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We does a good draws

>What is Dead by Daylight?
Asymmetrical multiplayer slasher game where 4 survivors scramble to fix 5 generators, while 1 killer wants to sacrifice all of them.

>What is Friday the 13th?
A slasher game featuring Jason and counselors. 7 counselors with different stats and abilities try to escape the camp while Jason kills them one by one.

>What is Last Year?
Beta coming this October, Class based with weaker killers.

>Discord Chat

>Steam Group

>Latest Patch Notes (DbD)

>Skill Check Simulator (DbD)

I-is that a dead thread?!:

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First for DbD sucks ass

post yfw gettting camped

that pizza billy fucking kills me

>camping hag
how do we stop her /assg/?



>4 man swf squad
>the 3 i don't hook hold the game hostage after the doors open because i don't have a bunch of fuck you survivor perks on my trapper

how much until BP event?

female gamers are ruining this genre.
Ive never played with a good girl gamer in dbd

Go back to bed little boi

post streamer tears

fucking rip got the wrong time

I have

is that a girl or a boy?

why don't they sell more killer skins?

dont lie whitenight

>haven't played in quite some time
>pick up the leatherface dlc since I think he looks fun
>get the alternate swamp map
>all these reeds
>all these pallets
>all this lack of sight

Never before have I had the urge to pull the plug on a game so much, couldn't do shit all game.

Until the end where a gate was right next to the basement and Bubba got to have a fun basement party

wrait was NOT made for _____ ?

>only three survivors load in for some reason
>first actual match as huntress so I'm whiffing axes left and right
>first person struggles themselves to death on the hook
>cat and mouse the other two, one of which is my obsession
>get them both in one go when obsession rescues meg from basement hook while both are injured
>hook meg, she starts getting sacrificed
>pick up obsession to hook them while meg is still being sacrificed
>get decisive striked

I thought DS wouldn't fire off once they were the last survivor? Either way how 2 aim gud w/ huntress i like her humming

Trapper's default outfit is called "Rubber and Hooks".

is he wearing fetishy rubber waders?

What did the PS4 patch yesterday do?

>get telegrabbed start of match, bad luck, no knives
>Jason talks mad shit about how good he is and how bad I am
>get resummoned as Tommy
>loot a few houses
>bully the absolute fuck out of Jason with knockdowns, traps, window looping and calling the police
>7/8 escape


Seemed like the framerate got a little better. They also added in the new swamp level. Pallets quit floating too.

winning games

>join game
>start doing gen
>hax: ruin - ACTIVATED
yeah, fuck this

>not being able to deal with ruin


>be jake
>literally all day i have either spawned within 3 feet of the killer or the killer teleports to me within 4 seconds
>start working on generator
>don't have spine chill but i can just TELL that some faggotry is afoot
>pan camera to reveal michael myers just standing there and staring at me like a goober
>press 2
>run to pallet
>literally stand in place for 30 seconds and spam 2 as he swivels from one edge to another anticipating me jumping across
>he finally hits me and i run to yet another one, where i stall him for another 30 seconds
>downs me, hooks me
>in this time they've completed 3 (three) generators
>he ragequits a few seconds after walking away from me

how fun


>how do we stop her /assg/?
Crouch to avoid her traps?

Multiple times they chose to repair a generator next to a hook, and they just HAD to get unhooks instead of waiting. Unhooking someone at 99% health is the same as unhooking them at 51%.

They should have started doing gens instead of prioritizing saves as soon as they saw the killer was going back to hooks after one action.

Remember to protect your Dwight from Killerbulls and sandbagging Claudettes!

Urban evasion and flashlights

You ignore unhooks unless you have a flashlight, and if you MUST, then you better have Urban Evasion because more likely than not she'll be close enough to sneeze on you after you unhook ANYWAY because that's how people play this game.

My favorite part is when the injured Meg without ironwill and clearly in audible range got upset when they were found. Also the complaints about my perks
>says Whispers is a cannibal perk
>thinks BBQ&C is broken
>thinks whispers tells the killer where they are within 32m thus when paired with BBQ "you can't do anything"
just pure w e w

>Decisive Strike is still in the game

>mfw I slowly crouch towards a hooked survivor and a meg just comes running in at maximum warp

Its just a stall though. I mean if you're stupid enough to get caught then its gonna happen again in about 10 seconds.

>tuxedo Ace with mustache
>killer is a russian playing nurse with 700+ hours, Ruin, ToTH, whispers and nurses calling
>spend the first five minutes looking for a glowing totem
>find one and cleanse while nurse is chasing a teammate
>teammate is IMMEDIATELY downed and bitch charges for me
>bite the bullet and stick it out to finish the cleanse, thankfully it was the Ruin totem.
>juke the nurse for a good 3-4 minutes, 3 other teammates are doing jack shit until I'm finally downed
>bitch facecamps me and starts hitting me with her saw, meanwhile two gens pop
>she stops hitting me, and moves to where the jennies are popping
>just as she turns away a jake runs in front of her to fucking unhook me
>get downed the second I'm off the hook and she puts me right back up
>bitch backs off and stands there starting as jake does the SAME FUCKING THING again
>killer goes "gg ez" before instantly DCing at the end of match.

More salty at the jake than the nurse desu. Dude had 200 hours - what the fuck were you thinking

At least your teammates were doing work while you were wasting his time. The worst is when a few minutes go by that you stall out and jack shit gets done.

>>tuxedo Ace with mustache
>>killer goes "gg ez" before instantly DCing at the end of match.
If you were the first to die then why did you stay till the end of the game????

Unless they use it at the end of the game or near the hatch. It's a free escape.

>stupid enough to get caught
Did you know that even bad killers can catch you now? It's called bloodlust.

What I hate about survivor perks is how much of a fucking crutch they are. There are so many that are basically Get out of jail free cards, and just automatically negate damage or let them escape for free. Whereas killer perks are all just small buffs to make your job slightly easier.

Well in all honesty BBQ&C is bretty gud, especially on killers like Nurse/Hillbilly. I kinda expect it's range to maybe get nerfed in the future. That said it sure as hell isn't "Broken".

When I was hooked the other two (besides the Jake) were starting to make good progress and I was hoping they would make it out.

They didn't.

>"It's called bloodlust"
>Getting found at all???
You do realize you can hide from killers, right?

Riiiight, so you didn't just waste 10-15m of your life to talk shit at the end. We believe you, user.

Ruin and NOED are pretty much crutch tier for killers. Always paired with Thrill of the Hunt. Sure, shit will get wiped eventually, but it stalls out the early game for several minutes if not dealt with, and time is the most important resource for the killer.

Totems for survivor perks WHEN

>he had all of the bull perks


You do realize there exist tracking perks right.

>Hes still making excuses for getting found
Stop, just stop.

Plenty of killer perks are crutches too. Why do you need totems? Why do you need Whispers, why can't you find us without a reliable audio cue or aura reading? SHIT TIER KILLER

Except they're both Hex's, which further proves my point. Hex's are fucking useless because they just get broken immediately.

>has a flashlight and streetwise
>doesn't use it on the trap

Just fuck off.

Is it just me or can you not grab full health survivors?

I've been trying to bait survivors into vaulting right behind me so I can grab them for a hassle free hook, but it seems to only do an M1 instead of a grab when I tap my mouse as they're vaulting.

>"lol I am so stealthy guys killer will never find me!"
*blocks your path*

Not a crutch
>Aura reading perks
The difference between these perks and say DS is that DS rewards you for fucking up. You got downed, you should get hooked unless of survivor intervention, but instead you complete a skill check and you run away. The better comparison would be NOED, which can be countered before it ever goes into effect

Most dangerous on killers like Nurse/Hillbilly that can cover ground quickly, and it lasts what, 4 seconds? Just count down after the hook and when it hits four seconds move off the generator or away from wherever you are. If the killer makes a beeline for your location you can assume they have it, otherwise carry on as normal.

you can only grab survivors mid vault if they are injured yes.


grabs only work on healthy survivors if they're on gens, on totems, in lockers, and jumping into a hatch

>4 seconds
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Billy chainsaw sprinting moves at like 10 m/s. What rank 20 killers are you going against in which you are able to hide from them within 2-3 seconds of their arrival.

once you realize they most likely have it, you need to get close to them when they hook people, then you can go fuck off somewhere and do some actual work. It's a pain in the ass but there's not much else you can do...

I enjoy me some long range hatchets with it.

Dead game. Good art.

4 seconds from the hooking. Will take minimum 1-1.5 for them to look and find you and then at least half a second to rev up. Best case scenario he's moved 20 meters to you by the time it wears off and you should start moving. Even if its a best case scenario for the killer and you are at the closest distance of 40 meters, you still have a good 2-3 seconds head start BEFORE he fucking arrives. And this is the most extreme scenario assuming you are as close to him as possible for BBQ&Chili to work. In most cases you'll be a good 60+ meters away and he wont lock on and finish revving until BBQ and chili has stopped, meaning you've got a solid 6-7 seconds or so to work with.

I had a huntress nail a super long range hatchet on me as I was powering on the door. Wasn't even mad I didn't make it, was impressed as fuck.

It's taking a lot of practice to get good at these damn throws...that damn 24m down achievement...

>tfw they're too close to a hook to even have a chance to use DS

>2-3 second head start
>6-7 seconds or so to work with
So you'll be 4-6 meters away from your original at worst, and at best 12-14 meters. That is not far at all.

>Every OG killer p3 w all perks
>Rest are lvl 50

Who do I go for next? Im pretty good and can make all of them work. Which killer makes your toes tingle when you see em full bloody

myers without his prestige knife looks good
same for doctor
leatherface's bloody apron is nice

>Say borrowed time needs a nerf
>"lol git gud"
(gets nerfed)
>Say vault time should be decreased
>"ur just bad"
(vault time decreases)
>Say they should remove the dim vision from lightborn
>"Then it would be broken!"
(gets removed)

Playing as the killer is satisfying to no end. Now all they need to do is fix hex perks

oh, the perk that let's you tbag without actually being present

>two survivors with 1 gen to go
>start working on a trapped gen
>Feng Min sprints in activating 2 traps

Just got The Doctor, been doing alright with him.

Anyone got some tips on how to get good with him?

>2 guys close to each other, both hooked
>Obviously stay in the vicinity but not right on them
>One gets unhooked anyway since I wasn't camping
>Get them again
>They die
>That camp tho

amazing claudette plays

>black shirt
fucking pottery

>land shocks
>deny windows/pallets

that's it really. his kit is pretty straightforward.

Why is the Doctor such an OP piece of shit?

I absolutely despise playing against him

I don't think he's OP. But paired with m&a/distressing and unnerving presence he's beyond disgusting.

M&a is overrated on him, half the time its hindering you

Has a game ever been completely fucked up beyond recognition through patching more than F13? Every time they "fix" the game they make a million times worse

how do you rank up fast

Steam Achievement Manager

that's not exactly the question

Adam protec

>Sits on the opposite side of the gen so that you're nearly invisible to the killer
>Run toward the hooked survivor because I run empathy, wait a few seconds, then goes back to doing gens
There is a counter, or twelve, to every killer perk. You just have to use that noggin' of yours and figure them out!

>Hook someone
>It's a big map
>0 auras
>Sigh as I walk around the hook ready to blink

>Playing as the killer is satisfying to no end.
(gets banned for tunneling/harassing/lagswitching a streamer)

How is Doctor OP?

Who do I go for

What the hell happened?
No more unhooks?

Leatherface's prestige looks good.

Having an abortion killer is really fucking cool

Save it for the new killer!

new killer when?

Around Halloween most probably.