/dg/ Destiny General - Gay Autistic Rolling edition


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First for shitty raid

2/6 fresh raid PS4

>tfw no gay destiny porno called "the vault of ass".

Is Awesomeness/Kazuto the greatest relationship in /dg/ history?

Opinion on BBDobbins' video?

>atheon is a twink that gets fucked by 6 giant cocked men wearing exotic helmets

7th for I'm sick of always having to make the new thread.

You just fucking copy paste the OP and then copy paste the link to the previous thread.

You even get to pick the OP image that delights you.

Get with the fucking program, people.

No one cares about your literal whos user.

first person to mention uriel's gift after this is blacklisted

nth for Field Commander Sloane


>FWC chill in a swanky private office overseeing the labor force, literally watching other people work
>DO shove themselves in the deepest, darkest part of the Hangar to try to avoid as much social contact as possible
>NM has a literal soup kitchen and distributes supplies to the masses
I like how you all pretend there's any other faction to support. Only together, can we stand above.

Griel's Uift

Any good scout rifles with the full auto perk?

nth for pcucks and xboners on suicide watch.

What can hunters actually fucking do? They have webm related and some good pvp exotic helms. Celestial nighthawk just isn't worth using hunter for; titans can have double pulse nades with extra duration that do a shitload of damage, and warlocks have a single shot super that doesn't require using exotic armor, which stays on the ground for more damage over time against bosses.

I need her round, plump, fat, worshipable titan ass on my face

Fuck off retard.

Tried to do the Sturm mission solo, got all the way up to the boss but there's no way I can do this by myself. If I invite some people into my fireteam will they spawn with me in the boss room?

>caring about youtube clickbait

smoothbrain detected

nth for gunslinger is best subclass


Raid scout is pretty cozy. Full Auto and Dragonfly

the raid scout is nice and does full auto

>Celestial nighthawk just isn't worth using hunter for

doing Trials of the Nine need one more.

orpheus is one of the setups that can duo throne room aka the hardest room in the game

so that's pretty good

ᵇᵘᶠᶠ ᵗᶦᵗᵃᶰ

You dont have to kill the boss. Just the Servitor. Also I hope you used the mission trigger on patrol and not the Strike Playlist. If you STILL need help getting to the Servitor message me and Ill jump in.

3/6 fresh raid

IHateEverything's video is perfect

Two striker nades do more damage if the target stays in them, vortex-novabomb probably does too. Neither requires an exotic.

>Bara Strikers
Go on....

oh, where's the servitor? does it spawn in the boss room?

I mean I don't disagree, the pants are ridiculously good. It's absurd that they let you get super back from mere tethers rather than just kills. I just hate that the class is carried by a pair of pants.

it's in the dark room, bottom floor, just before the boss. impossible to miss.

You're not the only one

dark room before the boss

Well would ya look at that!

Lemme swap discs and turn on my gamecube

Right after the public zone where Failsafe is. After you kill the Walker. Check your quest, you might be done.

on the subject of making titans better, arcology patrol expansion when?

RIGHT, I just skipped all of that because that's how I'd seen the nightfall done and assumed it was the same. Thanks brah

Hollyday's in-game model is much much cuter than her cutscene one

Nighthawk head shot does far more than both and makes two orbs.

ay sure famalam lemme boot up my dreamcast

How can somebody play this game, LITERALLY, without being able to read? Holy shit this isnt rocket science it doesnt say FINISH THE MISSION DURR HURR

Just don't do the strike.


thanks for reminding me i recorded her ass as she shifted stance

>Dead Orbit is hiding in the hangar
They're doing work in the hanger you monatard. Reoutfitting ships, distributing supplies, and cataloging golden age tech.

When the tower fell, who was ready to uproot and mass evacuate people at a moments notice? DO.
When the survivors set up a farm, who supplied it? DO

Dead Orbit is the only faction that has been proven to be objectively correct by the Red War. FWCs training didn't save us, and the wift action of a Monarch would have fallen just as swiftly.
Dead Orbit has always advocated not consolidating all our supplies under the Traveler, to avoid exactly the scenario the Red Legion presented. They are the only faction that actively seeks a sustainable future in the face of disaster. When all other plans fail, Dead Orbit's Exodus will not.

>full blown autistic meltdown because some dude missed something

except now the room is empty

how badly did I fuck up

Webm when?

Is there anything different about the trials than the crucible?

I think Striker could do with a buff

3/6 fresh raid

>Celestial nighthawk just isn't worth using hunter for; titans can have double pulse nades with extra duration that do a shitload of damage, and warlocks have a single shot super that doesn't require using exotic armor, which stays on the ground for more damage over time against bosses.
nighthawk is instant though, so you can skip phases


have fun lining that up in a pub though

More mida, less moving.

they somehow found a way to make crucible less fun and called it trials

sonyniggers are the most cancerous of the three

>xboners are chill bros that never bring up tripfag normie shit
>pc bros just read the thread and occasionally ask a question
>sonyniggers are all tripfags and circle jerk to make them self feel important


hol up it has an APPROACH on it

>tfw no Holliday gf

Same MIDA premades except everyone has the map memorized which makes gameplay ascend to a level of boring you are not prepared for

That's a skewed metric. If Xdrones weren't all garbage, they'd be full of themselves too.

is that the cranking dance emote?

Youre assuming this isnt the 5th time today somebody has asked this. Its apparently not very clear


>xboners are passive aggressive circlejerkers who exile their own and exclusively play with inner circle only

>hunter is in a really bad spot and nightstalker and gunslinger are just holding in there thanks to two good exotics
>bungie won't buff them and will instead try to "buff" them with exotics
>these exotics won't be anywhere near as good as the ones they are currently using
You know it's going to happen.

>have to restart the entire mission again
cut my life to pieces

Invite and Ill run it fresh with you

>t. butthurt titan
weapons of light isn't coming back, just let go

>tfw brand new to Destiny General Xbone community
>am also nota shitter
>had no problems with anyone

Do I go NM for the cloak or DO for the shaders? One of my biggest pet peeves is that there's no good shader to make my cloak black, and DO is guaranteed to have at least one. But, that NM cloak is fuckin nice.

7 decides.

>implying any other class could do this

did you quote the wrong post?

>tfw no Failsafe gf (male)

Post it anyways

Maybe arcstrider, but no one would spec that on the last fight



This is Sloane's va! Say something nice!

Invite me and Ill help broheim

not him, also not the guy you'd originally responded to just now



I find not being retarded helps avoid that sort of thing.

Long Walk or Show of Force for high dam sniper?

no no i'm done now

I'm not the person responding to you with this post.

Your move cuckbreath.

This desu. I'm only using nightstalker because I got lucky with orpheus rig. As soon as I get nighthawk, I won't look back.

>fwc's training didn't save us
>the only person who died was the speaker

you're going to have to excuse me, I've never had a PS4 before

how the hell do I invite you

Widow's Bite

Does Arcstrider have a slam attack? I honestly don't know.

>not deciding which person gets what orb before starting the encounter
>has to burn his special just to prevent a wipe that most likely happened a few secs later anyways

so this is the power of sonyniggers?

>that elbow snap at the end caused by the animators pulling their ik target too far out
triple A