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The thread is dedicated to all games about building machines and systems out of blocks, in space or otherwise. Also, all these games are ded. Only ded games may join, otherwise they must have their own thread.
Whether or not a game belongs in /egg/ is a case by case matter, however games that would belong in /svgg/, space voxel games general, are automatically considered /egg/

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List of currently known and vaguely not dead /egg/ games (this list is not fully inclusive and if you think a game might belong here, feel free to ask):
>Chode - Children of a Dead Earth
>Empyrion - Galactic Survival
>From the Depths
>Garry's mod
>Homebrew - Vehicle Sandbox
>Intersteller Rift
>KOHCTPYKTOP: Engineer of the People
>Robot Arena
>Scrap Mechanic
>Space Engineers
>StarMaden b

Games that are definitely not /egg/:
>The general that quite literally cannot be named.The Mexican scam artist one. With the shitposters. Fuck off.
>underageb& who won't use the search function and also won't read where are they posting

Information about these games, such as where to get them if they're not on steam, trailers, /egg/ conquered/hosted servers, and other shit can be found in this pad:

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Warbros Serb rides in clanghalla eternal, shiny and chrome

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Does it have a combustion engine inside its vagina?

gmod when

>When you meet a cute girl that is into [hobby] just like you are and then you actually try to do [hobby] with her and you realize she's a poser

>When you meet a cute girl that is into [hobby] just like you are and then you realize you're the poser

>I know this feel

>when you meet a cute girl that is into [hobby] just like you are and then you wake up

Like this?


That image is satisfactory.

Can anyone autistically into helicopter design help me?

I decided to delve into creating helicopters in my Vidya, starting with besiege bc why not. I think I'm finally wrapping my head around how the swashplate/collective works. Can someone explain to me the benefits of selective lift, as opposed to just tilting the rotor head in the direction you want to move?

Sorry if I'm coming off as a dumb fuck, it's probably because I am. Really I just wanna have a discussion about helis and shit.

y-you too

>Can someone explain to me the benefits of selective lift, as opposed to just tilting the rotor head in the direction you want to move?
Now I'm not actually sure but based on reading a bit about it I think it's to force the torque force the rotor generates on the helicopter to be perpendicular to the body of the chopper so that it can be easily counteracted.

I couldn't figure out why I'm not playing homebrew so I'm going in. If I don't come back, avenge death etc.

>internets been running like shit all weekend
>getting 0.5-1mbps
>narrowed the problem down and think its my wireless USB adapter about to die
>never had this happen because usually when an adapter is about to die itll just drop the connection entirely
>wondering if I should get a new adapter or just lay down some Cat6 cable

This sucks. Its like 10:30pm and I want to fix the problem right now. Not after work tomorrow. Its like being in 1999 again.

Lay down cable, much more reliable than adapters.

>Combining mech legs with hovers

In other news I've decided I detest the hover design simply because it's far more stable than it should be
Fire two massive recoil cannons, your vehicle goes absolutely ballistic and then in 0.3 seconds it completely corrects its position up to normal again.

shit, i haven't thought about coppelion in ages

What are the most /egg/ manga? I don't have the attention span for anime and I want more stuff to read.

initial d
>autistic protag
>autoengineering memes

battle angel alita is one that a few fags have recommended; it's on my backlog along with blame!

I've read both of those, Blame! is awesome and so is BAA.

Gunnm aka battle angel has a bit of /egg/ content. The writer seems to be a sci-fi nerd

Until Death Do Us Part
Featuring a blind swordsman with glasses that do echolocation and 3d-mapping, a loli that uses quantum mechanics to predict the future, and an electric motorbike that can spin its wheels in opposite directions to climb the walls of an alleyway.

An isekai with a robot who crash landed on a blaned in a realm that has magic, that really goes into depth about the interactions with magic and technology, creating magic as almost an alternative science would be really interesting.
And the best part is there'd be no self-insert circlejerking, haremshit, or other problems endemic to isekai.
too bad nothing like that exists

sup /a/

honestly, if one was unconcerned by need to cater for specified audience or by necessity to operate within skimpy budget, any genre could produce masterpiece

>DL homebrew
>ok how about something big and fast like a concorde or blackjack
>there are only 4 jet engines, a commercial airliner style engine, an f22 raptor engine and two primitive 1940's looking ones

Well so much for that. I might have another look in a few more years.

nevermind i dont like ftd im going back to chode

homebrew is pretty bare bones iirc
though it looks like that you can make mods and they've added logic stuff now


Bare bones doesn't begin to describe it there are only one or two car engines. I have high levels of buyers remorse I should have pirated first and taken the 5 minutes necessary to see that the "build anything" mantra is complete bullshit it doesn't even have a v8 or a 4 cylinder or anything. you can have an inline 6 petrol or an inline 6 diesel wtf.

demand refund

>one stone miner per assembler
You're retarded.
There's simply no other explanation, and it surprises me you've not simply forgot about the bridge.

>not being a lesbian patrol boat

Guys, I have made a shocking discovery, hovers, they are fun

>as opposed to just tilting the rotor head in the direction you want to move?
My guess is mechanical efficiency.
If you're tilting the rotor on a "classic" helicopter (see: not osprey) relative to its body , you're also tilting the rotor relative to its drive shaft.
Some of the linkage methods that would be used to accomplish a flexible angle could induce some weird effects on the rotor (rotor velocity becoming ellipsoid function, for one).
Even if you've found a link that doesn't do such a thing, you're still adding on more friction.

is this bad?


>considering wireless when wire is an option
You should be ahsamed.


miners consume an area of 5x5
you can spread them out more
the only advantage to having them so close together is faster consumption of the ore patch

It also makes it easier to place them down.
You can just mine like this. Nothing wrong with mining a patch as fast as possible. The only downside is increased setup cost.

I didn't need a constant supply of landfill just enough to finish a connection to the mainland
and I finished it a long time ago

forgot image
What the fuck is up with all those small power poles?

>What the fuck is up with all those small power poles?

>leaving a gap for poles
let the light of efficiency guide you

I can already see it

crossout is going to become a fly meta. It even states in the invasion mode that to stay alive you have to be fast. i fucking knew this would all come to high level play just being rich retards zipping around everywhere and kiting people with missiles and drones. its fucking stupid and i want to be a part of it.


Hovers are really hard to control, you float and bob and bump into every fucking little thing and go spinning and you can't do shit.

So fast tho
Why the fuck are square covers so good armour to weight wise? and you even get a rep boost. Everything should be covered in them.

Finally bothered to finish that commerce raider I never got to finish a year ago.

I have a replica of a Pensacola-class cruiser I never managed to finish. I even had these diagrams, I converted each tile to meters based on the total length of the ship and used that to place stuff exactly.

You're overusing power poles. I like the little power pole lane that's traverse-able without power armor. But I guess it can mine even faster. Why stop here, why not also insert mk3 speed modules into every miner?

>those offset powerlines at the bottom...

Wait that's the Omaha which I never even started on. Here's the Pensacola diagram.


this is the only downside of the island
closest oil is surrounded by a few thousand ayy's

isn't your belt gonna be oversaturated as fuck

Don't you have laser turrets to creep with?

yeah I just don't exactly feel like razing half a continent at the moment
maybe when I get a few hundred grenades

afaik its about 24 miners to completely fill a yellow belt
so no

It was either offset the poles or wind up with an odd number of underground belts.

My favorite way of protecting oil wells is setting up flamethrowers that directly use the crude oil.

Won't that just lead to more local pollution and thus more attacks?

That just makes the flamethrowers more effective. If the attacks become endless then the ground is always on fire and the biters can't reach the walls, flamethrowers main weakness is they always aim slightly behind the first wave.

the "I don't feel like it" part comes from my computer's tendency to not register mouse clicks in games even though in windows it's perfectly fine

cat5 also great
much cheaper

what are you, a fucking elf?
let them come, their doom is foretold, it might as well happen now


But I want to use the oil for other things.

is empyrion any good? I love building in space engineers but get bored after I finish the project

think space engineers, but with worse building, better survival elements, water, worse everything else

the moment you research CTL process oil becomes obsolete

So she can queef with a resounding BRAAAAAAP

Coal liquefaction was a mistake.

You were a mistake.
Now everyone can go full Hitler on bugs

>using blue belts where yellow would be sufficient
think of the starving children in africa, they could eat all that iron
then they wouldn't have iron deficiency

or they can eat lead and stop having any deficiencies.


>using pad

>using yellow belts after researching blue belt
What it's like to be THIS poor?

> the benefits of selective lift, as opposed to just tilting the rotor head in the direction you want to move?
How else would you tilt the rotor?

Torque equals force times distance. With selective lift, the distance is ~2/3 of the radius (it's not half-way because speed and thus lift increases near the tip). To get the same torque with forces applied close to the mast, the force would need to be huge.

>using optimal assembler ratios instead of whatever arbitrary ratio you feel like
what's it like to be THIS poor?

For large-scale construction, the extra iron required for blue belts is a major issue. You'd need an entire sub-factory just to produce all the gears for blue belts (and splitters and undergrounds).

And they're only 50% faster than red belts (whereas red are twice the speed of yellow).

>And they're only 50% faster than red belts (whereas red are twice the speed of yellow).
Yes but they have the highest speed. Blue belt isn't as expensive as it used to be.
>For large-scale construction, the extra iron required for blue belts is a major issue.
You're right.

miner mining rate (for iron, copper and coal): 0.53 items per second
yellow belt speed: 13.33 i/s
miners needed to saturate a yellow belt: 13.33/0.53 = 25.15 miners
so that's 50.30 miners on a red belt, and 75.45 miners on a blue belt
so, go ahead and blueprint a 12 miner long line with miners on both sides. keep in mind mining stone is somewhat faster, and less miners can be supported

>sent numerous subscriptions for Steamworks Alpha from different emails
>no reply

kill me

Who /gonna get back into FTD just to make cute ships based on cute anime girls/ here?


so did everybody quit cuckout because of lasers and shit ? lots of bots and usually higher queue times

>prisoner's island
you have been shadowbanned

my entire fleet is painted in shimapan camo, does that count?

No. Make them into the cute girl.

13.333 i/s is belt's linear speed that doesn't take into account that its capacity its 2 (2 sides to a belt)
you can have 25 miners PER SIDE

Hide and report.

I'm not a regular, I genuinely want to know.

>Throughput. How many items per minute are moved from one tile to the next. Measured in items/sec or better items/min. That is for basic belt density (items per tile) multiplied with speed (tiles per second): (1/32 tiles/tick) / (9/32 items/tile) = 0.111111111 items per tick or 6.666666667 items per second for one lane.
>For two lanes it is then 13.33 items/second.

it banned from entire board, stop asking
want more info go to


Still no signs of stopping. Started producing blue science recently. Aliens are beginning to attack (I did a few genocides though) and there was a major fuck-up in the central clusterfuck where I changed something and then couldn't figure out what was supposed to go where for a hour.

>13.333 i/s is belt's linear speed that doesn't take into account that its capacity its 2 (2 sides to a belt)
No you fucking mongoloid, 'items per second' is not a unit for "linear speed" - items are not a unit representing distance.
A yellow belt has a maximum throughput of 800 items per minute (or 40/3 items per second). This includes both sides of the belt.
Consult the wiki then sod off.