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My wife is not in Warriors!

Elincia is for the Greil Mercenaries
All of them
At once

Morgan is a cute and pure girl. Do not post anything lewd of her in this thread.


summoning is like real life interactions, everyone gets the whore but me, i hate this

>barracks almost full
>low on orbs
>lot of duplicates.

>Jugdral banner w/ Sigurd
>Radiant Dawn banner w/ Micaiah
>Warriors banner w/ heroes featured in it
>Halloween banner
>Surprise banner
Either way, I'll be stocking up orbs for them


Is there a Nephenee smoll yet? Or is she too embarassed to have one?

good night /feg/

I'm off to have a new and improved sleep


>Just noticed to can see that little darker part where her butthole starts.

Jugdral then Halloween
It'll line up with the leak

That's my wife, user.

Elincia ain't no cheep date, you gotta pay up user.

This is now a Julia thread.
Post Julias.


Was it really that bad /feg/?


Is there a full image of this?

>>Halloween banner
Most likely to conside with Jugdral banner.

You fools thought I was doomed
You thought I needed shitty units like Michalis or Camilla
No, this is how you fly high and overcome all the ridiculous obstacles TT tries to throw at you

You will address me as the King of Fliers

Cutest family

I believe the leak, to Jugdral!

i will pay her with my dick, if you know what I mean...

>people couldnt even shitpost "lol shitzura not in warriors!" for a day before being btfo

>Outshines the original lord
>His mom is his sword
>Part Dragon


She's actually more cute than the 2-D julia. Impressive

Not yours, mine.


Kleine > Eine.

No one cares if Azura is in or not except Azurafags. Fuck off and stop talking about your shit character already.

Mine has a shitty clone!

Al is corrin, but even more of a deviantart oc than corrin in some ways

>have to pay extra for your waifu
>I have the option of not seeing her dumb face by not buying the DLC

show me your cordelia, minerva and corrin please

>calling Michadlis "shitty"
>lol 4girl team xd

Piece of shit.

This is true

Wanting the OP to get deleted

>his dad is fucking Hartmut

Nah, you just got over on some weak ass fliers. Don't make my bow lyns shoot you out of the sky

>Halloween banner first
>then Jugdral mid October
Why do you guys keep thinking they'd have a seasonal banner, which now last an entire month, go past the holiday that it's actually celebrating.

No she's my wife

>All these threads that hit image limit, but no-one's done a story time of Al's Bizarre Adventure: Binding Blade Is (Not) Unbreakable yet
Someone get to it.


I mean, the story wasn't about Roy. And even when they did meet up he fucked off to do his own thing soon after.

Warriors banner. It would be weird if they didn't shill the game when it's releasing right at the end of the current banner.

Regular Ike with neutral speed wants Quick Riposte in his B-slot, right?

Azura got into Warriors, that's a bad thing. It's like being happy there's shit artwork of your waifu or some shit.


Let's play a game.

Buff good units or nerf bad units without directly altering their stats or adding in skills that target them specifically.

Reminds me of when someone story timed digimon brave tamer, Next, and American Adventure comics on /digi/. That was fun.

goodbye, user

Why they insist on making that shit worse with every new entry?

See you in 3 days

Pirating awakening to try lunatic for laughs. what am I in for /feg/

+atk -spd or +def -res lukas? The +atk one is 5*. I want to merge them but both ivs are good

Did they seriously make it worse in the third game? How do you fuck up twice in a row


Oh no! Heather stole Nephenee's helmet!

>No one cares if Azura is in or not except Azurafags
If that was true nobody would have been shitposting that she didn't get in and trying to trigger Azurafags because they **wouldn't give a shit**.

Lucina's a nigger...

Pairing discussions last thread made me think - if Robin/Corrin was not the only 1st gen who could marry and have a child with the 2nd gen - What would be the ultimate eugenics chain that leads to the greatest kid at the end?

Release a ton of good low res red units. Thundercock is better.
Release a support unit that allows cavalry allies to move an extra space.

Frederick Emblem for the first few chapters.

Post cute.

epic meme user, now go back to /pol/


Looks fun desu. I don't understand why people have trouble with the hangman's gambit, it's piss easy with a mouse.

Huh, she looks kinda cute now.

We was Marth and whatnot.


You leave me and my wife alone. Now

Stupid namefag


How's the trial going so far /feg/?

Give it back to her right now Heather! Nephenee has enough confidence problems as it is.

Yeah nobody gives a shit about her that's why nearly every FE community sperged the fuck out when the interview was translated, combined with all the other trash PR and it was the final straw.

I bet if she were still deconfirmed you'd be shitposting "le shitzura not in can someone edit the thotja lyn image to put her in (lol" right now. You're fake as shit, kiddo. Get out of my thread.

>black luna

>tfw I like her more now
Huh, she's a good black

>wrath was all she needed
ISIS, ISIS, why hast thou forsaken my beloved wife?

She can't! Her helmet is a metaphor for something precious!

Wife sheep

Why the cow has a 9 in her face?

That's just the spic

I hope it's not Micaiah. I've been saving zero orbs

But then I never save orbs


and a wo dao, user.

Poor Caeda, Dracoknight Caeda with the wing spear when

Nephneph is a touhou character?

Please stop posting pictures of my wife.

You can have her clone, Rhajat or some other dark mage like Sonya or Ursula.

I'm just doing the 2 bonus battles a day.
4000 points a day means I'll get the Panic Ploy seal before the end.


>Cecilia and FRobin have somewhat similarly shitty stats
>Cecilia has been one of the best investments for any F2P user since SI was a thing, even without a horse team
>FRobin is still a bit of a drag to invest in even with Brave Lyn dominating so hard

How does this hag do it?

Because they keep changing it without directly addressing it's main problem, the very cryptic and specific words required to solve the puzzle. They can easily fix it by giving us a list of possible words that we can use, but they haven't done jack yet.

>Laptop broke
>Have to phonepost
>Nothing is filtered
>See this

What is the spic doing?
Is he reporting everyone?
Our mods are so pathetic, answering minor shit like this when there is cp posted on /utg/ and it lasts hours without being erased

And TharjaSpic aka "i hate México because it is full of criminals" even mexicans hate him, he was already exposed as a autist living from welfare on California, i could even post his address and facebook account info but i wont get on his level, that is what he wants, he is a masochist, he likes to be insulted and bullied, even his serenes forest posts are just him being a contrarian, even if it goes against his real opinions, he likes to get called out, you pathetic piece of shit and go on and report me, our mods dont have anything better to do, even filtering you is not enough sometimes.

This is not even off topic, this is a problem in this general and it is not the first time people complain about a namefag, you fucking retarded mods already know the solution.

Felicia is the cutest! Spending time with my lovely wife is the greatest thing in the world! I care about her more than anything! She could not possibly be more perfect! I love Felicia!

>Dark Mage
>Uses bolting


If it's a seasonal banner, I'll probably spend orbs in hopes of whatever has the most interesting skills. If not, I'll wait for it to be added to the pool since I'm short on orbs from trying(and failing) to roll Elincia.

I didn't even notice this

What's the largest word in the nip version? I feel like it's less of a problem when there isn't 12 blank boxes staring at you.

So is anyone here going to buy Warriors? I've never played a Warriors game so I'm kind of on the fence.

You can make two drastically different builds with those two. I suggest keeping them both and picking between them for different occasions.