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I love Ayumu!


OP is an autism enabler

Animator and his thicc bf!

Hopeman's luck is a fraud, remember

If he was truly the Ultimate Lucky Student, he'd have gone 6/6 in the roulette and lucked his way into the revolver jamming

look it up scrub



Your mom is a slut with a fat ass and a tiny brain


No one responded to this in the other thread :c

Posting best girls!

What's wrong with your table?

Alright. Let's hope that shitty excuse for an ARG doesn't come back.

A reminder that Kyoko is the best girl

Slightly late Mika!

its really old


Good job idiot

I want to fuck Kaito!


Hello everyone. As you may know, some schmuck user is trying to scare people with some stupid posts. Well, it's not his fault. It's Kiibo, Nagito, and Junko's fault, and they will be punished by tomorrow.

Rantaro nii-chan and Shuichi-kun!

posting this to prevent voodoo curses being put on the anons in this general

My gf Ayumu is a real cutie!

Reminder that Nagito x Hajime x Chiaki is the best and most canon-supported ship for Hajime.

>Nagito and Chiaki are the only two SDR2 characters Hajime interacts with in DR3
>Nagito and Chiaki are the only two SDR2 characters Hajime has friendship events with in NDRV3 bonus mode
>Nagito and Chiaki are the characters Hajime has the most official art with
>Chiaki is Hajime's first love and his past love. She was his closest friend during his time at Kibougamine, and she was the person he felt closest to during the main story of SDR2 as well. His love for her is so strong that he will carry her memory in his heart forever, and always hold onto her hairpin
>Nagito is Hajime's future love. This is supported by scenes such as the one where Nagito calls Hajime over to eat with him, and Hajime joins him as Chiaki's memory fades away. This is also supported by the last scene of the Danganronpa anime, Danganronpa 2.5, in which Hajime takes Nagito's hand and leads him into the future. And of course, this is supported by the official art that depicts Nagito smiling at Hajime lovingly and offering him a gift as they sail away on the boat together
>After living their lives to the fullest like Chiaki would have wanted, Hajime and Nagito will reunite with Chiaki in the afterlife, and Hajime can finally be together with his first love
>Nagito and Chiaki will also begin a relationship in the afterlife, completing the triad
>The three of them will live out a bisexual polyamorous lifestyle forever, with nothing left to stand in the way of their happiness

My levels of dumb reach higher levels every moment I breathe.

I want to follow Ouma's instagram account!

That's clearly a disposable camera though.

I guess Mikan counts too, since she's not dead. She's pretending to be.

>not taking photos on a disposable camera, printing them out, arranging them with flowers and taking a picture of them with your iPhone's sepia filter
Do you even instagram

New thread, new Tenko!
Hehehehe... Late but I appreciate it


You can't just print them out you have to develop the negatives and make prints from those

He even fits the classical trope of being troubled and slightly crazy.

Did user seriously just call it quits?

I meant the other tenkogal

Which one is that

i don't get it what happened?

I love my darling husband!
>that Korekyun
/heavy panting

the chicken user or the one who always says "Nice!"?

They posted the wrong image

The one who constantly makes Tenko lewdposts and says they're in heat? That's still me


The cool one who doesn't post anymore because of all the shitty new people

mikan is cute


I hate /v/ can't you keep your board culture to yourself?

This place was still shit even before they came though.

Prove it, how lewd are you?



Write a lewd greettext, go!


>ouma, miu and kaede get in a threesome
>korekiyo is there
>the end

Drinking Korekiyos ass sweat until I die from sodium overdrive

10/10, I fapped

>_______too tired, ask tommorow__________________________________

On phone, can't write one. Here's one I wrote a while ago.


i forgot the fucking > shit

>Hinata-kun, I want you to hold my hand

Junko perfect body

I suck cock for breakfast! without any milk


>everyone is eating a lovely dinner
>except korekiyo who is under the table
>masturbaiting to the beauty of his friends

Go away Skeleton

Indeed, my darling is!
Seeing her smile is a healing oasis for my dry and lonely heart. I only want to see my sweetheart happy and doing her best.

I like the idea of Chiaki being surprisingly assertive to Hajime. It's kinda hot desu

Man, they really made poor ol' Brian hit the Mickey Mouse squeaks hard in this game, eh?

I hope it ties into the plot somehow, he sounded fine in the demo so it's gotta be on purpose...

>oma decides to pants kaito
>oma laughs
>kaito grabs oma turns him around and takes of oma's pants
>proceeds to fuck him
>oma pants like a madman
>drools everywhere
>moans from schock and pleasure
>Kaito cums
>oma agehaos
>kaito laughs, pulls his pants up and walks off.
>oma is glad he pants kaito and smiles

I am bad at writing those kind of things so have a lewd picture instead.

>not giving him a footjob under the table

korekiyo is there

I want kaitofucker-kun to follow me on twitter

Saihara getting sorely needed counseling

To join the twitter cabal you have to perform the Kaito fucking ritual

How many Kaitos do I have to retweet to pass the bar

Koko! I'm curious as to why Gontoshi is so popular. Because they're both the less important boys?

Goodnight user-kunssssss!
Good niiiighhhtt!

Is Braun kawaii?

Hinata-kun my hand
Hold it


>he walks to ouma and makes oma pants him
>he then turns around
>oma fucks him

How do I fix her?
I want her to be happy. I want her to get along with her classmates and manage her feelings. I want her to respect herself and others and avoid risky behavior.
What can I do for her? What can I give her? What does she need?

Good night Percy
You're damn right he's Kawaii


are sweet and tender headpats acceptable as well

I think it's because they liked the large height difference ships, with Hoshi being shortest and Gonta tallest of V3 cast.

Miu getting therapy! Miu learning how to make friends and keep them, and how to act in social situations!
Miu healthier life!

You're living proof that girls like her are doomed.

>Kaede and Shuichi are sitting next to each other on the couch, just enjoying each other's company and the moment
>Kaede decides to get a little frisky and leans in closely, growling into Shuichi's ear suggestively
>He gets the message and wraps an arm around her, stroking her cheek with his other arm gently
>She begins to nibble gently on his earlobe, occasionally stopping to just exhale into his ear canal
>He begins to rub her body all over, making sure to only briefly rush by the erogenous zones to build up the tension
>She purrs a bit and backs off from his ear, before diving down and pressing her lips against his
>Her hands are, at this point, running all over his body as well
>The two tip over onto the couch, Kaede now firmly on top of Shuichi
>She comes up for air and removes her shirt
>She's straddling him at this point, looking down at him and smirking
>She knows she's in control, and she likes it
>She begins to grind on him slowly and sensually, letting loose a low moan every few seconds
>Every time she does, the bulge she's grinding on grows slightly, which only encourages her further
>Though they're still separated by fabric, he's getting into it as well, and he begins thrusting
>She gives him a loving but firm slap across the face and tells him that he's just going to it there and take it
>This is a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one
>As she begins to buck more, she works on removing her skirt, her panties, his pants, and his underwear in between thrusts
>She leans in closely and tells him to feel just how wet she is for him, slowly grazing her lips over his head
>Rantaro walks in
>Shuichi's expression suddenly drops as he realises where this is going
>Rantaro's expression suddenly raises as he realises where this is going
>Kaede slips Shuichi inside of herself while staring firmly at Rantaro, much to the surprise of both
>She tears off her face and Shuichi's
>She is Junko
>He is Strong Bad
>Rantaro is confused and blue-balled

Yes, very acceptable. Welcome aboard. Post some.

nipmikanfag X Poyo

cutest ship!


miu getting into drugs and alcohol after years of domestic abuse

With dick

Poyo is just like Mikan.

Miu sleeping with older men for a taste of affection.

really hot, shame you ruined with a meme