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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Out 10/31
A New Empire - Alexis Ren in "Join the Adventure":
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PS4 release date scheduled for Jan 30 2018, Pre-Orders available now.
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FFT is amazing

I want to have sex with Ashe and cum inside.

>no 30th themed OP

One job.

this guy

Best way to get more casino coin?

15,45,90 or 120?

Ariana enhancements WHEN


after we get the other 2 ariana units from the ariana raid

So i awakened warrior of light and orlandeau as my first 6* units...good move? just wish I had good equipment for them

I am already jelly, but if that was OK's BSB instead of Gladius, I would be hating you so much.

you, i like you.

Rate my pulls. Not planning to IAP unless there's something really good.


>Ariana raid


Who's down? i just got off of work and haven't done my daily yet


weren't we supposed to get FF6 part two a couple hours ago? or when are we supposed to get them?

i did get his OSB on my first pull


it's reddit for "I ain't pulling" or some shit
basically it's another way of saying "F2P btw"

it does seem like he used it wrong in his sentence tho...

Threadly reminder that Vayne Solidor did everything wrong.

excuse my retardation, but does it stand for in app purchases as well?

This is Lilly, isn't it?

Dumb cuck

How retarded are you, exactly?

get on discord, i want to propose you something

It's not, try again user I don't even have the discord

>basically it's another way of saying "F2P btw"
are you inbred?

please give me a fire resist thing DeNA
just one more for Lightning so she stops fucking dying

I want something Luka-level; just to piss people off.

XI Torment is this Tuesday. How fucked are (You), /ffg/?

I don't play not at all! In more ways than one!

Not fucked at all because gorilla exists

>Lion BSB
>Zeid BSB
>Aphmau OSB
>Curilla SSB
>Ayame SSB
I think I'll be just fine

I hate multiple target fights.
It'll depend on how much HP they have.

No this is Mohammad

official /ffg/ discord

>heard about the crystal tower when this fest was in JP
>didn't pay too much attention just saw the general idea of it and thought it was neat
>finally a way to reward players for having good team depth and the ability to field multiple strong squads
>finally comes here
>its 5 dungeons that are 99 difficulty and the final one is a whole 140
>was hoping for at least U++ bosses with an A++ final
w-well it was fun to look forward to at least

w-w-we should do something about this whole s-s-stuttering meme

wait for the elite tower senpai

Joined, going to bed now so i can wageslave tomorrow. More dank memes later


>no mythrils reward from crystal tower
that bunch of jews..

Im about to try Omega Weapon - should I swap out my MMs for AceStriker/Battleforged?

Did a quick read on the pastetin about stupid gimmicky orbs.


It doesnt matter dipshit, just RW OSB


Fuck off

I'm looking forward to doing the CT later, just getting comfy going through the anniversary dungeons right now. That post detailing the future CTs has really got me worried though, especially since this fest pretty much just handed me trash on all 4 pulls and didn't improve any of my elemental coverage (and somehow, I STILL don't have a VIII relic outside Squall BSB1 from the 11/11).

No synergy on Omega is the most annoying shit.
Little guy is like a magicite with like 2/3rds of the HP, but twice the speed and always in berserk state.
10 1/2 seconds - atomic rays, 12 seconds, wave cannon, 14 seconds, a second wave cannon

That's like 10K damage in 4 seconds

When are you going to join the 45% club?

Wasn't the highest stam cost last fest 90? Now there's 120 tier? How does it stand up to the exp sundaily?

Too busy with orb dungeons.

>stamina will only be used after the battle is completed and the reward is recieved
>costs 1 stamina

Slightly less xp than daily, but much more value because you also get money, orbs and tokens.


1) It's "In-App Purchases"
2) How could it be "F2P btw" when I said that if there's something really good I might do it?
You're not retarded. That's the common definition, and I've never heard it used for "I ain't pulling". That is "LOL = Lots Of Love" levels of ignorance.

I got 15 characters at level 99. Hmm thankfully this is just d90 shit or else I might've been in trouble.

Anything good? Fairly new so not sure whats good and what isnt.

>Wasn't the highest stam cost last fest 90?

No, it was also 120.

Yeah, Cid Raines' stupid claw. That's good.

Raines claw is the most reddit relic in the game


that or Setzer's USB

they get a lot harder.
>3 wind phys hits on Leaping Blast
Gonna assume it works like Rush and it can go up to 6 hits.
I mean, his BSB commands are probably still better in the long run, but it makes his USB usable

60 mythril thanks to all the fest nonsense. Should I:
>Pull on FFVI and gamble big for Shadow USB (only one dupe)
>Pull on Banner 5 (5 dupes)
>Pull on Banner 3 and hope for the meme


Tiny bee

depends on your preference and your team

I got the meme team so Banner 3 is worthless to me. Between VI and B5 I'd go for VI personally

Anyone beat Omega yet?

Fug, posted in the wrong bread
user who hadn't played since Halloween again, does this redeem my account or can I continue to be free from RK hell?

Realistically I should probably be pulling for Magicite. Right now I'm lacking enice and enfire relics so even though I have OSBs for both elements they end up hitting for piddily amounts even when buffed up.

I kind of want to pull on Banner 3 because I already have Squall's useless USB thanks to an earlier pull. I have a feeling that banner is cursed though.

I don't know what youre looking for since this pool doesn't have USBs or CSBs and those are the real powercreeps but it's a good pull, you'll never see 8 relics in a single pull again.

Yuffie needs to calm the hell down

yeah sure, whatever

So banner 2 coming out in 6 minutes in Jp if I et snows chain I'll roll for his bsb.
She also has a UOSB coming out before vaan.

my 30 draw, pretty happy about the two clouds swords given I had nothing for him the entire time

When are they adding Aphmau to the hall of rites

Congratulations! Always nice to see people finally get relics for a fave who previously had none.

When will i get my first USB?
>2 CSB
>no USB

>got 5 USBs from lucky draws
just MVP your gacha

You can't play that card anymore. You can go get a free Tyro USB2 right now in the 30th Dungeon.

It doesnt count, i want EX mode.

If you run out of the normal prizes, will you win silver and gold prizes for every normal prize you would've received in future spins?


Not all usbs have ex mode

>took fucking forever to find this photo again since no one ever posted it again
I got enough mythril for 1 pull, which should I do? Banner one and three only have one dupe each but banner five has three things I want, Noctis USB/BSB and Iris BSB. I don't really know what's good for Banner one, but Banner three would only be for a shot at Cloud USB native right? I'm conflicted.


Is this the mythical qt keeper?

FFT is shit

Definitely go for 3. Also, post the original pic

Since we're doing these. Feel free to cross out Rikku and Faris's USBs now since I got both of them during the lucky phase. I REALLY want Alph's USB but the rest of the banner doesn't interest me. Will that ever come back and is it worth chasing? And if not, give me some ideas, I'm open to it and would love some suggestions.

What the best AOE ability you can give Zack? Wish he could use Tornado Strike


Oh and Ceodore and Leila's too, forgot about them.

First try at this after finishing all current power-up dungeons. Didn't have the stamina for the first one, so went to the second with my Apex Nemesis party. Should probably take the time to look over the team comp more for something more efficient next time. It'll help me figure out what to bring along for Omega MP later (if that's still happening).

I could use OK BSB so that's one thing on Banner one
Cloud BSB2 is useless without USB so that's like 1.5 things on Banner two
And the Noctis and Iris stuff on Banner 5 for 3 things
consolation prizes on first banner are ok, second banner are trash, fifth banner are actually pretty good like alphinaud usb/bsb, I'm still conflicted but I got a week to decide. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll scrounge up enough mythril to get a pull on each
oh and here's the image