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>"Septem Pickup Summon"
Period : September 21, 2017 4:00 UTC - September 28, 2017 3:59 UTC
5*s Altera, Waver
4*s Nero, Liz, Stheno, Tamamo Cat

>"Main Quest AP Cost 1/2" (who fucking cares LOL)
Period : September 21, 2017 4:00 UTC - September 28, 2017 3:59 UTC

>"Okeanos Release"
Date: September 28th, exact time TBA
Confirmed rate-up servants:
5* Francis Drake
4* Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Facebook Campaign for 20k likes and 5k shares
-10 Saint Quartz


Daily Quests: fate-go.cirnopedia.org/quest_daily_us.php
Drop rates(Click at NA tab): docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_SlTjrVRTgHgfS7sRqx4CeJMqlz687HdSlYqiW-JvQA
Check the schedule and drops before asking in the thread

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Master Mission: Complete Mission objectives each week to gain Saint Quartz fragments
Rate ups in JP FGO: img.fireden.net/vg/image/1504/63/1504639461326.jpg

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Will shishou make a man out of me

You won't roll your waifu

Quick /alter/, post the reroll you kept!

Drake thread


You are my waifu


Grigori Rasputin servant when

>So who did you get as your free 4* servant in JP? Because you play JP right user? Right?

-Want to pick Herk because I like him back from FSN, he is a bro, sekai de ichiban etc, 10.0, sinergy with my Merlin, my other Berseker despite being SSR (mhxa) got 0 survivality

-Want to pick Saber Lancer Alter because FAT TITS, I really like her design, voice, she is a great Lancer but I already own Mama Lancer

-Want to pick Gorgon because I love Medusa as well, THICK FAT TITS, I don't have an Avenger at all, she is a buster avenger so she works better with Merlin i compared with Lobo

I guess the correct choice would be Herk because gameplay right?
I heard Gorgon is not even usable even if she was my only avenger and Lancer Mama is better than Alter.
Help me, who should I pick /alter/?

Just pick whatever you annoying attentionfag FUCK OFF WORST YURU

>Help me, who should I pick /alter/?
You should pick the right thread for starters.


Why Saber?

Deleted from last thread, stop trying you tard



Until her (now returned to existence) soul can be saved!

Whenever he was challenged to a duel he would choose swords because his height gave him a lot of reach.

What does her friendship of the thighs involve?

>Quick /alter/, post the reroll you kept!

I got Merlin off 1 single ticket.
Also Raikou (swimsuit) off 30 quartz some weeks ago.
My luck in JP is amazing but pretty bad on NA.

Gorgon for fat snake tits

I delete it because thread was about to auto sage, I just want useful advice, don't respond if you don't like it, shrugs....

Will wolf nuts be easy to farm in okeanos?never thought I would run out of them after dango hell, but I somehow did.


It means she won't call you her student, but give you lap pillows. Just one step at a time.


Joke's on you, my waifu is a 3-star.
But I need more art of her, please post more Medusa art.
Thank you.

why sis Saber steal Arthurs clothes?

I'll wait as long as it takes

>nearly 200k FP
Hopefully I roll Euryale

Cause Arthur's outfit is better than Arturia's

Ah, back before I had my new phone and the game ran like shit on my old one.
Looking for this made me find a screencaps a bit before where I had gotten Marie from either the tutorial or the 10 after and it made me sad

I say it again, I don't have a waifu.


If you have time to shitpost Tamamo then you surely have time to appear in my role when your banner drop.
You better do it, getting tired of your bullshit, at least Kiyohime don't shitpost.
Now now. Give me all the servants I want (and waifus) or else I making Nero take all Hakunos from you. For ever

yeah even the lily version of Arthur clothes would look better

Wait until Halloween/GUDAGUDA to roll for her. You'll be able to grab some of the event CE's at the same time and you might get her from the free daily rolls.


So I'm curious, how much are you planning on leveling event boosted servants?
Just ascending two for a strong front line with support, all of them incase something happens, only the ones you like, or are you planning on just clutching your support list and ignoring them?

>Sensei in the OP
Look what we have here. A patrician citizen finally decided to put the superior lancer in the OP.

I think the only really notable CEs I got from the first two rolls were Heaven's Feel and Imaginary Around.
I've been leveling all of my Servants a bit during downtime for those delicious free quartz from Interludes, so it shouldn't be too difficult to level them a bit more if I need them.


>ponytail Scat

With what?

I really want Euryale though. This is why I'm holding onto my 4 scales so I can fully ascend her when I get her. I want some new servants to invest in.

I already have my waifu since day one, get fucked tamacuck.

Help with what?


but you already are my waifu!

I already rolled you in JP, and now even have your nendoroid as a catalyst for NA!


>tfw you'll never make Shishou blush by looking like a defenseless shota while sparring with her

It's a tiny part of the areola, yes.

>shishou looks good with long hair
>looks good in a ponytail
>looks good with short hair




I want shishou to breastfeed me!

it's not fair

Even the mods are making fun of us!

Holly fuck, when were you guys born? For those wondering: youtube.com/watch?v=XK7XwLbd-oI

I'm happy for the reference though.

>looks good with short hair

Short hair is inferior.
But sensei does look good still I admit.

I've been working up Gudaguda event servants. Emiya's maxed already.

Honestly with the awful rates in this game it's not worth getting stuck in reroll hell.
Imaginary Element on Tamacat/Seiba + Support Waver is good enough waveclear

>there are anons younger than '90s kids on Veeky Forums

>There are possibly people in this general who have never seen Mulan

I don't want to believe.

In the 70's, you fetus.


I very carefully separate my lewd folders from my non-lewd folders. I don't see what you're talking about.


Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. Eventually got my own Waver during the Kintoki rateup as well as a couple other 5*. No Kaleidoscope or Formalcraft, unfortunately, but I can't complain too much.

You tried, Sader. You tried.

Pretty sure a cheeky areola here or there isn't bannable. As long as the important bits are kept unseen, it should be fine. Also, it's not like anyone here is enough of a weenie to report it, anyways.

>okita and scathach right next to each other

This is far more cruel than one month of no content.

Best scene in the game.

Baiting the replies of all these brothers in arms. I shouldn't have doubted I guess. I watched it when it was released on the theaters as well. Didn't remember that song though.


>Mash was just watching from the outside
Why is that so hot also why does Mash just watch her sempai fuck another girl?

jack every thread until she can be adopted

Just use magic to get both.

I want to make Shishou feel young again.

>A mid 90s movie is somehow a surprisingly old reference
I feel every single of my 28 years right now as though it was 58 instead.

The song has been around internet culture for awhile. Nothing so concrete or official as most things of this nature are.

Begone, witch.

How stressful is rerolling for a 5* in this game? About how long is the tutorial and how many attempts do you get after finishing it?

It's Jack after that, right?

It's more difficult now that you have to go through the whole Fuyuki area to get enough quartz to roll after the tutorial roll, but it shouldn't be too bad. Should be even easier if you can get Memu to work.

Took me 120 rolls to get spooked by the Huns. Don't regret it though.

It wasn't very hard in the beginning but you missed that so it will a hard process

Since when? I rerolled during Dango Hell for an alt account and had enough to roll once right after all the tutorial shit was done.

yeah, Okita, Scathach, then Jack

Just 8 more days to 100 logins.

After the first month, I think? I'm not talking about the very first roll you do with the guaranteed 4* since you can't get a 5* Servant in it.

We're doing fine champs. I was feigning there but it's a pleasant surprise to see you all on a sunday late night of all times.

Sadly, I believe we're mostly the exeption on this general though.

Who else spends all their quartz instantly like a retard?

Assuming you've got her, is there a reason to use any assassin other than jack forever?

Anybody know what's the most efficient way to clear this week's Master Missions aside from doing the green dailies?


>not wanting King Hassan

Who were you even attempting to summon? You're bound to get spooked by most of them eventually.