexual manner!

Best boy
>Evie x Skye
Willo x Grover x Inara
Seris x Andro

Can't be hooked if he's banned every match!

What are your Cassie headcanons?

>Willo x Grover x Inara
>Not Grover x Inara fwb


Did they recently buff Maeve?
She's my favorite hero but she was complete trash recently, can anyone tell me what they did/link the patch notes?

>my team has 3 flanks
>enemy team has aimbotting cassie

good game

40% increase in projectile speed
16% increase in projectile size
pause between daggers changed from 0.10 to 0.05

Thanks user!

She's legit autistic

What are you skin headcanons?

I think Ice Walker Inara was corrupted or something by Evie and now serves under her.

He forgot massively reduced projectile drop

It does

no she's a roastie that hates autists (see buck)

>not Willo watching Grover and Inara while playing with herself
iirc ice walker inara calls Evie some names so I don't think she'd work under Evie but it's your headcanon

I think Ice Walker Inara is the wraith possessing Evie assuming physical form.

I want to sniff her farts

I mean idk I never bought her skin nor listened to her voice packs

>Ash will never sit on your face and hit you directly with a kinetic butt burst

Check the wiki in the OP, you can everyone's voice lines.


You are in for a great surprise then, easily the best flanker in the game at the moment (Plus that new raeve maeve skin)

Sun kissed Cassie was fucked stupid by Lex's BBC and turned into a dumb valley girl bimbo.

>you will never get farted on by ying while you fuck ash


>the paladins girls will never take turns farting on your face

So they made her a hard poker instead of her original mobile playstyle?

why is our boy so mean to Pip?


this general really went to shit after retards gave waifufags even more attention

Every night, she sneaks into Pip's room to use him as a teddy bear.

She can now poke for 900 damage from anywhere as long as you know how to aim although the new projectile size maks this pretty easy

Because he does better damage and healing than pip.

"We want the shotacon audience." - Hi-Rez, on Talus' design

Her bird ziggs is the brains of this whole operation

Never really had issues with her projectiles after getting used to the arc, but that's likely cuz my aim is generally pretty good. I'll check her out next chance I get.

I want ying to fart on my face!

Get under the desk and back to sucking, slut.

she's a pig

>ywn get high off of the crystal magic of ying's illusionary farts.

She and Ying are best buddies.

Nightbane is human supremacist.
Pumpking is the ghost of Bomb King from the future.

Her tits are sentient

Literally everyone is mean to pip, a lot of