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I want to lick her asshole

>have 2 tharjas
>only other red mage is Sanaki

For an Armour team, what kind of skills does Ephie want?

Literally when?

I can't wait for Jugdral!


How do I win the heart of Sanaki? This is a matter of utmost importance to me.

everyone who didn't play Julia's game thinks she has severe brain damage because of how Heroes represented her. Boo

You can only reply to this post if you've S ranked at least 3 women or 2 men in Heroes.


QR2 or Vantage for the Black Knight?

>Step 1: Be Ike


>Seliph gets to pound that inbreds fat ass
Why is Julia drawn with such a big bottom anyways?

Blade+ the snacki!


>esorting or having multiple waifus.

W-what a lovely day to love Tharja am i right lads?

>being a slut
If you S ranked more than one unit, you're a bad person

Make up some really wacky pairings across different games. I'll start.

Oliver x Caeda

my +res, distant def, fortify res seal ally +0 hector survives +10 reins with perfect builds

also now you can just use ally support for 1/2 res adjacent ally or summoner support and don't need +res

I’d kill for a swimsuit Sharena 5*. KILL.

>roll a -Spd Celica
>stuck with her as my only Red mage forever
>finally decide to feather up the decent IV 4* Tharja I got very early on in the game
>still haven't rolled a 5* red mage since that Celica
Oh well I guess

They're toning down the cuck story of FE4.

IS is now pretending that Seliph and Julia are 100% siblings instead of 50%.

They'll also not mention Julius and Arvis when the FE4 banner shows up and they will pretend that Deidre isn't a nasty skank. Nope, she's 100% pure and only loves her husband (lol yea right).

Such a nice girl like our beloved Raul

Should I stick with Guard or do something else with B slot?

I'd kill you for one, take one for the team?

Soren x Priam

I might soon. There are others who need the power of my love to be good.

I have a sudden urge to play Tetris


is the rating in the barracks straight bst?

Plowing Nowi's tight loli dragonpussy and making her my personal cumslut!

How much longer until they add Laguz into heroes and what kind of system do you think they will use for them

I alre already kidnap people and brainwash them into my slaves. This us low key in comparison.

Of course not, if I’m dead I can’t enjoy her perfect Askrian physique.

I hope you delete this

Unless you're focus is to have her just stand there and intecept units I would go for Quick Riposte or Vantage 3

Because she has a fat ass, and she wars the sort of billowy, cloying drape of fabric that makes a prodigious posterior impossible to ignore

H-hey guys! Th-Tharja's pretty g-good, right?

Space invaders then?

I would kill you if you got near my wife you fucks

qr if you want to kill things

vantage if you want to not double anything relevant

Im trying to find a good build for sanaki any ideas, I really don't want to give her TA or fury

Colorless hell got me. I just want a simple archer that not -att. I regret wasting 70 orbs.

Camilla x Chrom

It wouldn't be too hard to implement a similar weapon triangle for the Laguz, the issue is that there's hardly any representation out of the few games they did appear in.

Tharja is shit. The only FE character worse than her is Peri.

I-I love Th-arja

What is this? Other m?

Anyone? Does she need DC is deathblow+Brave Lance+ more to her speed?


Fine, I’ll bully her gay brother instead.

But I only wanted to support Roy, not marry him. Besides he has his beautiful wife Cecilia, he'll understand when I S rank a girl of my own.

>Dickroll for Neph
>get -atk 5* Lukas

Tharja is awful! I hate her! And I want the whole world to know!


shhhh you're gonna get...

Distant Defense 3
Quick Riposte 3 in B Slot

>tfw spawned saraposting recently

I did a good contribution

Rolled a +Def-Spd Henry. Is it worth to use him as a colorless check? How to build him?

I wanna do the same


user no!!!!


It worked!

then how will Julius get his major loptyr blood...?

If you love someone set them free.

Here's an alternate sharena for everyone will you really deny all the copies true love, how selfish

Laguz will be physical versions of dragons, as will taguel.
But neither will get in because the game will be dead by then.

I wish I could roll a 5 star one to replace my shitty IV 4 star one and then a 5 star Tiki to sac into it...

comfy chicken

Louise x Gordin.


Deathblow 3 and Raudrblade

Jugdral banner is probably this week, right? Next GHB is Clarisse and after that is presumably a new one.



Mating Press your best friend!

But dragons are already magical version of melee weapons. How would a red laguz be different from a sword?

glad to hear you came out, user

Absolutely, she's the best. Say, what types of books does /feg/ like to read? My personal favorite is 1984 by George Orwell. I wonder if Fire Emblem Awakening will get a novel?

Mitama X Leif

(your favorite character) sucks

Is this guy the worst villain in the whole series?
What a goddamn joke.

>Roll with no expectation
>5* Nephenee
>Roll with no expectation again
>Another 5* Nephenee
>Roll with expectation
>3* Subaki
Desire sensor is Real

What is this meme? I haven't been here the past two days.

So is the spic just gonna keep making anti-posts about himself and delete them. God this is fucking pathetic.

What should I focus on if I want to build my chicken? Def? Res? ATTK?

>Next GHB is Clarisse
What the fuck, when are they rerunning Xander?

>inb4 delete

Garon and Grima

I'd a bunny

I want him as a TT unit with him being used as a puppet by Fomortiis

Saber x Hector

>meta shitpost about some faggot tripfag
>every single day even when he's not around
>goes well beyond the line of obsession
>mods finally do something about it
>p-p-panic they're on his side no nooo this can't be noooooo
Maybe this will teach you fags to stop giving him the attention he wants. Now they just need to ban his trip and add "Raul" to the spam filter.

Fae is the only dragon im even somewhat interested in having on my team
as a mascot of course, cant let something so adorb come to harm

Her thighs are so delectable

Spic is basically making posts talking shit about himself and deleting them so people think that "le janitors are on his side". In reality it's just shameless and predictable attention whoring.