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B-But Cial!

The Broest

>start sigma's fortress in x for the first time with zero lives
this was a mistake

She'll be the next thread, even if I have to do it myself.

Gay and homosexual


Cial approves



Screencap this and post it on November 2020.
It's my proof I come from the future.
It is a whole new series but they brought back the artist from Rockman Zero since he's independent, not an Inti employee, so discard Inti-Creates involvement.
Rockman ARC, Mega Man Arc, the Arc stands for Archeology.
>In the year 22XX technology has advanced enough we have humanoid robot assistants. These robot androids live with human foster families, mostly as servants and heavily regulated by the goverment
>An archeology site researching ancient techology dubbed Rockroid/Megaloids (corny, I know) find semi-functional stuff
>A young-looking archeology university student investigating gets two of the ancient machines to work, it embeds into him as an armor, but the other ancient machine he was researching starts to spread a virus program through the University's server via the computer he plugged it in and then leaks through the public internet via social media and devices. The previously mentioned androids become "Defectives" and start attacking their human masters in the same vein as the Mavericks.
>The professor becomes (unnamed in-game) Mega Man Arc
>One of his most fascinated students dubs him "Mega Man", since he's using Megaloid tech as armor.
>He defeats Defectives and gets their powers but he starts getting weird flashbacks
>It turns out, Arc IS a non-registered android made by a professor who made him based on his own findings of the Megaloid that he never disclossed to the public
>After the professor died, Arc had a program to wipe his memory and rewrite it so he believed he was human all along, and archeologist to boot, so he could continue his creator's work, unwittingly.
>The goverment finds about him, and the truth
>Mega Man Arc has to both defend the people from Defectives, protect himself from the goverment, and tackle organizations using Megaloid tech for their own nebulous purposes in the sequels.

But that's gay.

gay (straight)

you're too late. Next time, dude.

that's too far from now.

Wait a fucking second.
Is that the Cossack timeline

No, it's a whole new series with no connections to the previous series other than some nods.

I also ran out of character space so, a few tidbits:
>It's a 2D sidescroller with 3D graphics like X8 and MHX, but of much higher quality and fidelity.
>The stages are optionally vast to explore, if you actually take time to explore, you can find upgrades (a better version of MMX's upgrade/heart/tank system)
>It's multiplat
>You see random nods to previous Mega Men and other Capcom properties ("Biohazard 9" in a movie cinema stage), but nothing more than that
>There's no rival character nor Zero equivalent, it focuses in Arc and the true of his past, as well researching what happened to the creators of the ancient Megaloid tech (again, optional by exploring stages, think Metroid Prime lore, minus scanning, just picking up Secret ancient disks)

>other than some nods
Are the nods between all series or just classic

All series. Mall Stage's Toy store section near the boss (a henshin hero-esque android that went Defective) has a Battle Network and Legends poster, as well as Data plushie.

Entertainment World stage (basically Akihabara) has MMZ stuff such as plastic Z-Sabers for sale in the background

>November 2020

Which timeline are you from? Certainly not ours, in our timeline there is no hope for a new Megaman game. No way out.

I can dig it.

You're just in a horrible down period. It's like when Kamen Rider popularity died in Japan after Black RX. It's franchise fatigue and costumer fratigue, you saw WAY too much Mega Man in the sixth generation it was bound to happen.
Inafune leaving didn't help because, like it or not, even though he WAS a leading force to ask questions or permission for the games' mechanics and aesthetic designs. Without him, the Rockman developers felt at a loss since they had no "senior" to ask either for approval or guidance. And blame if shit went bad.

Have they found someone to fill the hole Inafune left by then.

No, you are just lying to yourself. Megaman's situation is more like Half-Life: forever abandoned by its own company in favor of something more profitable. There is no hope for a new megaman game outside of fangames, which are the only thing we can actually hope. X:Corrupted waiting room here, by the way.

Masakazu Eguchi gets selected by Capcom executives thanks to the huge money the Battle Network series brought to their wallets. He mostly had hands on the first Mega Man Arc.

the difference is that capcom still makes games
valve just makes money

>There is probably a timeline where shit like Dad Vile and Mechaverse are canon.
I want to see it.

>the difference is that capcom still makes games

And is pretty bad at it. Outside of Resident Evil 7 most of their new games were pretty terrible.

>These robot androids live with human foster families, mostly as servants
You don't say...

MHW is looking pretty slick

How is the protagonist design
Is he cute like Rock or have a more adult feeling to him.


Holy fucking shit. Look at damn game. Fucking Capcom will never give 1/10 of this love for Megaman and it hurts. If only Megaman was popular.

Well, given Rockman Zero's artist style, he looks, face and proportions wise, like Giro. In canon, he's supposed to be a young-looking university professor with a major in archeology. Popular with his students, VERY pasionate and adventurous, always seeking to discover more as his programming orders him to
He has, in the intro stage, a brown armor, with some cracks, as the tech is old, but after defeating the first boss fixes it and becomes blue, with dark blue spandex underneath (the reverse of classic Mega Man's palette).
The chest armor looks like proper protective gear and not a clothing vest, unlike the Zero series. The Buster is a handgun that is carried in his left thigh and not an arm-canon.
His eyes are green and his hair is black.
His student who coins him Mega Man ("Woah! Prof, you're like ... A man combined with Megaloid! A Mega Man!") looks a bit like a mix of Vent and Rock, but with brown eyes. He's his support, like his "spotter".

Oh, so it's like Lan and Megaman.exe?

Also, is the story balls to the wall retarded or it's ok?
Also, he sounds pretty lewd-able. I like it.

Honestly, it's pretty good. Being a whole new continuity, it's very well self-contained and the archeology aspect helps make more intricate levels that you can either explore underground of the main stage to your content and get powerups or lore, or just go straight to the boss like regular Mega Man.
If you go exploring underground in each stage, the game actually lets you save at any moment so you don't loose progress.

Ok, dude.
Hope your time machine let you stay here in a while because I'm going to make some fanart of this and I want you to see it.

How was the livr reaction to Capcom's announcements on the stage?

I don't about on the stage, but some dude actually punched his laptop and posted on /v/.

Holy shit. overkill much?

I can give you some heads up.
First, the helmet and chest part are rather clunly. The shoulderpads are circular and have Reaverbot-like lining. You can see a strand of his black hair under the helmet, between his eyes.

The leg part under the knee is very clunky, like a primitive rocket system and the left thight kind of is too, since the handgun (Mega Buster) is kept there. It is lampshades as "I feel surprisingly nimble despite looking so... crude".

The arm parts/gauntlets are similar to Model X's, minus white fingers. The hands are all dark blue, like the pandex under the armor.
Instead of "underwear" he wears a belt with a glowing green gem, but the gem itself, in it's game's model, seems to be a small monitor with various runes scrolling through, as seen in the real-time cutscenes.
I can't draw worth a shit, so I hope my description works.
Arc, being an older Mega Man (at least a young man and not a kid nor teenager), is very self-confident when he has to face Defectives. While he's portrayed as a cool teacher and chill, he's very no-nonsense as Mega Man.
His Intro Stage form is the same armor, but the spandex is black and the armor itself is brown and heavily cracked. The Mega Buster can't charge and he can't air dash during it.

And Spot?
How is Spot?

Holy crap

Okay, his student, his name is Reige ("rish").
Picture Vent, except with his eyes a bit more... Aile-like, I'd say? Not as angular. A hairdo similar to classic Rock, but black as opposed to brown.
He wears a plain shirt that says "Go UNV", with the Go over UNV, the shirt is red with black in middle, and the letters red like the rest of the shirt. wears pants similar to Giro's but with an exagerated belt (the shirt is tucked under it) and a white winter jacket if the stage is cold (even though he's on intercom... oh well)
Has a bunch of stuff with him (laptops, tablets and his PET-like phone), and is said to be promising if he didn't goof off as much during class, but still gets along well with his professor (enough to let him research the Megaloid tech, even if this accidentally leads to the Defectives).

Do you work at Capcom?

To quote Split Mushroom, take a wild guess.
I'm not answering that.

okay what about this one?

Why does it take so long for this to get released and why didn't they have anything to announce at TGS this year?

Check this out. The best of /v/.

Damn. Capcom and Konami have really been fucking around too much these last times

More like someone has a poor time controlling their anger.

>literally nothing mega man from capcom at tgs
>the new star trek sucks
>aki still hasn't been cancelled
2017 sucks.

The last Mega Man games released undersold, way below Capcom's expectations, even Mega Man 10, despite 9 selling well on all 3 digital services, it gave hope Mega Man recovering it's profitability.
This is a new series, without the involvement of Inafune, whom the Capcom execs kept touting and hyping as "the genius behind Mega Man" after Kitamura in the 80s'. Not helped, is the American cartoon gets a HORRIBLE reception, for a while you will believe Mega Man is truly, honest-to-goodness dead. It's going to be your "Federation Force", for comparison. Again, not helped by the devs feeling lost without their "senior" they could always ask for advice or approval, and it's going to be a difficult task for Eguchi to fill Inafune's shoes.

>But Inafune! Con Man!
Yes, but in Japan, Inafune is still very much respected as a game developer and businessman, Mighty Number 9 didn't taint his reputation over there, at least not in a game business level, so Capcom execs were still very unsure about continuing the Mega Man brand or just shelve it along other IPs such as Captain Commando, Vampire/Darkstalkers and Ghosts n' Goblins.

I'm calling bullshit. Nobody gives a fuck about game developers in Japan. Nice try though.

Within the business he's respected as a BUSINESSMAN in his trade, and a developer within the job sector of game developing. Not "respected by populance" at large.
What do you want me to say? "Kamiya was right"? That's been stated enough already.

you got me there. I hope "Eguchi-san" gets his shit together then.

I can't imagine being a grown adult and being so stupid as to do something like that.
Still, it's hilarious all the same.

>His Intro Stage form is the same armor, but the spandex is black and the armor itself is brown and heavily cracked. The Mega Buster can't charge and he can't air dash during it.
Elaborating on this, the Intro Stage's boss is a tech maintanance android-gone-Defective. Defeating him fixes the Mega Man armor and allows you to charge shot and air dash. And then, the real meat of the game begins.

He has suffered quite a bit of dissapointment within Capcom. He's not going to let this go to ruin.

Maybe he was drunk. People do stupid shit when they are drunk.

are fujoshits still profitable?

They're really becoming a laughstock within the otaku culture. They're not really profitable for a brand as big as Mega Man.
Waifufags on the other hand? Oooh boy, you won't believe it. You think stuff like Fire Emblem Fates is bad? It will get worse.

Fuck me in the butt, I just want cute boys to admire god dammit

Oh, there are still of those cute boys. Just not explicitly yaoi pandering.

Does that explain the new roll design?

Yes. Roll is VERY popular within the Japanese fandom.
In a way, the servant androids in Arc are that sort of wish fulfillment and fanfic/doujin-fuel. Imagine if you could just buy your own Roll?
Besides her going Defective and stabbing you in your sleep.

>ready to go count zero
>kamen rider more next post


Here is a shitty fanart of Arc and Regu. Today isn't a good day for art to me, it seems. I'm sorry.
And yes, I'll misspell his name for as long as I possibly can because it sounds fun.

Drew this, thought this would be the best place to post it. No that there ever needs to be an excuse to post best bot

Not really. There's a forest stage and there's a Wood Man shout-out by having the miniboss being a robot dog as an optional boss if you're going to explore. But the real boss is a lumberjack/woodwork android-gone-Defective.

Sounds like a win win to me!

I dig it! hat sounds like it'd be a catchphrase for this.

Thanks for sharing your art! We always appreciate it! You're also welcome to archive it on the booru anytime.
Goodnight /mmg/! Don't die!

More or less you got Reige, but the shoes are clunker.
Arc... Not so much. The helmet is chunker, and the legs are crude primitive rocket fucky things.

But I really dig your artstyle!

Are we really going to trust someone who's naming himself after Nostradamus?

>This is fanart done on paper and pencil
>It's still leagues above the real upcoming Mega Man cartoon art direction
Life is so damn unfair.

it says I dont have permission to post on this general's booru


It's better than nothing

You're absolutely right. That's what scares me.

Thanks. It's nice that you liked it.
Since you said nothing about the shoes, I just drew the ZX ones.
And now Arc seems to be a pain in the ass to draw, since it seems to be clunkier.

It is okay, user. He is just telling us what happened in his timeline. He should be careful, though. Time travels can attract bad karma, his timeline could be destroyed by Nintendo-Black and Future Capcom or their fusion: Merged Capcom.

...Nicky is that you

I let myself get too hopeful with the new roll design and the strange concept art.
Watching the stream left me with only despair

I'm sorry user. Part of me knows I shouldn't show anything. But I want to say, the chest armor and the shoulder pads? Nailed it, mama mia.
And the hair strands too! Even if this isn't the "exact" design, I really wish you did more artwork of this. Like I want to encourage you. Probably even comics/oekaki? I don't know.
I just hope I am not fucking things up if Capcom notices you guys "already know" about Arc.

Jesus tapdancing christ, Nostranon.
You are going to lose your job that way.
But yeah, I'll draw more whenever I can.

It'll only happen if it starts getting reported on a bunch of news sites.

>It'll only happen if it starts getting reported on a bunch of news sites.
Good thing right now no media site really cares about Mega Man right now.
This is why I'm not going to post art.

dun wory we'll all be good boys and stay quiet after dis but only if u get me in da gaem or its sequel

i dun care if it's an X8-tier Cutman fite, i want in

Don't worry, it is going to be cancelled anyway.

It won't.

Ready for Tuesday?

What's happening on Tuesday?

Mass suicide.

Very ready.
Would like to finish Metroid first but I doubt that's happening


New Danganronpa

It's a short game, user. You can do it!

I don't play Mega Man but I came in here to tell you I feel sorry for you guys.

Be careful, you'll fall!

I got a Vita. Which Danganronpa is the first one? Is it simply called Danganronpa or has a subtitle?

Even the willy wagglers take pity on us.