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Buggy wants you to stop shitposting edition


>Quick Links
Friend Codes:
Drops & XP:
PLVL & Stam:

2x Super success live on Global

Lucy sugo coing to JPN

Adventure mode on JPN SOON

Global repeating fortnights:
>Sept 26: Olivia, Okama, Young Buggy
>Oct 3: Franky, Camie, Heart Pirates
>Oct 10: Domino, CP9, Lucci
>Oct 17: Leo, Absalom, Kalifa
>Oct 24: World Pirates, Wapol, Perona

Next Global fortnight next week: Sentomaru (BB books)

JP Next Event 9/24-10/9
>Merry Go will work like Anniversary Sunny Go. Specials are ready at the start of adventure and 1.5x attack. 9/24-10/10
>Log in gift Koala 9/24-10/23 (SELL FOR FREE 17k RAY POINTS)
>Special Revolutionary themed Chopper Man Quests 9/24-10/10
>Free Rare Recruit pull 9/24-9/28
>Sanji Feast Lobster Island/Le Crap 9/24-9/27
>Coliseum Lucy 9/27~
>Special Island that drops Almighty Manuals that you can run 5 times per day 9/29-9/30 and 10/02-10/3
>Raid Vinsmoke Sanji 10/01-10/02 and 10/08-10/09
>3 Year Anniversary Luffy Socket Island 10/04-10/07
>2x EXP on Extra/Special Island 9/24-10/10
>2x Skill up 9/25-9/27 and 10/06-10/08
>Clash of Clashes 9/25-10/11

Next Global event:
>Clash of clashes with YWB
>Double drop for evolvers
>Cola isle

Next Global colo: Suleiman, Ganfor, World and XDrake

Next Global sugo: God Usopp, guaranteed legend after 3rd multi

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First for Storm Pirates

Second for Mabel

>Sept. 27 (19:00) - Sept. 29 (18:59) PST
>For 48 hours only!
>Usoland arrives as an all-new Sugo-Fest Exclusive character! The Straw Hats' reliable allies from the Sabaody Archipelago join the fray, too!
>During this special Sugo-Fest, you'll have a rare chance of Recruiting Usoland's Super Evolution: Captain Usopp - The Great Adventure of Usopp the Man, Ch. 2 (6+)!
>And that's not all! For this Sugo-Fest, 10+1 Rare Recruit contents get a Step-Up perk - gaining new levels of awesomeness the more you pull!
>2nd pull: Last Wanted Poster is guaranteed to be a new character!
>3rd and 6th pulls: Last Wanted Poster is guaranteed to be a Sugo-Fest-Exclusive!
>9th pull: Last Wanted Poster is guaranteed to be a Sugo-Fest-Exclusive, and the Sugo-Fest Exclusive Usopp is greatly Rate-Boosted!

late response, but

Stage 1-2 delay until everything is ready, get matching orbs if you can
Stage 3
Delay with GPU, skip a turn, use Doffy and hit Magellan, but land the last hit on the PSY guy. Use INThawk to clear
Use 1 Shiryu special
Use Doffy, hit Momonga, but land the kast hit on the PSY guy. Use INThawk to clear

Stage 4: Use 1 Shiryu special to kill Moria, . After Moria goes allahu akbar, autoattack him down, delay with GPU if necessary.

Stage 5: Either kill Kanjuro with Shiryu, or just autoattack him down because you have 80k+ hp, Marco, and Kanjuro hits like a wet sponge

I'm out of the loop, what is reddit crying over exactly?

tl:dr Bandai is intentionally fucking with the global sugo rates

So does every sugo from now on get this?

Probably not. Though after the reddit shitstorm, it might return often.

>these fucking socket choices
>kanjuro gets bound, you're fucked

why did you socket him like that dude

>only 10 gems left
Should i just save for the inevitable anni sugo?

Because he is a pure utility unit. All other main units who will be in the team all the time already have bind and despair covered.

I agree with you. I've only had the balls to socket one unit like that and it was legend boa+ because I feel the exact same way about her for my ts luffy teams. I'll admit once I got the yellow skull for sabo and colo kinemon came out I pretty much just stopped using her all together which feels pretty bad, man.

Almost halfway there

I still have my Boa+ unsocketed. I don't have a good free spirit team so I can't bring myself to socket her with tomes. Maybe I'll socket her when Raid Boa has a good ambush.

yeah, don't waste tomes on her. i farmed the raid to socket her out.

>get despaired
>lose all your health
>but at least you can remove it with kanjuro :)

I Swear I'm not trying to stir the pot.
Can anyone give me a brief account of the "rates" nonsense?
Just the facts. (so far all ive gathered is people are up in a fuss)

i understand why people are mad, but where did this guy get these numbers from? i mean, i'm hyped people are finally get mad at the way bandai runs global - hopefully they follow through and things get more enjoyable (rates, skill ups, events, seriously where the fuck is kimono jimbei?)

From what I understand a super turbo whale from reddit did a massive amount of sugo pulls, enough to get a really accurate number from all the rates and they are not as advertised by bamco.

silvers are way more common than golds like they should be

and new legends are harder to get than old ones

literally shit that makes sense. it's the "shillary rigged the primary vs communist bernfag" all over again.

there's always that one cuck.

do islands like le crap and the lobster island reset at 12:00 AM in japan?

How did your skillups go jpbros? I got fucked with every other unit but at least Boa is done now

Thats all i really needed thanks
would be nice but ya know.... they dont really "Have to" so they may never

Went all in on last sugo, TS sanji rated up in the very next one. Well thats unlucky, oh well.

>19:00 to 00:59
That's a weighty maintenance. Plenty of time for me to remember I'm a loser without a job

Finally! Not going to go all in on this one, since I took the bait on last sugo. Jokes on them, I still got Shirahoshi and Carrot.

Waiting for Legend Sanji and if it's guaranteed legend ship, would go all in and probably whale for the first time.

I know that feel, brother

>Forgot about the maintenance
>Can't do lecrap restaurant
Fuck this gay game

>guaranteed legend
>not waiting for guaranteed G4

In its defense, they warned you when they put up the notice like 3 or 4 days ago

I actually feel bad spending more time playing this game than doing the job I'm paid to do.

What team do you want him for?
what do you do that means you have that much spare time at work? The jobs I have worked before didn't really give me much time to dick around with that sort of thing.

>free pull
well at least I'm not getting fucked like global players

I hit cat and law this sugo. Just waiting for a big tiddie mermaid rate up at this point. I mean, I guess if she does get rated up it'll probably be a lie LOOOOL amirite???

They let me work from home. As long as I perform and meet my deliverables everything is all good for them.

Akainu could use him instead of kuma+alvida in some colos or just in addition to kuma for 2 turns of burst. We don't have books yet for him yet I don't think so I'm not massively disappointed but its still kinda annoying.

He's also used on the eventual G4, great fighter sub.

>We don't have books yet for him yet
Yeah I have him but at the moment his CD is a bit annoying to try and work with.

>wake up
>no Pudding

Predy good

>global gets guaranteed legend
well it finally happened
now let's hope it's not a one off thing and it happens relatively often

also green skull soon?

Don't worry, bruh. He's literally in the fortnight after this one, whitebeard pirates part 3 along with blue ts chopper and haruta sockets. I know we've been on a wild ride as of late with global but at least they've sped up the fortnight process. Then after this we get akainu books, for all those that pull(ed) him and haven't maxed that cd yet.

Not considering the new legend Lucy, who is the current king of optc given his fully maxed dream team? TSLuffy, G4, Neko or Akainu? Consider limit breaks as well.

>got 2 new legends off the neko sugo from about 15 pulls
>but haven't pulled a rated up unit other than qck law for at least 6 months now

I don't feel like I have any right to be upset about the global cuckery since it's mostly been good to me, but I'm still refusing to drop anything til the anni at this point. It's gonna be a long 6 months.

Pretty good.
Managed to max this guy with the 45 copies you need for the missions.

>the fortnight after this one
>along with blue ts chopper
Nice, want his books too. Although his CD is already quite low to begin with. 12 turns.

G4 to be honest

I'm pretty sure I have the fully maxed ts luffy dream team (on global, not sure what i'm even missing) and i'm really enjoying Neko at the moment. Got him and the new law and i'm really fucking enjoying it. I just don't think I can run forests from lack of shiro. Buuuut with your question i'd say they're all still pretty even. Neko, ts luffy, and Akainu. I still feel G4 is worse then ts luffy, so...

Bamco right now

When do you guys think global's gonna get those battle royal events with the rankings for legend pulls? I mean, I just really want to farm log kid books, hope they don't shaft us with that shit.

good question, but who knows... we're still waiting for the 20th anni events, which I suppose they're holding back so they can have 2 big sugos in a row with the 20 anni strawhats

I love this meme

>legend on the 3rd multi

doesnt matter, i got spat in the face last sugo, it aint worth pulling


I'm hoping the guy that posted the rates last time posts rates this time as well so we can all get angry a bit more about how the guaranteed red is always Boa or Corazon

Thanks that image was the inspiration

>globalplayers cucked so hard that gauranteed legend isn't worth it

6 v1 starwhats will do that to people in one multi

>guaranteed red on third comes to global
>averaging at least one red per 3 multis anyway
Lucklets BTFO

we're just jaded at this point

>BUILT on the shirt

it actually says rabbit

Oh damn, I wanted to save the original.

>people will not pull because they got fucked last sugo
>Bamco will think that guaranteed legend is not worth because people didn't pull

you say that like Bamco isn't stupid
pretty sure they read reddit as well

I'd pull again if it wasn't usopp. My shooter roster is fucking trash and he can't save it. Would rather save for a guaranteed legend where the boosted ones are something I give a shit about.

1. Akainu (rainbow captain, very consistent with no drawbacks)
2. Neko (faster than akainu with at clearing but can't clear certain dungeons that block orbs)
3. TS luffy (best burst in the game, but lower multiplier leaves him trailing in terms of speed, also slightly lackluster for some of the new colos)

G4 is worse than TS luffy because he becomes unusable after burst, and his subs are not quite up to par compared to Bluffy

I meant is stupid*

>300 and counting gems
>been waiting for a gauranteed legend sugo
I think I'll wait for the next one.

I would pull if I had the 150 gems.

same here friend
I'm waiting for G4 sugo, if we don't get him guaranteed after 6 multis, then I'll just start dropping 3 multipulls every time there's guaranteed legend I guess

I'll do my traditional 1 pull at least. Been having a lot of luck with that recently, probably my luck has run out.

>Guys, they hate our Sugos, what do we do?

did you not see the "people who pull often have worse rates"?
I'm not sure if that applies to single pulling or only big pullers, but I don't understand why you'd risk it

Even if I had 500 gems I would probably skip this one. I mean, it's only Usopp.

bamco is keeping tabs on people who pull every sugo and making their rates worse

what do u think the "SUGO SOON" island is for

That isn't a fact, theres just a variable that exists that can be used either positively, negatively or not at all. It could be bad luck prevention, it could be something they're implementing later and is set to neutral, it could be spaghetti code. There is 0 definitive proof they're actually fucking with consistent puller's rates.

if you take the reddit post with rates as actual evidence and believe all the percentages there, then you also have to believe the fact that pulling more makes your rates worse
it was mentioned in the same post
either the whole post is true or none of it

How often is "often"? I've been pulling on every sugo with either single pull or multi and I got hood pulls.
About last 5 sugo got me 3 new legends.

Yes in that post he says what I said. He said theres a variable, but nothing he could do with it seemed to affect anything. He's just saying it exists but has no idea what the fuck its for.

I meant good pulls.

we don't know, that's the point
as long as there's a chance that single pulling will make my rates worse, even by a tiny bit, I'm not doing it

you should do whatever you feel like though

>T.non G4 owner

I own both and G4 is just better and will keep getting better while tsl is doom to be powercreeped. The reason is mainly his shit special that basically do nothing except enabling burst. That's two spot wasted on your team while G4 is your orb manipulator AND damage reducer AND health cut (720k damage is basically a 20% hp cut for most boss).

>B-but the 7 turn bind/despair
This meme needs to stop, it's not a fucking issue. First you rarely experience it. Now take TS luffy, use your burst early, now what do you do? You stall 7 fucking turn anyway for your special to get back because you're not gonna kill shit with a 2.5 boost.
And if it's really an issue you just bring story robin+, you can afford it since you have two more free spot than a TS Luffy team.

There's a reason why G4 was the only lead that could beat the Zoro island outside of the 20th anniversary team build for it.

how much time until maintenance is over
i cant into timezone

1 hour


Was maintenance always ment to be this long? I don't exactly remember but I thought it would end at 23 or 0?

Well, I'm going to do a single pull and of course I'll post my pull. I'll name it REE1, so you'll know which one is me. Wish me luck.

It's going as planned. It was said to be until 00:59. I got confused too at first since shit usually ends right at midnight, but this time it's midnight plus an additional hour

Is Legend Usopp used at all?

TS luffy bet the 20th anniversary island too

Yeah, as a sub

Personally, Neko. TSL is a close second, but Neko has 2 times the HP and a 3.75x during regular turns as opposed to Luffy 2.5x, with the little downside of avoiding TND orbs (the bike takes care of meats). Luffy provides a longer burst, but he counts less orb types as matching so you will need a manipulator, and he actually needs BOTH specials active to get the 16x multiplier. And his beneficial special doesn't stack with shanks. And Neko has Law, which will get a limit break that heals you for 1200HP for each perfect in addition to autoheal. And his orb boost is higher than shanks. And kanjuros boost is higher than boa. And strikers have shirahoshi.
Neko is the king.

eeehh... I mean he's nice and all but

pretty sure TS Lufy cleared that shit too

besides, ts Luffy is much more useful for forests

I'm pretty sure it didn't, I've only seen full 20th anni strawhats, Vinsanji and G4 clearing it
feel free to prove me wrong with a video

You can get the update in the store now. Can't go in until 40 minutes has passed though.