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Give me your BEST Nephthys and I'll go try it out right now to see if it can stand its ground against the neutral menace

Reminder to SNIFF all the cute girls!



Reminder that Eris is forever seventeen.

Alright user, what keywords do you want to see in the expansion after SFL?

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2 morde 3 neph fill with interactive removal

>Hand is Albert Albert Bunny

I love you albert but please fuck off from my opening hands

Looks fucking flawless m8.
I don't see how this deck could lose.


i hate dragon niggers so fucking much

Dshitter go home: Remove all spellboost cards from your opponen't deck.


More like seventy.

It's okay, we hate neutral blood fags more than you hate us.

Just going to re-post this so all can learn to understand how Nep works.

1) Exclude herself from the pull
2) Pull a follower from the deck, and exclude all followers that share its cost from the pull
3) Repeat Step 3 until you have a full board

>What does this mean?
This means you are more likely to pull a 2PP follower first, since you generally have them in a large amount. Definitely more than the usual 3x Khawy at 7PP and 2x Morde at 8PP. So if you still managed to get both Khawy and Morde with one slot already filled, you got a good RNG.

>hand bricked with removal and nothing to remove
I can't wait for that goddamn ring.

Thanks for pounding Vania's tight hole boys and girls.

Need ~5 more different people to brutally ravage me so I can get my jew gold. 88255.

If you could spam emotes and degrade me as much as possible that would be great too.

Silence field
Neutral - Countdown (3)
Spell cards cannot be used by any player while this card is on the field


It works like this
>t8 autowin

Nep already works against the neutral menace, you don't need to prove anything.

Any Nep deck worth it's salt only uses 4 costs so that you always get Khawy and Mord.


Kill all dubcucks

>Playing Daria
>Insght turn 1
>Instant concede
Thanks you dumb control nigger

>4 costs
Let me clarify, Nep decks only use followers of four different costs. Your 7 cost is only Khawy, and your 8 cost is Nep and Mord.

The other followers usually don't matter and only exist to make sure you get to turn 8.

I have vampy in GBF . Vania is just a cuter, more refined name.

I hope you never get your gold

That will only work if you play Nep on an empty board. Sometimes the situation doesn't allow that convenience, like having a Chimera on board.

It's all fun and games until someone mistakes you for a Dshitter and starts roping

Jokes on them, I usually play dshift and already do two other things in the background while they put all of their attention to roping.

>Middle of AA2
>Need to get to masters before SFL meta hits

Will I make it /svg/?

>before SFL hits
I think you have some days after it hits

t. poorfag with 1 screen


>when you beat a no interaction shitter on a deck that's only a few levels less cancer by depriving them of anything to interact with

Deep Wounds - an enemy damaged by this follower, spell or amulet can't have its defense restored until the start of your next turn.

>hating dragonbros besthonestcraft

>Dra "I have 10pp on turn 5" gon

Yeah sure

>Doesn't know how to alt-tab
>Buys a second screen out of ignorance

Truly embarrassing...

>while they put all of their attention to roping
>you will never have this level of delusion

Check your create.

Then you usually just suicide whatever you have on board so you can get the full Nep.
The whole gameplan of Nep is getting the Khawy+Mord t8 pull with Nep and you should be playing the deck with that in mind. You want your board to be clear by T8, if for some reason it's not like maybe you have some zombies from Death's Breath kicking around you might be better off just playing Mord rather than risk dropping Nep and having her only pull worthless a 2 and 3 cost.
t. master rank with three different Nep decks.

this is nice general

>grind for literally 11 hours straight
>make zero progress
nice game shadowbabs

More attention than I'm putting into it.*
I literally wont even notice you roping.

Pretty much
I'm shitposting on these boards while playing so if someone is roping me then I wont notice at all

3 different decks? Any one of those making use of ToS? I read from previous threads about it giving DShift a hard time if pulled right.

>grind for 5 hours
>open 3 crates and go up 1000MP

git fukt

there are many people here who have said they shitpost while roping.

I-It's fair 'cos they lose tempo when they r-ramp!

>Waiting for enemy response.....
>Suddenly YOU LOSE

Wait what the fuck?

This is why i play sworDShift

>Any one of those making use of ToS?
No, but I guess you could do that, you'd risk fucking with Nep if you drop it too early though.

I have a 2/3/7/8 Nep with Grimnir and Angel of the Word
A 2/4/7/8 Nep with Necroass
And a greedier 2/3/4/7/8 Nep that uses Ledger to pull liches midgame.

Yeah, everyone knows Sibyl is SUCH a huge tempo loss. Only downsides to playing her right?

Yea I think this is a new exploit, someone tried it on me yesterday and I've seen another user here complaining about it earlier.

I need a concede at 57593

They also brick a lot, so if they have shit draws it's just an autoloss for dragon...

Who else here are /living on the edge/? I really need to bump myself up before new expansion hit.

Also someone suggest a blood deck to get to 200 wins.

surely there's scans out there somewhere by now, right? RIGHT??

Thank you luna

>turn 1 insight

I really just want to quit, but I can't bring myself to do it.

Forgot my image

Post your nep decks please

I want to get some use out of my 3 neps but I have no idea how

Holy fuck kys shadownigger

i've been waiting for literally 9 months

uhh, shadowbabs???????

There's no reason to concede at T1 insight. At least wait until T2 Lou or Merlin to make sure they're actually playing Dshift.

>play neutral sword
>switch to neutral haven
>win even more

Are you actually getting off by losing card games while pretending to be a little girl or are you memeing? If it's real you should really be playing luna and taking the robber dick desu.

>dshift has a 100% winrate
love this meme

Not even a week ago we were talking about how there was obviously evidence of thousands of false reports. Why are we taking these seriously again... or ever?

>still hating on Shadow
Get over it, Rowen.

>WD updated on June 25th, Sunday
>ToG updated on March 26th, Sunday



Can someone fix this already?

Go look at DShift's match ups. There is nothing out of the ordinary. There just has been an increase in CBlood playrate this week.

>cannot even mull properly because it can be either burn dirt, dshift or neutral package
So why are we still complaining about Shadow again?

Every deck is a 50/50 winrate. You either win or you don't.

Here they are.
They might not be the best to copy though. I don't want to come across as a Nep master, but I usually win more than I lose.

As you can see they're all pretty similar, Execution is in there because I kept losing to poly roar decks.
Lurching Corpse can fuck with Khawy kills when Nep goes off, but I've found it very useful for surviving the early game.

So, there are some decks I really want to play, and I have at least some legendaries for them. At the same time, budget Aggro Sword is functional enough, and I haven't played story mode for most classes. Should I just build the decks I want to play right now or should I finish everyone's story mode and such to get more packs and open them for the chance of a legendary I won't have to craft later on?

>dude 0-cost destroy a follower lmao

I wonder if the Fate cards will be on the portal when it updates.

Forgot to mention, the only things offscreen are Neps.

Not him, but that's certainly an odd choice. I suppose you want to fetch more Morde?

removal is literally the most interactive thing in the game
it's the thing that comes after the removal that's the problem

More Mord, more Nep if you need her, more Khawy if you can't draw Nep or Mord.
And she's a 2pp 2/2 so you can use her earlygame to fight for board.

>another fucking nep mirror
>but I run ToS and urd so I should win thi-
Wait, what the shit. You're not allowed to run that

If he's ballsy enough to be running Odin in Nep he deserves that win.


we're all little girls here user

kys both shadowniggers

B-But the only deck that actually plays removal is CANCER, don't you understand, I want overstated followers value trading and OTK'ing me with no counterplay.

The 2378 (which is the most common nep atm) isn't super standard. Usually it either has attendant or a goblin mage/carrot mix and possibly bone chimeras added to either of them.

Execute is the other choice: it turns dragon matchups into a virtual autowin but nep can already be bricky.

>play dshift
>queue into haven
>take forever to think all the way to turn 7
>he concedes

I was defeated by a seraph player like this while playing dshift.

>skip rounds until turn 8
>goes for turn 9 otk

How does blade mage dshift stack against other counterparts?

Need a concede 10455

You're more flexible, but you also have more moving parts which means more can go wrong.