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>What is Guild Wars 2?
Guild Wars 2 is an active free-to-play MMORPG from ArenaNet, the sequel to Guild Wars 1, with events taking place 250 years after its timeline.

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Gonna get piles sitting on that cold concrete floor

Tri really was a mistake

it won't be easy but you can do it.

sounds like Aerobiz or Aerobiz Supersonic on SNES and Genesis

>it's a "samefag user tries to defend Centurion" daily re-run

Honestly the most ridiculous thing about T1 Kuma is that his character select animation in the arcade game shows him protracting his claws

i still play MMOs and i fill my hole nice and well

>50 hours of kbd straight
>no visages or pets



Not as uncommon as you think, people give away their characters when they quit all the time

I think she's one of the best ones there, took me by surprise to see Mimi-chan flying around the field knocking the ball around question is how does she do it?

I'll check it out.

The athmosphere of Splatterhouse can't be topped.

any fighting game worth its salt

why don’t you fuckoff with your shitty collecting garbage. if you want original games so bad just buy a full set on ebay poorfag

faster than reloading :^)


Mating Press your best friend!

computer space

dude, I totally forgot about ricochet after playing it once or twice back then. What happened to the game? Was it even remotely popular once?

I've been looking for these tameables and can't find shit. where dis cheetah at?

Should I main necro instead? Already have a kunoichi and I don't want to play rogue because thats what trannymisu plays.

Kirby 64 is one of the best Nintendo games. I didn’t like how later games just went back to having one powerup.

Hook line and sinker.

Delta (Patrol)

Sweet shooter, music kicks ass.

>sand desert with everything available
Time to serrated glass disc some greenskins

Sure thing m8Yea that kind of thing is considered strong and brave now. I don't get it either.

replace the hag with punished toot for triple neet cuties

>Think I finally have a handle on things
>Get to petroleum tier and realize I am a brainlet
Its just not fair bros

How could he have known? Nintendo is usually so friendly with fan projects.

I love them both, I can't wait for the remake of the first one that demo rocked.

>ruined Sonic Mania
I thought everyone was sucking its dick for being the nostalgic rehash they've been demanding for 20 years.

I keep saying that, but here I am again.

he just did

Bethesda are making up for time lost with Nintendo, like a long lost sibling who only just found his family and is milking it for all it's worth.

Castlevania 64 has been widely panned since it was released.

Double Dragon 2 maybe ?

1st for NC self destruction

If you seriously cant see what buzzwords you used then I don't think me pointing them out will be much help for a shitposter like yourself.

It's not that unhygienic though, everyone has done it.
Like I aid, if Chloe stank then Victoria, Drew or Nathan would've made it clear.

It usually takes longer than a couple of days for that to happen.

Piss off, kupo.

Sega released a sequel to 18 Wheeler called The King of Route 66, was it that?

>no new Dante design to go with a new DMC
just fucking end me now.

Wuh? How does one go about this?

ugh I hate all those designs, plus I have no faith in inafune. MML is my all time favorite game, so disappointed in this.

>tfw ALL the games ever made since the 70's up through the 2010's will fit together on future thumb drives

Confession time
I really like Beamz, Tammy, and Randy.
Hell, I like OCs in general. The creativity that goes into some of them and the things people can do with them that they can't do with the canon bots are fun.

I meant that people who were 8 when Halo 3 released are 18 now.

Disc Based Backwards compatibility on the PS4?
Why isn't this a feature?
Or is this just corporate greed at it's finest.

Descending dragon or Antlers?

nail on the head. Each one is very creative, does it's theme well but they're just too short.

It's a cool collectors piece, but it's not a games machine by any stretch of the imagination.

That sucks, user. My condolences go out to you.


Bios are universal

Make a better one then.

Or just keep swimming in the cesspool of e-celeb threads while shitting on actual video game threads.

What should be my main source of damage? At level 8 my neuro thing does 35dmg

>"Creepy" is a word used by females to describe any man who lacks sex appeal.
Get off of Veeky Forums and live real life for a while.


The war has begun.

Any other artfags around? This needs finishing.

Subtitles are an addition to or substitution for audio. They should be with the audio settings.


I'm too busy "trespassing"
I mean I didn't expect a group party but the more the merrier

how do you guys make gold?

>Wow so it's literally just a shitty PC
That applies to all consoles though to be fair.

Chris is a do nothing.

Sonic has more money than you.

Just put up a post saying the mod is defunct.

You seem awfully bitter. Why is that? Is it because you have a waifu that only pretends to be intelligent?
For instance, why does she let herself get captured, but doesn't set up cameras to film the culprit?

Never played Beyond the Beyond so I don't know and a lot of the reviews at the time were just upset it felt like something that belonged on the snez rather than the pee ess ecks.

This, was just a shitpost but got some legitimate answers.


Holy fucking shit. Look at damn game. Fucking Capcom will never give 1/10 of this love for Megaman and it hurts. If only Megaman was popular.

weren't they getting removed anyway? just pretend it was already removed and learn how to not be a shitter without it


Pokemon now holds your hand through the entire game. You now get EXP share in the first 30 mins of the games.

t4 fracs

But they released that 360 version in nipponland


SSX Tricky and SSX 3

progress. still WIP but should be done with sculpt tomorow. Grineer tonfa skin/replacement model

Not at all, you can mute the volume (making the game inaudible) and still read the subtitles.

Using shit that I like that works to play the game's content instead of grinding low level planets to rank trash weapons to get a higher number just to unlock a few more trash weapons to keep the cycle of grinding going


You didn't discover shit, kid.

Are you guys blind?


Koei had some covers painted by Noriyoshi Ohrai, Square had Yoshitaka Amano, both legendary artists. Katsuya Terada was another popular artist featured in many exhibits.!pZsxiZRB!PV9rPDZmNWUxAEw5jN_A-VpTO1gT9kL5NMWZXo8lTCk

I've heard one on the Genesis is really good.

How about a group of guards.

Nazi larpers getting mad at the fact you kill nazis.

Agreed brother

The backgrounds/foregrounds are ugly, but the enemy sprites are fun, and have character. Also the music is great.


Flashcart much?

why did you socket him like that dude

It's my Birthday today, /mggg/
Can you post your favorite monstergirls/angels/humans?

i just login and get a ton of gold

Same. I still go on the board for cup threads.