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>Event: 09/20 - 09/27 Token "TwinKuruTail" (Mika, Rika)
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>Party: 09/03 - 10/09
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>Gacha: 09/20 - 09/30 (Kana, Nao, Rio)
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>Event: 09/23 - 09/29 Balloon Wind! (Amehiko, Daigo)
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>Anime Gacha: 09/24 - 10/07

>Archive of : archive.is/GqlFh
- Miyo/Yuki fancomic TL: - Akabane at the SM anime prologue screening: - SS/TD commus sub + raw (Sep 25th): - ML Update (Sep 25th): - SS Natalia commu TL: - Subaru/Yayoi fancomic TS: UPCOMING:
Oct 1st, 12:30AM JST: SM anime prologue
Oct 3rd: CG Theater S2 begins
Oct 7th, 11:30PM JST: SM anime begins

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Nice tits.

Is /@/ word cloud user still alive?

Some user on here said he passed away. Just like the drawfag.

You mean that thing /gbp/ does?
Did you even know he's probably the Bandori shill?

Consider the following.



He's my idol.


Hanging out with the Nao's!




Down the street with the Nao's!


Yeah I am. I'm here every day.

>implying I didn't steal it from a fellow autist in /civ4xg/ many months ago
>implying /gbp/ and /llsif/ didn't subsequently steal it from here
I don't even go to those generals and I had to check the archive to see they started making em too. Interesting how you would know that fact, though.

I don't blame MLfags for the actions of one or two people. Post pictures of CG/ML friendship.

Every one of my faps to Tamaki has been amazing, but I always feel guilty afterwards.

Two baka's.


Those one or two people make up most of the handful of them we have here though.

He is trying to derail us to our lowest and feral instincs, but worry not, here I have an image that will save us, something that says otherwise.

>no SideM

Accidentally followed the troll link made by the metafag.

My favorite 765 and my second favorite CG.

Why do lolis like swinging around bars?

Ren getting a boner when Takeru punches him thus discovering he's a huge masochist!
Nao's what?


Side m'lady?


Miku isn't the smartest cat around huh?

Because it's an easy way to sneak in exposing yourself as gravity can take the blame!



Yuriko and Fumika in the library.jpg

Can't find the pic right now

Cats in general aren't really smart to begin with.

At least they're smarter than owls.

Owls are kashikoi

It's how they attract a mate.

Be wary of where strangers lead you. That man is most certainly a stranger.

I know what you mean. But I like this one better.

Fumi would lose, because I think Yuriko has that extra strength over her. extra weight from her breasts


Can they refuse a bait?


I just realized that the Starlight Masters having stuff like Flip Flop/Lunatic Show/shabon song/Aikurushii is actually nice because we get instrumental versions this time around even if the additional singers don't necessarily sound as good as the original versions.

Post your favourite ML/TD card.


That's what they want you to think.


Nerd breast magic?

Most likely.
Most of the time they're bored to even care, after all.

Why so low for SideM? Picky Fujos?


>anime sex lewd Akabane
Fags. All of you.



No, he means Fumika's breasts are her limiters

How does Bamco fix this?

>mirai girl
Why does the word cloud lie to me today

I actually do believe ML is trash and has no place in im@s. But I keep it to myself

>music autism


>The C92 Tsumugi/Kaori doujin got scanned
There is a God.

>official matter looks dosue
What did Sae mean by this?

I have since had 2 of my greatest faps.

Legitimately bad game design. The producing part is fun, but the main rhythm game part is terrible. Oh, and shitty gacha.

Same but with CG.

yeah that sounds like me

오 보이, 타임 투 트랜스레이트 잇 인투 코리안 앤드 메이크 잇 로어 레조루션 포 마이 디어 애논

I don't hate CG or CGfags. But they're stupid and wrong and need to be told so if they think CG compares to the OGs.

The gacha rate is just as shitty as the mobage, I won't forget the time I threw money at Ken for Ren's Aloha SR.

Here's some OC I made

>i love ribbons
What a narcissist

That's really epic.

Of course Haruka only thinks about herself

You really brought out their eyes.

Thanks man. You're epic too.

>Rude kana


Why the fuck would they think they can even compare?
The OGs are sitting on a really high pedestal.
It's on the league back when niconico was full of Touhou and Vocaloid, too.

That's because she knows that all anybody ever needs is Haruka. And pastries.

Hinata you're not Ai what the fuck are you doing

>It's on the league back when niconico was full of Touhou and Vocaloid, too.
Then, it happened.
iM@S 2 was a mistake.

Wait a minute

Those are some good gay idols you got there

Sounds like you got easily baited. Not worth replying to those trolls.



>he thinks that im@s is really popular

When are we getting "Dreaming!"? It's the best ALL song.

>It's on the league back when niconico was full of Touhou and Vocaloid, too.
That remind me of this one comic I think it show miku, haruka, and reimu but reimu the only one that hasn't change


Don't give it up user

Are we back in 2012?

Yes, the early Nico Nico trio was iM@S, Vocaloid, and Touhou.
Why do you think the most famous Nico medley starts with Agent Yoru o Yuku?

He was responding to an anti-troll post, not a troll post.

If only, then we could kick out these faggots again.

Goddess-queen gets orz

But it starts with Pasta Rice

Is there a way to practice the event song for free after your rehearsal tickets are gone?

I said is not was