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This is why everyone respects Justin Wongs and looks the other way with F-Chimp

sfv and mvc:i sucks


Anyone help?

We're not like BB and Kekken cucks who fake hype a garbage grand finals





no tweet = no happening

The graphics look like a mobile game. The U.I is so fucking bland that it hurts my eyes to watch. I really tried watching, but I just can't. But the biggest problem of the fucking game is the ugly as fuck faces of some of the characters just ruin the combo system. MVCi is fucking garbage. When's UMVC3?

oh shit check the sfv twitter page

they just changed the image

looks like im btfo'd capcom is going to release a new character this week :/

Do you want to play a game you like? You seem bummed

>Marvel peaked at 47k
>DBFZ had 60k during the beta
What went wrong my fellow Capbros?


wow another win by the old boys club of marvel

how surprising

what great matches

i hope fchump's hands explode

>Wong was going to go but then he go btfo on twitter.
Wong's no better, he's just baby faced and champ looks like a thug.

Should I play Spidey/Captain America/power stone?

that was a nice marvel tourney but when is monster hunter

Because Justin at his core is just a fat kid who loves John Cena.


Who do you play

What do we do?!

Nah, fuck Wong. He's just as bad as Champ but hides behind the nice guy act, FChamp lets you know he's a dick.

Man, Fchamp took the whole thing almost free.

Winners side and Grand Final were pretty boring, the Losers side is where it's at.Fchamp vs Richard is the best match followed by Fchamp vs Taekua (Losers Final).

F-Chimp now flies home to bury his micro cock inside of Ricki Ortiz

35k of those DBFZ viewers were Lirik. He played the beta for 30 minutes, got bored and went back to PUBG.

DBFZ instantly dropped down to 25k afterwards and 11k of those were max.

MvCI = 47k

DBFZ = 14k

>mfw fggappa was wrong again about mvci
admit it, that shit was hype as fuck.

I'm enjoying all these salty comments about Filipino Champ.

we keep posting that picture until steam online is not death :(

which characters 'ruin the combo system'

Dont worry I am protesting on rkappa as we speak

Max and Lirik didn't re-stream, so there's 50k+ right there.

Fact, capcom can't make surprises sadly

I know people are hating on FChamp because he won this tourney and he had the game longer than everybody, but Isn't it funny that he got sent to losers?

will jive even hit 45k viewers tonight


>fchamp winning

>fchimp does a 24h stream showing pretty much everything he knows and everything he used in the tournament
>WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW he had techs no one knew about
are you people serious

I hope you have a good time with fighting games today /fgg/!!!

>this man isn't defined by his actions but is defined by how I think about him

How literally autistic are you?

I know you millennials love to think your opinions are facts but this is en entirely new level of stupidity

Having the game for 6 months and being able to give Combofiend a handjob is still an advantage

>Reality Stone double Orbs switch spam all over the place
>None of that shit made it into finals.
What's the worse cancer? Thorn Mixup shit or Beam Spam/Reality Stone mixup shit?

Real talk I've been shitting on infinite for a looong ass time and I still stand by most of the reasons

But goddamn that tournament was fucking amazing holy shit

I would but girl is hogging the internet

get ready fags

Why are people mad at FChamp? Yeah he obviously had early access but every rat player would take the early access if they could.

Seems like you should be pissed at Combofiend for giving him the access.


game is pretty boring so what do you expect

Yeah sure, why not

So the advantage is being able to suck combofiend off?
doesn't change anything, that everyone knew exactly what Dormammu was capable of and even stole some of the teams he show cased like ghost rider/nova.

>Lirik gets 30k viewers
>Plays DBZ
>Drops it to platPUBG
>DBZ views drop
>Liriks doesn't
& people yesterday said Max's views don't count for MvCi.

MvCI was hype all weekend, but those last few Fchamp matches were a fucking disgrace.

Ban that stupid fucking faggot from the tournaments. It is EXTREMELY clear he was playtesting the game for Capcom.

He could have the decency not to enter SCR. It's not like he isn't already qualified for the stone tournament.

>space stone won
I wonder how fucking stupid he feels right now. Dumb DBFZ shills don't know anything about marvel.

>beta testers are allowed to ride in and steal money from people who actually had to buy the game lik everyone else

Uhm, capcucks?

>Rick and Morty banner
who cares?

hey go check the sf twitter

>soothing UltraChen to close out the night while I digest my buffalo chicken wings
capcom just keeps winning
how can anyone compete

isnt this a Souls streamer

What is the deal with Arthur's armour shit?
What happens when he has none? Underwear mode.
What is so great about the upgraded armour?

Why expect him to do that? There is money on the line and this is his job. Its like his whole goal to do whatever he has to to win. If the circumstances are unfair then its on Capcom or TOs to regulate it.

>3SO Jazzy NYC

More pissed that its 2017 and theres no way to ban testers yet. Like if a copy from mom and pops tore slips through, thats understandably hard to guage, but fucking everyone knew Chanmp and Wong and a couple others have been playing the game since June non stop behind the scenes.

I dont blame Fchamp for entering because its actually really retarded not to given the advantage, I blame TOs for allowing it.

justin didn't enter

>champ made legitimate adjustments during the match to counter sack's adjustments
>wahhhhhh fuck fchimp

low iq diaper central over here

>jive up next
>half the viewers leave
fucking kek, dead game

>Excited to play team megamans before release
>X sucks and they made holding buster even more vital for zero and much harder to do on pad

god damn it the mvci tourney was hype now we get this shit?

Lirik was streaming DBFZ, he could stream himself taking a nap and it would have 30~40k people watching and donating thousands of dollars.

Who the fuck is Lirik and what is PUBG? I doubt he got bored. His viewers probably hounded him to play PUBG again.


Its ok we get to see how high level mvci looks like.
I hope this helps everyone level up faster

Is Ryu viable for someone who just got to Silver?

top 32 was even better though, fhump was too good today


could at least photoshop a screen cap you shitposter

X does not suck

Wonder how long it'll take for people to catch up with testers.

>not liking UltraChen

kys millennial

>implying Marvel got 60K

because there are people that still haven't read "playing to win", be mad at the game not the player

Speaking of F-Champ, where's his gay lover Ricki Ortiz been?

>allowing an early access faggot who had months of training enter a week 1 tourney

>fchamp singlehandedly suck out all the hype so when the other player won at least 1 set the crowd cheers

>deliberately sandbagged

>surprised that he won the tourney

Remember this is the future you faggots chose and you all dig this grave, at least lay in it.

I actually had hope for this game because I was genuinely hyped for hagger/nemesis but that grand finals just showed the sad future of this game.

What a fucking disaster and the worst part? The crowd was so dead when champ kept on winning.

Champ winning isn't the problem, the problem is it all comes down to one touch kill bullshit that counters counter tag so all the creativity goes into one player mode. With only 2 characters there's almost no comeback chances when one goes down

well fchamp did get sent to losers
james chen is the second worst commentator

Wow those transitions in the jive opening were pretty sick and creative.

then he fucked up and willingly gave up cash for no reason

I'm with Fchamp but defending is low iq. He got a chance to learn the game and how to defend and react against different setups before everyone learned the basic tag combos.

yeah I was just waiting for champ to punish that time stone spam
mfw jab jab jab jab jab

Ryu is always viable in online ranked, he just isn't in competitive.

disappeared after chun got nerfed and he got exposed

He's a smite player tho and plays better MVCI than RIP and Aris who plays fighting games for almost all their life.

please do not pin dmbrandon on dbzf, we don't want to be associated with him

0/10 you're just butthurt

god im so sick of rashid

>With only 2 characters there's almost no comeback chances when one goes down
that what soul stone is for

and good, you shouldnt suddenly get some sort of advantage because you are losing

what the fuck is wrong with her face

dormmamu is like the one character that can actually use space well and doesn't care about reality because he already vomits shit all over the screen anyway and can use reality to pull you into them before teleporting/airdashing in 50 different directions for a crossup