/gbfg/ Granblue Fantasy General #2158

>Recent News
Baalfest has ended. No consequences. 300 crystal compensation.
Coop: 8 Stages reduced to 4 for Normal and Hard. No changes for Extra
Trophy Unlock changes
Adjustments to drop rates for some coop quests
Adjustments to the difficulty for some coop quests
Weapon stones required for your first class weapon reduced
The price of mage and warrior creeds in the pendant shop adjusted

>How to Start
Go to game.granbluefantasy.jp in Chrome. Set language to English.

>Schedule for September:
8/31 - 9/8 - Lonesome Dragoness
9/9 - 9/14 - Touken Ranbu Collab Part 1
9/14 - 9/21 - Touken Ranbu Collab Part 2
9/22 - 9/29 - Guild War (Wind Favored)
9/30 - ??? - New Scenario Event

>READ THE FAQ before posting! - it will answer most of your questions if you are new or learning

>Mega Pastebin - This pastebin has lots of useful things like important guides and other stuff so don't be a shitter and read these before asking something.

>Crew Pastebin

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Titan x Titan > Titan x Alexiel > Alexiel x Yugu > Texcat x Yugu > Medusa x Yugu > not running Earth at all

>no alex x alex with 3 harps

I forgot Alex x Alex is a thing.

Put it above Alex x Yugu, I suppose.

Read the wiki next time. it's 500 certs, 500 of each light mats, 1k crystals. And then its 2500 prisms, 2500 orbs and whorls of whatever element you change them to, and 40 rusted weaps, and 30 true anima.

What does that even use
2 baal axes, 3 yugu swords, 3 harps, 1 baha?

Post potatoes

It's 4 am. Time to wake up and start slaving.


>Woke up at 5AM
>Accidentally placed my bet
>Been thinking about how I fucked up all day
Hopefully it pays off.



Thoughts on grid?

This potato was ruined by megane. Otherwise perfect.

woah i was angry because the thumbnails looks like she is being choked

needs 2 more Axes

So if i were to make a Six/Orchid/Cog team, would it be better to do 4 axe 2 claw or would 6 claws be better with their weapon proficiency?


Is there a party setup with these characters that will let me kill bird faster than 4 minutes?

Why do Harvins make me so hard

wtf I love song

You are the lolicon

I want to molest Nio taso

Depends if you have S Zooey.

Post lewd funf or I am going to pick her and 5* her!

>tfw Song will never proc death on you so you can finally be free

No gw 5* or no atma feels so slow

Splitting spirit - Chaser - Haze

Birdman - Scat - Korwa

Feena - Yuisis

Swap Yuisis for Birdman if you're comfortable with her set up.

If you have zoi, you could play some NH shenanigans with popping her into the front line in replacement of Feena.
If not, then proceed to kill as fast as usual.

Just auto and stack fil till boss ougis, pop red skill for korwa, then auto again till he ougis one more time, pop black, auto till you hit 10 fil, then ougi.

I'm actually doing that right now, but without clarity some of my party actually die and feena only provides 20% defense down and it falls off before the cooldown comes back up. So it ends up adding a lot of extra time trying to keep them alive.

I hope all /gbfg/ crews are going 1-0!

At least one crew isn't. Fucking leechers.


You do realize you get infinite clarity pots from crates right

>Ruining anything

My hands are tied


I fucking love potatoes
And I want to have hot slow cuddling sex with Nio all night long while holding hands


You are a man of culture

Funf is a harvin too

>Have to farm another element to farm your "main" element
Who though this was a good idea?

So is it impossible to farm 4 GW weapons if youcant solo NM since nobody joins those

I want to have rough transcendental sex with Nio

just leech and solo ex


funf wears granny pants

leech ex+, host nm, rinse and repeat till 4 daggers

when I made salsa and couldn't solo EX I just spammed the eye took a while especially pot wise but it's doable. Also you can waste 3 EP for 1 NM (20 tokens) with regen and twitter refil.

6 claws, but you'll probably want some axes so you can use splitting spirit on first turn.
So use some axes until you have enough health

>have literally more than half my crew's total honors
this is what I get for joining a random nip crew

lads, my new starters w titans been spamming baal now after 15 hours of non-stop grinding storymode.

Is it always a good idea to have a GW dagger on my main dark fencer + have Eugen give me his ougi regen buff?

On strike time that would be literally 8 turns straight of +35%( was it?) DATA, seems yummy.

so you can finally spend MONEY on the game brother.

>6 claws without zoi
oh boy.
Just do 4/2 like the rest of the dumb dumbs.or do a fun build replace atma sword with fist

>tfw your wind team sucks

Stop name dropping my cute crewmember

Am currently making a 5 claws/olden cortana/atma fist meme. Uniting esports with fun


I know the feeling. This is me. Not making Nio 5* was a mistake. /gbfg/ and the reddit tier list were totally wrong.

Posting this everyday until she is playable.

is that oktopode


What's the go to magna weapon from Colossus?

All I have is the damn fist.

Would fug nonstop

the cane

Anyone with rabbit support want to slimeblast?
Buffs and pots run on my side

>Not making Nio 5* was a mistake. /gbfg/ and the reddit tier list were totally wrong.

They all agree is she is leagues above 5*siete and that if plan on 5*'ing any of the two she should be your first pick but yet again no where near as broken as other 5* GW like Sarasa, Uno and Quatre

What class do people use then? I thought I was supposed to be a dark fencer forever?

canes. enjoy your nodps.

How many hours until KMR news?


Sticks, a lot of people will shitpost how you should get echs from Prom or retards like yuki "just f2p 120$ ticket fingers" kaze
if you don't have any other grid just get colo canes.
I always knew amira is a whore.

Why are people still blaming hrt?
>two characters voice by aya.
You better start whaling more if you want cygames to spend that precious revenue.

I want to slimeblasst Nio 5*


A fucking STICK

you use a dagger or sword in MH
You fill your grid with canes


It already is in the OP

You play Gao with 2 xeno ifrit axe (1 MH) Bakamut dagger / spear
5 canes off element
4 canes on element + mika sword

but I'm already done with that

So who's cuter between Feena and Dokkan?

Are you a time traveller from 2000 fucking 16?

pics are batter than docs

>comparing my wife DOKKAN to common trash
You better apologize, mister.
It's in the paste bin aswell user sama at the bottom under guildwar

slime room
Bring white rabbit please


I told you guys to kick me! I feel bad, I really do.

Not when that pic is outdated garbage. Free missions are much better than main quests for drops.

We need a ranking of gw 5* based on how well they do in GW since that's like nearly the entirety of the game now.
So far only Nio Song and Uno have proven to be irreplaceable. Two of which were incorrectly rated low by /gbfg/ for the first 4+ months of release.
And there's still people memeing about Sarasa and Quatre when they're totally unnecessary to achieve a high rank quickly in GW.

Pommern would not rape random npc children

kaguya is ugly

because you have seen/used her too much?

I'm going to fap to your wife and there is nothing you can do about it.


FUCK OFF. Dokkan is my wife.

Wrong, she chose me there's nothing you can do about it.
I hope you're ok with knowing she will never love you like she loves me.


If you don't have all dokkans, you don't have the right to call her your wife.

just solo slime user, only degenerates who leech gw are available right now and you don't want them in your coop room

host bahaHL