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No More Lewds, Just Head pats Edition

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D23 2017 Toy Story Trailer:youtu.be/E4y7UK4nqnQ
Excerpt—Hercules Trailer:youtu.be/GNebfmXqHQ4
Less Disney worlds:gematsu.com/2017/07/kingdom-hearts-iii-less-disney-worlds-kingdom-hearts-ii-final-fantasy-vii-remake-along-areasJuly18, 2017
Kingdom Hearts is canon to Toy Story:siliconera.com/2017/07/18/kingdom-hearts-iiis-toy-story-world-takes-place-events-toy-story-2/July18, 2017
IGN asking Nomura fan questions:ign.com/articles/2017/07/18/8-cool-things-we-learned-about-kingdom-hearts-3-at-d23-expoJuly18, 2017
Famitsu Weekly Translation:khinsider.com/news/Famitsu-interviews-Nomura-on-KINGDOM-HEARTS-3-Toy-Story-battle-system-more-9760July19, 2017
Dengeki Interview:khinsider.com/news/Dengeki-Interview-with-Nomura-on-KINGDOM-HEARTS-3-and-Union-Cross-9827July21, 2017

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Previous Thread:

Where the fuck is the tweet?

Could we have just a little lewd at least?

No, stop lewding Disney characters

Kairi's actual canon pantsu

Fifth for boys loving boys

Imagine how it must have been working on this at the office.


Reposting the pic that user was generous enough to draw!

What tweet

Also why haven't the new Foreteller medals been posted yet

>tfw 1 billion lux
I feel like a whore.

It's up
About time

Exactly what do you want to be posted that haven't been posted yet? Both the medal art and their abilities have been posted
And if you're in global you can also feel like a retard for grinding for absolute shit rewards

just buy the ansem boards lmao

I need those speed gems to finish upgrading my keyblade otherwise I usually don't bother.

I already did. I'm just saying it took way to damn long for it to show up.

>still no combination quests


Second post

So I should buy Ansem instead of the Scrooges?

If you need more than 1 MAX skill and want the avatar parts then get the Ansem board. If you just want one MAX skill then save some jewels and do a skills to thrill pull

post more pics anons


For a second I misread that as "post more pics amano".

Now I just want to see what Kingdom Hearts through an Amano filter would look like.

What's amano?

>Amano filter
The manga exists already user

Yoshitaka Amano, who is also the other big artist for SE, who did tons of artwork for Final Fantasy, mostly I-VI, but he also did lots of other pieces for the rest of the series

Ooooh, that Amano. Got it. I thought "filter" as in sepia filter.

Xion wearing orange instead of black is bothering me for some reason.

I hope the pros outweigh the cons for you.

Norts or Soras?

"Filter" as in his artstyle. I always preferred his work to Nomura's because there was always a more fantastical element to it, something a bit more surreal. I would love to see his take on whatever Kingdom Hearts characters, hell even an outright alternate design for them would be great.

I think orange would be a good alternate color scheme for her, orange-red for sunsets.

I don't like that Amano's art style to be 100% honest with you

An Amano KH illustration would probably just look like all of his other illustrations; wispy and ill-defined and every character will look exactly the same



wish the artist were still around to chat and post more lewds

i'm here, friend

i looked a gift horse in the mouth
now it's not showing up for me to use on the gem quest

I'm edging to it, if you don't mind~


This makes Xion happy


oops forgot to spoiler, my bad

damn user
does this mean I should do it for her?


you guys realize there's a thread on /trash/ where men post pictures of anime girls along with text encouraging other men to fap right?
maybe this "discussion" would be better off there?

how can you say you love her if you haven't done it yet

How does anyone find this attractive? This just looks like Terra if he became a disgusting trannie and dyed his hair blue

Why is Xemnas/Aqua so erotic?

if you want me to stop all you had to do was ask

Too fucking lewd my guy

Oh yeah, probably shouldn't bother other anons who want to talk about KH.
want to head over there and post lewds for a bit?

>want to head over there and post lewds for a bit?
nah i'm good

no prob, guess I'll be figuring out the specifics of what's going on in this pic in my head


don't mind me, im posting pulls

Yeah, yeah I hate you too


fuck right off

I'm trying to guess the Keyblade for the Tangled world, I'm thinking it's going to be based on the tower and it's transformation will be a sort of hair whip.

5th, i was only pulling for mercy xion

Pretty much this. I know new iKairi Ex is better, but we've got literal months possibly even until our own anniversary to save for her.

If you're planning on blowing 15k jewels 0.2 Kairi is literally going to improve your account more than any Ex medal currently available.

Too bad there's never be full blown KH doujins. I mean even FF15 barely got any and FF is way bigger in Japan than KH.

But user there's plenty of full blown doujins

Not THOSE kind


That's what happens when you aren't specific with you monkey's paw wish

I mean more like Comiket type ones.

any top 50 parties willing to take pity on a lux grinder who couldn't grind as much lux this week and who's party didn't really pick up slack?

calling it now
it's just blonde hair in the shape of a keyblade

>you guys realize there's a thread on /trash/ where men post pictures of anime girls along with text encouraging other men to fap right?
das gay

or a frying pan

and doing the same thing ITT isn't?
look, i got him to leave, didn't i?

You should post what Union you're from so anyone with vacancies can check, bruh



Thanks I guess

snek union, if anyone's still awake and grinding, though i guess i wouldnt mind changing unions.

>/khg/ once again fails to make top 50

Muku you should just kick everyone who made less than 250mil this week.

last thread people were talking about keyblade armor in khux jp
what were the conditions and will a dirty f2p who ranked 700th in solo lux ranking this week in ursus be able to get them?

Your party had to rank in the Top 100.

As long as you were in a party that managed to end up in the top 100, you get the armor
>TFW grinded the most in my group but hate the Vulpus Colors

Is Disney waiting on KH3 to fully integrate the kh franchise into their theme parks?

last christmas I went to disneyland and 10+ workers told me they dont sell the keychains anymore

Disney has never bothered with KH merch outside of a pin or two.

>giving a shit

I want the crown I don't care if it's an effect we already have.

I thought there was a healthy amount of KH merch. Aren't there loads of plushes, keychains and figures?

yeah and the party doesn't give a shit

>party's in the 170s
i-is it that big of a leap?

>haha I'm supressing my own sexuality to fit into an anonymous group

Quite a few hundred millions of a leap, yeah

guess i should recruit between some active players between now and then (it was mostly me and 2 others who bothered to farm at all, with me doing 90% of the work)
anyone in ursus looking for a party?
preferably someone who spends money in this game

user, I'm pretty sure the armor event is over.

i meant in global
we'll get keyblade armor eventually

Oh, probably. Maybe during our second anniversary

mistake again?

Give it about 15 minutes and see if they change them to mirrors like last time

>bought vip last week
>forgot that you need to complete quests to unlock the brooms
>only had time to do 1 broom quest
fuck you, sena
give me the brooms directly i've im bothering to give you money

>Axel Straight


lol shut up faggot