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Best & Cuttest Star Guardian Edition

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Does buying the Golden Chroma automatically give you the skin, or do you have to buy the skin yourself, then buy the Chroma?

yordle girls are for breeding


>tfw no Nasus gf

Woah a thread opening with best and "cutest" that's actually accurate. I don't think I've ever seen that in all my years of posting on this interdimensional pissing shipwreck.

Reminder to fap to Elementalist Lux

best guy!
Syndra buffs when?

If you feed in ranked then AFK you should be culled from the gene pool

This is the fourth time for my Gold 1 promos this season someone has AFK'd and made me lose

I wanna cuddle Jinx

dont you dare sexualize the nasus

happy birthday man

Is worlds worth watching today? I don't see a single team worth a shit playing.


his accuracy: gone forever.

>Finally learned how to play jarvan jungle
>Level 2 gank get's a kill or flash every time

Not our Nasus.

Is there a reason people only go assassin kayn
I swear I've never seen a single rhaast in my shitter elo

kys homo
>loving someone you don't play

I follow this slut on instagram and fap to her constantly

Good taste

you still have to buy the skin but the chroma will be on your account

I'm rooting for the tacos so w/e

xth for CLIMBing!
personal improvement is even MORE so!

if you like europoors then maybe, otherwise yeah this half of the groups is ass

Fnatic's kinda fun

Lux is better for cuddling

Nasus is best girl.

If they picked it because the team needed damage and has tanks

Or if they're fed and could make use of it

How to fix ADCS and Supports.

>Grievous wounds now effects outside healing again and also effects shields.
>Statikk, Warlords and Rapidfire no longer stack
>IE cost changed back to classic.

thank you!

nuEvelynn makes me think some impure thoughts lads

the most important thing is enjoying yourself though

Which Star Guardian would you MATE PRESS

What if we have them both cuddle while we cuddle between them?

Also xth for Cute Ashe

Star Guardian Ashe next year hopefully

>cuddle between them
I dont wanna be touching another dude
and SG is cute but Elementalist is my true waifu

is reksai a slut? she never wears much clothing

What do I do guys?

Each man to their own. 2x4 is all I want to cuddle with.

>Fortnite Battle Royale to PUBG is the same thing League is to Doter2
>a more fun, cartoony F2P version that runs on toasters
>coming out in a day or two

Are you shitters gonna start playing right away before it gets massive?

want to hear a joke

>Fucking a slut
She needs to be put down.

I want to aggressively impregnate this vastayan as she begs for my superior human cum!

>I dont wanna be touching another dude
That's rude. Just because Jinx has a tiny cock doesn't mean she's not a girl.

>stuck at honor 3 for months
>start raging in chat due to afks
>get honor 4
I think its backwards

xth for chronic back pain

why do mods let these faggots persist, yet ban climbanon?

yes, shes the sluttiest champion in league


>we cuddle between them?
I wasn't talking about Jinx being a dude. Also fuck off futafags. At least my waifu manages to escape people who feel the compulsion to slap a dick in a perfectly good woman

>took me less than a month to get honor 5

user, how. All you have to do is say "Gj" whenever someone gets a kill.

Hey! Volleyball user is a good soul! He needs to volley more waifus.

Reposting for Him

if you put yourself between her boobs and body and she stood up, would the force of gravity and her boobs pressing you against her body keep you suspended?


xth for breast metal waifu

I'm not proud of this, but Poppy. I feel like she rides the line between rough/wild (MF/Syndra) and gentle and passionate (Soraka/Janna). Though I suppose one could also make this argument for Ahri, but I'm not really into being talked down to during coitus.

>ezreal jungle on my team
>he's a brazilian faggot who goes 0/6 and says "fkin noob team"

>ezreal jungle on the enemy team
>he's a korean god who gets ten kills off my shitty bot lane


Fuck off Jax!! I need actual advice!!!

I got honor 5 just today. I usually don't say anything beside x used ult or things to that effect.

>ban climbanon

>play games without getting chat restricted, suspended or banned
>honor level goes up
wow just like riot said who would've thought

>Grievous wounds now effects outside healing again
did you miss the memo?

>Statikk, Warlords and Rapidfire no longer stack
>IE cost changed back to classic.
ah, yes, the classic ashe/varus LUL ADC IN 2K17 meta

Keep us updated~

>Eve not making you cum inside
I like this image but I have a thing for nutting inside women

I love Camille


True patricians know that the best kind of mating press is when the girl is extremely smug and arrogant (and after removing the condom naturally).

>tfw you have a thing for creampies but don't want kids

>At least my waifu manages to escape people who feel the compulsion to slap a dick in a perfectly good woman
Please tell me you don't actually believe this is true by any stretch of imagination.

How to fix ADCS:
>Actually give them some gameplay beyond "how fast can I click a target and then click the ground next to me"

Here's one from a different artist.

As opposed to the

>Game ends at 20 mins because the enemy ADC managed to get Statikk and IE before yours?

Meta, which is fun because it makes anyone not a hard tank useless.

Good luck out there mate

I know you can make it

you should've spent it with lulu

How can white women even compete???

I want to fuck Soraka and her mascot.

Seeing as how i been in the fortnite alpha since it opened, yes

Yeah, to do that you'd have to nerf their damage though.

Right now ADC are just ranged auto attack Assassins.

Of all the league girls that get randomly futa'd, Lux is fairly low on the list. And I haven't seen any Elementalist Lux futa stuff anywhere, thank god.

IKTF man, I love the idea of unloading buckets inside a woman but I don't have an impregnation kink.

delet tristana

>BREED Tristana
Fixed that for you.

>all shields a champion currently has expire when the first shield expires, regardless of the remaining duration of the rest of them

I fixed your fucking game lolbabs

>implying Syndra would let you mate press
>implying she wouldn't use her magic to pin you to the bed

How do we fix Zyra?

Ok, What's a penguin favorite fast food ?

White hair Camille is cutte doe

I thought ornn was gonna be ap

>And I haven't seen any Elementalist Lux futa stuff anywhere, thank god.

>Shields don't stack

Release a dragon sorceress Illaoi skin with Sona tier tiddies so I can get some good Yuri out of it.

Let her stay Support

>Illaoi skin with Sona tier tiddies
It's like something purely out of Dimitry's

By letting her milk you dry with her tight dragonpussy

Well it's not like I go looking for it, but for a good number of league girls if you look up porn of them you find futa without wanting it. That hasn't happened to be with Elementalist.

>no Elementalist Lux futa
Don't jinx it.

>just glanced at kled and saw that I've got 100% ranked winrate with him over 13 games

is he just super effective in silver or something?

Illaoi has the potential to be absolute top tier girl if she actually gets a skin. Notice that even though Riot doesn't make "sexy" new champs anymore the skins are lewder than ever before. They make you pay for the goods. Also Dragon Sorceress would be a legimitately good fit for her.

Anything is


>That hasn't happened to be with Elementalist.
So your plan is to stick your head in the sand and hope it never comes your way? Let me know how that works out when the other foot drops.

i actually don't like warlords/censer combo, because it means that adc don't have to buy sustain anymore, which is what allows them to rush damage while still healing up in fights and out of fights and generally be full hp in a jiffy unless they're cc'd. they're looking to remove sustain from censer, which should help a bit.

but lowering ie cost was the right thing to do because it was a wasteland down there.

morde is underpowered
buff morde

I'm not the only one who thinks this would be perfect if she had panties on right