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Guffy V4S


Your image disgraces us all




castles don't think

Why is he still in the same fc as Neko and not

The real cringe is no V4S clear on week 10.
Look, it's before you had a meltdown and burnt bridges.
Blank posting is a symptom of mental illness.

who here tired despite doing nothing all day

How long has Cosmo been cosplaying?

you're probably tired because you didn't do anything all day, honestly



I want to be kissed by an elezen elegantly but also really messily...

I actually accomplished a lot in game

i want to die...

should've kissed haurchefant before he expired then, you missed your chance

I did a whole crap ton of stuff irl today and in-game, and I'm super wired and filled with energy! I'm so sad that tomorrow is monday!

>see my female roe in a cutscene
>melt at her gorgeousness every time

Watch yourselves boys, the uptick in deleted posts is not mere happenstance. A thread regular has become a janitor and is targeting known posters via partial IPs and using multiple devices to report.

this is an super cute cat

I can't believe Liora is fucking dead

Please stop violating them with your eyes

thanks and have a day

:( I miss Liora

What's the best class for a lazy person?

I actually assumed this was the case, the deletions are suspiciously targeted towards posts bad mouthing certain someone's, but blatantly ignore things like straight up porn sometimes.

Haurchefant is a MAN

main tank PLD

should I play halo reach or gears of war 3 campaign

Don't do stupid shit that's against the rules and then bitch about it when your posts get deleted. I report most everything that's against the rules when I see it, but a lot of the time, that means I reach report cap and have to wait six hours or so for it to refresh. Stop being a human stain.

Thanks for the pat, Erin!

dont assume things

either abe, elk, flat or seto

I miss that feeling...

oh no are you dead

its me im the janny

Tank PLD
Healer WHM

Of those three, PLD is the absolute laziest.

Don't trust this c@, he called me cute too when it's obviously not true

buying bf

I want this janny to delete my posts =w=

can you please clean up all the gross penis talk if it happens again


reddit says the sale ends in like 20 min
just an fyi


this is the cutest cat ive ever ever seen!

what server is this cute cat on

alright, fuck you I laughed.

red mage, but I dont understand why would you want to play a MMO if you dont want to play video games

LOL this is epp tier good posting!

I think the only thing I regret not getting is Sleipnir

shut up flatrick that cat is ugly as sin

Ends on the 25th

Gilgamesh :(

God I hate you avatarfags

we hate you too

No, it's fine, user, i just sleep with my eyes open

No you dont

Most fun melee job?


not dragoon

>Friend asks to do x or y
>Agree excitedly thinking I'd finally be able to do something other than play video games alone
>"Oh. I didn't mean now. I'm doing something else"
>Ask them another time
>Still busy
>All 2 of my friends do this


I hate when people ask to do something later. Why don't you ask when you DO need it.

lol same

even better they do those exact things but with other people then just go to bed after

That's actually pretty sad dude.

Expend your energy on things that actually matter.

who are you, you dont have permission to call me flatrick. also greycats are cute

meet me in the triple triad battlehall later tonight, i ll post later as im playing siege right now


Will people make fun of me if I'm a samurai

I will

This. I've learned my lesson waiting for them only for them to log out.

I am. Just because I try to tidy up after autists having another meltdown whenever I'm around doesn't mean I dedicate all my time to it.

Would it be gentle ribbing or mean-spirited bullying

It feels like they're asking pre-emptively so they could spring it on me when they have nothing better to do or nobody better to hang out with. Oh well. At least video games are fun.

depends if you are cute or not

the seeker is ugly, not the gray cat

I'll make fun of you regardless of what you are, so play whatever.

You're their back up date

I would explain, but it take too much effort.

Spending any amount of time reporting Veeky Forums posts is a fucking waste.

At level 45, and all msq cleared up to Moogle town in HW, what's the fastest way to level up DRK? POTD? Quests/leves? Highest level dungeon runs?

So is posting on Veeky Forums desu.

Dungeons for sure since you're a tank and you basically get instant queues. POTD is better for DPS jobs since dungeon queue times for them can be pretty long. Don't forget to do your roulettes every day as well.


Also a question. Has there been any preview or concepts of the armor thats dropping from the new dungeon. How it looks might be what determines how much i play 4.1.

>Highest level dungeon runs?
You got it. PotD when you get bored of dungeons is fine too. At least until you hit 60 then just dungeons.

i'm going to do THIS to an elezen

Sometimes when I relog the weather is different (day to night even), could it be there's a way to directly change it at will? I prefer it when it's shortly before sunset time.


What are some underrated WHM hands and feet pieces for glamour? Looking for ones that go well with a plethora of sets.

lol no. It's the same for everyone. Probably on every server.

That is heckin lewd.

Do not


How do I get the maid outfit?

Is this still an enjoyable game if I skip the story, or is it a pretty big part of the enjoyment of the game? I just don't really care about story in an MMO


Is the weebclass any hard? i have always liked using long weapons but somehow haven't given a good try to SAM

>was asked by someone to EB with them
>by the time I got the game, she EB'd with someone else

it hurts

Are you sure? in Upper La Noscea is storming right now.

>tfw drained 1(one) meowboi today