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They were the real boys all along...

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first for NA in absolute shambles

Reminder to eat like winners

how have swindlemelonzz been funding this life for the past 4 years of no winnings

I wish I was on the same team as Kyle.
He seems like such an amazingly fun person to hang out with.

Daily reminder that The Dire is the only true aryan white man's team.

feed me dotards


green = settled
orange = played soon
red = to start

>ppd and ccnc

its primarily european so it makes sense

who /gooddazzle/ here?

fucking lmao

Based. I like skinny blondes too

>another month


did valve ever specify how many points majors and minors are worth

piecat is such a qt~

Yes. Minors are 300 majors are 1500

>official casters go to majors minors complaining about wages / conditions.
>meanwhile grant casts from his basement with nothing more than 2l mountain dew and a $2webcam for 10hrs with 4x official streams viewership

grant just might be the realest dude in the dota scene, i bet valve could pay this fuck in dr pepper to solo cast ti and he'd do it.

muricans sure love their sprouts

ppd confirmed racist hommosexual?

>we still haven't gotten an eg vs dire grudge match

i watched it

We're still packed with esports up until like the first week of Oct where we go immediately into the actual tournies after a 5 day break

we need a PPJUST

You praise Grant but it's actions like that which undermine the entire industry and let Valve and major production companies get away with mistreating and underpaying their casters.
Grant is inadvertently bringing the quality of the profession down by willingly casting something to a huge audience for no profit. It hurts everybody but who cares right grant is so based xd

Complexity seem like a really tight team

if a tier 2 team only goes to minors and tier 1 teams stick to majors can a tier 2 potentially qualify for a TI direct invite I wonder

dont feed bristleback

>free market hurts the producers!
>they need regulation to protect them!
this shit is how you get food trucks selling hot dogs for $7. Fuck off commie and let the vraem rise to the top.

hi breaky :)

fuck off LD

thats ccnc

You sound like a Jew. I bet 50 dollars you're actually a jew.

>providing higher quality for less money is lowering standards
hello kike

If LD & co want their viewrs then they need to start finding good casters with good pcs and good internet connections and no shit EDM during breaks to cast their games or the audience will go to those who do. Tobi said as much a couple of days ago during his fuckhuge rant.

James said the same shit in 2014 too.

fuck off kike
give me grand grant 2gd and a 2$ webcam please

Friendly reminder that this year is gonna be /our guy/ Artours redemption year and he is finally gonna hold the Aegis in the end.

You might be the dumbest nigga alive

fuck off
>casting groups dont hire grant, valve blacklists him
>just about everyone likes him, even both reddit AND /d2g/
>people watch grant cast over shitters like trent and zyori
explain to me how this isnt how the free market works?

>It hurts everybody
im in so much pain due to enjoying the superior product from grandgrant
i..i...if only grant had higher production values.............

Friendly reminder you said this last year and the year before that

anybody got a link to the tobi rant?

you can find it on reddit

no spoonfeeding

>well done meat
eating like a muzzie wont make you as good at dota as a muzzie, white boy

honestly, im ok with universe being one of the first two time ti winners
but holy shit sumail would be the most insufferable faggot in existance

based brain damaged turkroach



If those organizations wanted grant viewers then they'd hire grant. They made their choice.

It would be a nightmare to find if you didn't know where to look. Tobi streams a lot of shit for 12 hours a time


It's like 30 minutes of ranting about the dota scene and casting

how did you realize i was a turk?

>liking universe over sumail
what the fuck?

still at -241 upvotes, and not a word of it has been true

my little finger told me

What part of what Tobi said is not true?

i phrased that incorrectly, i meant that everything he said would happen happened
sorry for poor english

>redditor yesmen dont accept tobi's truthpills
wowser my man

Spot the student who's never worked a day in his life

Is Bulldog still screaming "cuck" and "N***a" into the mic or has he calmed down with the white supremacy lately?
Last time I checked his stream was basically an r/the_donald edgelord meme fest. Like a fuckig insufferable 16yo Veeky Forums user.


you're all a bunch of dotards!!!


He probably found out about Veeky Forums recently, give the man some time.

you're the one replying to a reddit post lad


Edgy teens are his market and it's working out better than playing pro dota, he won't change his schtick.

I wonder (((who))) could be behind this post
also grant got a fuckton of donations today and makes 2500/month in passive income from twitch subs.


How is it passive income when he has to sit on stream every day and has been doing it for ages without pay.

I'm surprised it's not pronounced as dough+tard(as in retard). It's pronouced more like dough+turd(not like that's any better lmao)

he doesnt stream every day, and casting is more of a hobby for him because he has a day job

he only casts when he feels like it, plus he works a 40 hour a week job, his streaming is a hobby, not an occupation.

>PPD got btfo by Swindlezz twice with the same draft


grant defense crew

you guys are pathetic

>enemy picks roaming Nightstalker and Venomancer because lol liquid
>they win
You want to know why this shitty game is dying?

Because people are copying the best strategies that the TI champions use?

shut up kim

Because valve wont patch this shit game with these fun ruining heroes in every single goddam match

>if you pick this hero victory is assured
Wow that sure makes this really fun I love entering the hero cheat code to win all my games

Buy a fucking pipe holy shit

well that took longer than i expected

>"wow this hero is bullshit"
>why dont you just pick him yourself
every time

r/dota2 says the game is dying is this true dotards?


>or ban it
>or counterpick it
>or git gud

>woah when i pick the hero thats broken I win woah isn't thats crazy
thats what you sound like you retarded valve cumguzzler

>just pick him yourself brah its the meta brah fuck balancing i love league of legends
You think this is an appropriate way to talk to people? Huh? You piece of fucking subhuman shit, your entire fucking personality isn't worth a side glance when you dare mention me in your online posts with your shitty 1k opinion, degenerate.

>or play single draft
>or random draft
>or captain's mode

i want to fuck cumiko

delete this goddamn post

>Get another bad player in ranked
>losses his shit over undying not being aggresive
>Well maybe i can help win the game supporting the others
>It doesnt work
>We fight until the final

Well at least we didnt got the -25...

you missed the point pretty damn hard animeshitter

and my fist isn't gonna miss you when I get on a ladder to punch you in your stupid goddamn chin

You had Undying, game was lost before it started

Im a shitter, why he is bad?



kumiko is a gay