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I want to marry The Red Prince!

why is bull horns and the charge it gives separate actions?
that would be like having tentacle whip just turn your arm into a tentacle and then having to use a different skill to attack with it

How much wits do I want on a 2hand guy?

So uh
What happens if you let Lohse tear Saheila apart in Fort Joy?

>"Are you sure you want to go to the next act?"
>*Proceeds to scan everything back again to not miss anything."

Because it gives a rank in retaliation for the entire duration.

>Want MC to be male lizard
>Like Red Prince's origin
>Don't want to be red lizard
>Only want one lizard in my party

so many

Sebille's quest is fucking shallow and stupid as hell. You don't really go on a hunt for the master, he just shows the fuck up on the island for no fucking reason. No clues, no hunt, he is just sitting there like a duck. All this build up, no shadow cabal of assassin lizards. Nothing, fucking weak. This companion is complete trash.

I beat the master in two turns, and it was so fucking easy I'm restarting this run and killing Sebille every time I see her.

Reminder that warfare scales multiplicatively and is better than all weapon skills to level first for physical builds.

There's so many people around the town square in Driftwood. I don't think I'm going to be able to rob these merchants blind.

oh yeah.

Why the fuck don't i have the villain tag yet? I sold out stingtail, killed EVERYONE in fort joy, killed all the seekers, enslaved the ship, and after all of that only my companion got the villain tag.

>kill gareth because the game acts like alexandar will be necessary to continue
>alexandar is a cunt as expected
>he even straight-up tells you that he's going to kill you
Is there a single reason why I shouldn't just reload my save and side with Gareth instead?

A lot.
The initiative is a must have and the crit chance is great.

Be the red lizard. Then respec his appearance.

Only a Veeky Forums contrarian would side with Alexander after what's happened to you.

Initiative is useless. You are only in competition with your other party members. So if you really want 1 of your guys to go first you can get 11 and he will always go first over your other party members. Otherwise you just alternate with he enemies.

Wits should only be picked up if you main stat is at 40 when it starts getting diminishing returns.

So you can have meaningful consequences for your choices.

You can't, his skin tone is locked.

i liked killing the tree

>Be undead
>Have been rolling with Amadia so far
>Someone asks me which god I serve
>Only option is Rhalic

Uh, what?

Human undead, bitch.

But the whole pay off for her character is thrown down the toilet when they give you sebille's "boss" on a silver platter.

Fuck role playing in this game, cheese the fuck out of it.

But the game tells you in the dialogue that Alexandar is the key to all this. Why the fuck would Larian say that if it wasn't necessary for him to survive, in a way?

Amadia is not the god of undead.

To my understanding only Fane sees Amadia.


Because his followers have a bias reason to say that?

>killing the tree
What? Was that even possible? Talking to the tree just tells you to go to Arx, then forcibly fails the quest when you leave.
Was I supposed to just blindly attack it instead and ignore the dialogue?

>tfw you go full abu ghraib

I don't recall any of the fights around that point in the game being challenging. WIth light roleplaying and minimal reading I hadn't considered that I SHOULD kill the tree at that point until blindy suggested it. I actually sat and thought about what I should do. I liked it.

It's not his followers saying that, it's your own character. Clearly Larian expected you to know something that would make this the case.

Who is the master anyway? I didn't take her.

2 wands or a staff?

Nothing some poison milk won't fix.

i recall dialogue options that said FUCK YOU HITLER TREE YOU DON"T OWN ME, or something like that. Fight was scripted

Or, you know, the magic man who literally is brought back to life after you smack an axe into his face...then disappears off a boat magically might be seen as important, somehow?

Shocker. to bad you already know he's an asshole by that point and is obviously gunning for divinity.

The Shadow Prince.

Really? Guess I should have guessed that. I killed that chump and the tree.

>taunt an enemy
>they keep playing like nothing happened
>enemy taunts me
>gets every party member and for the next two turns i go to the bathroom because might aswell
>evasion aura on
>enemies dont give a fug
>enemies with evasion aura
>its the matrix
>chicken+tendons combo
>im just gonna stand here lmao
>charm an enemy
>fucker walks 2 feet and passes turn
>enemy charms sebille
>in 1 turn she kills my squishiest, uses all of my
most expensive consumables, heals every enemy to full hp and uninstalls my game

Whichever gives you the best stats overall

Maybe git gud

I did say no to being the tree mother, but I feel like it was complete laziness on their party to just have the master sitting there ready to fight you. Would have made more sense if he took control of the character for the fight, or escaped somehow for the next area. But NOPE, the ONLY reason to play Sebille is now gone.

I made the mistake of having her be the main character. I'm guessing the rest of the Origins are this weak.

I thought 2H was good.

But how would that make him any more important than any of the other characters? He's a Godwoken. The Gods have interfered in the affairs of the other Godwoken, so why wouldn't it have happened with him?
He's just a rival. I see no reason at all for the game to act like he's more important than any other character, even fucking Sebille.

Is there a hidden alignment system? Because several different npcs (I.e. Hannag, The Advocate) comment on how I'm either too good, or neither good or bad, or the harbinger of chaos.

>Beast has 9 Lucky Charm
>Isban has 7 Barter
>Inventories flowing with divines and legendaries
>Bank rolling every merchant in Arx every reset

>Decide to test this myself
>Warfare 10 hits for 450 crits for 700
>2H 10 hits for 420 crits for 900

The charm is the thing that pisses me off the most. At one point I charmed an enemy and they used a giant AoE spell on a pot that just so happened to be in the middle of my party, freezing my entire party.
Come the fuck on, why even bother including it in the game if you're not going to make them follow the rules?

>the ONLY reason to play Sebille is now gone
i picked her to fuck Lohse in a LW duo. I feel good about my choice.

When do merchants reset their inventory? I've only ever noticed it happen when I level, but that doesn't make much sense.
>I'm guessing the rest of the Origins are this weak
I really enjoyed the story when I played as Fane, but I'm also a pleb who has no taste, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I'm not a wifu fag.

If that is all the chicks in the game have to offer I'm going to stick with OC and dude bros. Or stop complaining and download Planescape:Torment after this is over.

Once per hour, and when you level.

You can't take the gold with you, user.

>not just talking Gareth down
Imagine being this dumb

2h is better when you have crit chance outside of your enrage turn

Do you really need to max Lucky Charm to see much effect?
I've gotten it to five and didn't really notice much.

it's not in character creator

How? I have 7 persuasion and 60 strength and it failed.

>I'm not a wifu fag.
I liked role playing being in a relationship with someone inhabited by a demon. Not much of a stretch of reality for a lot of people i imagine.

2H has crit built in which more than makes up for the fact that it is additive scaling instead of multiplicative like Warfare.

Warfare would be better if 2H builds didn't basically revolve around Enrage / natural late game crits.

>mfw Undertavern

They are both shit. Wand + shield is better. If you are using the wand as your main attack as a spellcaster you are doing it wrong.

Are you looting with the character that has it? Because at 6 I'm getting a random piece of divine gear like once every four or five containers.

Can shield toss crit?
I've yet to see it do so

strength isn't the right persuasion option regardless of stat

You clearly didn't then, I talked him down with 31 strength and 5 persuasion

Maybe it's because I helped him get over his family death and his magister friend back in act 2

Loot with the character who has Lucky Charm maxed.

The only two were strength and memory. Repeccing into memory failed as well.
>You clearly didn't then
Didn't what, try? Why the fuck would I lie about it? I spent probably an hour and a half save scumming to repeatedly try to make it work.

at 5 got enough currency in act 2 selling things off for the rest of the game. i also opened everything

As someone who has been in multiple relationships, games never do it justice or make it interesting. After reading some of the relationship stuff in these generals they seem even cringier then bioware's stuff.

They sperged about the character arcs, like they would be a big deal when they really aren't. So I'm not trying to waste the other ones by playing as some edgy elf. Fuck elves.

I'm almost certain it can but builds using shields rarely stack Wits or critical chance so I can't say how useful it would or wouldn't be.

can I switch from dungeon map to world map somehow?

Don't think so but it's damage is so insane it doesn't need to. Next run im making a shield thrower with 10 huntsman and 10 warfare who just sits up high and nukes people

>Guy is kidnapping sourcerors en masse
>Tearing families apart
>Just to get rid of any potential godwokens and only he can ascend
>Woah he's a cunt?
Oh user

>Fuck elves.
i like that they're disgusting flesh eaters. The arcs/sex aspects aren't terribly well written, but filling in the space is what i consider RP in this kind of game. i dont know if i have it in me to pretend im a skeleton with a lizard friend for another play though unless it's just the cheese mechanics and bugs on honour mode. But i had fun.

>he's a cunt as expected
Your reading comprehension isn't particularly good, user.

So this would mean if you have at least 14% crit, 10 points in 2H is better than 10 points in warfare.

You would need higher % crit to have warfare be better than 2h for 9->1 points but not sure how much.

Now that I'm here, I can see why people found the blackpit entrance fight difficult, though I breezed through it. I guess it was just a lot easier for me since I have a mixed damage party and can take the silent monks and the executioner out of the fight immediately.

wait so if I'm a scoundrel should I be going warfare or scoundrel?

pls no bully, i'll give you a slave

Combat is fun.

I'm going to stop bitching now. Hopefully some turbo-nerds will transfer all of the classic DnD modules in good time.

both, but warfare

>As someone who has been in multiple relationships, games never do it justice or make it interesting.
I'm not sure most people play fantasy RPGs to get super invested in a pretend relationship with a cloud of 1s and 0s, they're just there and they're kinda cute and a little bit of fun during your typical RP adventure.

>They sperged about the character arcs, like they would be a big deal when they really aren't.
Most of them are pretty comfy fantasy tropes and that suits this game just fine; Ifan and Beast for example are EXACTLY what they look like at face value. I know it's a meme at this point but Sebille's story-line really isn't that bad. She starts off as Miss Edgelord Thundercunt but by mid Act 2 she's a somewhat more balanced character and does the job of assassin ex-slave well enough. Her story gets a little bit more praise than it should, but that's because when the bar is set on the floor of Satan's wine cellar it doesn't take much to feel like a marked improvement.

>After reading some of the relationship stuff in these generals they seem even cringier then bioware's stuff.
They're really not all that cringe at all. Stereotypical and bit tropey maybe but the game does a decent job at world-building and making Rivellon feel like a place so it's not all that bad.

>Talk to NPC and lock them into the dialogue
>Teleport them into lava to instakill them once the dialogue is over
Nameless island is great

>mfw I wanna romance red prince as a male elf mc
>mfw I need to stop playing shitty bioware rpg's

Is it a cute elf girl? If so, this is acceptable.

>Finish up act 2 after 50 hours
>"Finally Act 3."
>*30 mins in - 10 quests already*
>Found a level 9 idiot that I have no idea where to put
>Found weird gem that has Xantezza in it
Fucking hell man. I can only take one at a time.

I wish there was a checklist of who you can kill and when.


Romancing the red Prince should be a no-no straight up.
Like his whole backstory revolves around his obsession with Sadha.

Speaking of which: Do teams without the Red Prince get a dragon summon?

>Set deathfog off at elven temple
>still need alexander's head
>everything I find says hes at the temple
>none of my party is undead

Did I fuck up? Should I reload?

Yes, but she bites

Both, the real kicker is that you take Warfare instead of Dual Wielding because DW is additive scaling and one-hitter-quitter Rogues don't give a shit about dodge chance.

If you want a rule of thumb. Scoundrel and Warfare to whatever skill level you want to use at this point, followed by a balance of Warfare and Scoundrel until you feel you're bordering on more than enough mobility from the Scoundrel side - then finish Warfare followed by Scoundrel.

act 3 is really quick. act 2 is insane.

I will agree. The world building is MILES ahead of the last game. Which is why I'm a little disappointed at the way some of the companions arcs turned out. The order of Magisters and Palidins are interesting. I wish they fleshed out the Black Ring more because I'm just kiling a bunch of them and I don't understand their motives besides "EVIL".

This is the first divinity game where Rivellon feels like a real setting and not some stand in fantasy place. I wish they would revisit some areas, that is pretty much where they miss the mark. They never map out the whole of Rivellon and I feel like this is their first step.

Once they do that, I think their stories will make more sense.

No other godwoken has the gods directly interfere in another godwoken's actions directly toward them. Even their living representatives, the knights explicitly stay out of godwoken on godwoken violence.

>Game runs fine in Act 1
>Act 2
>20 minutes to load and freezes constantly

Save sizes doubled, and it keeps damn near the entire game loaded in memory simultaneous.
Put it on an SSD.