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Episode 1 − ''Awake'' 31 August 2017 (Out Now)
Episode 2 − ''Brave New World'' (TBA)
Episode 3 − ''Hell Is Empty'' (TBA)
Bonus Episode: Farewell − (TBA)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm features Chloe Price, a 16 year-old rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel’s world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes their newfound alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

Life is Strange is an episodic interactive drama from DONTNOD Entertainment. Set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Arcadia Bay, the player follows the story of Maxine Caulfield and her seemingly newfound ability to turn hella gay and rewind time. At the prestigious Blackwell Academy, Max must prepare with Chloe Price for the incoming storm of returning to her hometown after five years. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

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Reminder to report and ignore shitposting

>Max's favorite season

BAE > bay

BFFs, Pirates, Wonder Twins, Partners in Time & Crime & Love, Fellow Dorks, GFs, Wives.

>regular lisg posters dont want kids
I'm thankful that your stupidity could stop with you, but I'd still recommend having a kid.

Yeah, that looks nice too.
Her slightly smaller breasts in BtS are cute too.

Victoria's a failure and her photography is shit.

Why is she so cute?

Max is #1

Who in Arcadia Bay is most likely to shitpost in these threads?
I nominate car accident timeline Chloe.

Why did the dark room not have an actual dark room in it?

I like that look too. It's a mix for when you can't make up your mind, which is what I usually end up with when asked the question.
Though I think Chloe would look nice with pretty much any color (except pink)

Thanks for blessing this thread Kate

Ah, the mental illness that is inherent to Pricefielders, but thankfully absent from Life is Strange itself.

You're the one who said, and I quote, "fuck kids".
Also, by not giving back to society you're clearly incredibly ungrateful.
And don't give me that shit about "muh taxes" (if you even pay any yet) because they aren't as important as you think they are.

Before Episode 5's release:
>Lol Mari's theories're shitty.It's way more than shitty to become true
>Chloe has to die thing doesn't make sense.Don't worry they will come with unpredictable story
>We're gonna learn everything about Max's powers,Rachel and Prescotts even Nathan,spirit animals..
>Jefferson knows about Max's powers
>Nathan,Frank,David or Samuel's gonna save us
>Victoria's with Max,she'll save her
>(After seeing Cemetery scene from leaks) I'm sure it'll be Williams,Rachel's or Kate's grave.
>Rachel's the doe and Butterfly and probably we'll see her in Max's dream
>Blue Jay's Chloe

After Episode 5's release:
>Mari's shitty cliche theory became right
>We visited the SF art gallery for 3 seconds. FOR 3 DAMN SECONDS
>Jefferson became a silly bad guy from Disney
>David came to save us.He's a former-soldier but he can't even fight,just listens teenager's orders. Even he doesn't know she has some time travel powers.
>Victoria's with us in the dark room.Laying there and we can talk her or not.Just it.
>Nathan get killed,Victoria too
>Nathan knew something about the storm but they cut it.
>Warren explained Max's powers(!)(thanks warryn) We found out her power causes/related with Chaos Theory and storm.It's not like we didn't know or something.
>Storm is only coming for Bay because Chloe lives in there but Max's the one who keep changes the time
>Prescotts story erased.Nobody even mention their name.
>Rachel's story fucked too.She isn't or butterfly,bluejay just spiritualdoe
>Spirit animals thing died.Blue Butterfly's storm summoner just it.
>Chloe dies again in one of endings (unpredictable) It gives you a lesson: You shouldn't have used your power.And you shouldn't play this game.Now erase your choices and cry like a bitch.
>The other ending's short but it's less cliché than other.We saved Chloe,storm's hit the town and gone.That's it
>So, once again we got the fact that our ending always will be BAE>Bay


Nathan. Without a doubt.

You really believed that time someone said "A majority of Pricefielders are trans"?
You got played hard.

I just think she's misunderstood
What about episode 3?

Remember how the general kept insisting that she was going to be the Warren of BtS before Episode 1 came out.

>You're the one who said, and I quote, "fuck kids".
Nope. I was commenting on your response to that other user.
Don't fuck kids. Fuck parents who don't love their kids and didn't actually even want them, but had them anyway out of fear of missing out. Fuck them with a giant, spike-covered, chilli-encrusted rod.

>You're the one who said, and I quote, "fuck kids".
No, that was me.

Are you the actual Bayest or just memeing ?

>believed when someone said majority of pricefielders are trans
I was referring to it in a joking manner since a Pricefielder just claimed to be trans.

As Max and Chloe are leaving the ruins of Arcadia Bay behind, there's one more tragic story unfolding
>Alice and Lisa stuck in Max's room, Alice hasn't eaten anything in days, the dorms are destroyed and no one comes looking for them
>"No one's gonna come save us, this is the end, we'll starve to death..."
>Alice...you can survive this and go back to your owner. All you have to do is... all you have to do is eat me."
>"What? No, fuck that. Lisa, you're my number one priority, I'm not eating you!"
>"Alice, think about it... how many times this week did you try to nibble my leafs? I'm a plant, Alice, you're a bunny, maybe it's time I accept my destiny... OUR destiny."
>"Lisa, I can't make this choice!"
>"No Alice, you're the only one who can"

>eat Lisa

>eat your own foot

>What about episode 3?
Well Episode 3...hopefully before Christmas!
But fuck...I dont want it to end so soon. FeelsBadMan

This general is wrong about everything most of the time.


Well you gotta make it more clear if you're a different person user, you have nobody to blame but yourself for this mixup.

No, you have no one but yourself to blame for not knowing how to interpret Veeky Forums posts.

The thread just started, no need to fight already

>not knowing how to interpret Veeky Forums posts
Stop trying to be smart about this.
You replied to me as though you were the other person, there's no indication otherwise.

Also, did your parents not love you? Is that it?
Would you rather not exist and never get to experience LiS?
If your parents did love you then you have no right to speak on behalf of those whose parents didn't.


Hell yeah she is

>there's no indication otherwise.
Except in the first part of my post I replied to the part addressed to me. Not my fault you couldn't think critically before posting.
>Would you rather not exist and never get to experience LiS?
This is like asking "Would you rather not lose your entire leg and never get to experience someone bringing you balloons and chocolate in a hospital room?".
>If your parents did love you then you have no right to speak on behalf of those whose parents didn't.
And you do?

>muh society
>muh giving back to society meme


She's so pretty. Max is so lucky.

Why doesn't she have ears?

Is this actually from the game?

>replied to the part addressed to me
In a completely non-identifying manner, literally anybody could've said that.
>shitty analogy
>and you do
I think that if we're talking about existence then it's better to be on the side of letting a person choose for themselves whether they want to live.
The fact that suicide isn't even at 1% of the population proves that people would generally rather be alive than not.

Wow, you're so ungrateful.
Even Nathan wants to prove himself and give back to his family, you are literally worse than him.


>In a completely non-identifying manner, literally anybody could've said that.
Doesn't change the fact that you made a silly mistake, then tried to pin the blame on me. You're the one that fucked up because you didn't understand.
>shitty analogy
It's really not, you just can't argue with it.
>I think that if we're talking about existence then it's better to be on the side of letting a person choose for themselves whether they want to live.
Common decency would dictate not forcibly bringing someone into the world when you don't even want them around.
>The fact that suicide isn't even at 1% of the population proves that people would generally rather be alive than not.
>what is primal survival functions in humans
Not wanting to live and preferring that you wouldn't be alive doesn't usually trump the body's natural instinct as a living thing. A better marker would be how many people have suicidal thoughts (which is more common than most humans would like to admit).

Nathan was born and used as a tool by his father to further some kind of family goal. His childhood may have been happy, maybe not, but as he grew older he was clearly miserable and his family didn't help him one bit. Even preventing him from getting help. There's a reason his sister bailed and fled to Brazil.
Nathan also would have ended up taking away Joyce's daughter, who she loved dearly. As well as nearly taking away Kate from her family. If not for Max's power preventing those things.
Nobody here is as bad as Nathan or even close to it.

Thinking when they were growing up, I could think of a few manga/anime characters with blue hair who could have inspired Chloe. Also William was painting the house blue, which may have also influenced Chloe's color choice.

A cute Max!

A cuter Max

All Maxes are the same kind of cute: hella

A cute Chloe for that Max!

Hope Max had a good birthday with her Chloe, her family, and her friends. The threads here were fun.

That statement is correct.



This is /lisg/, you fucking immigrant. Deal with the cute stuff that gets posted or fuck off.

I find this slightly creepy.

i am dealing, which is why I commented how cringy it is instead of telling you to fuck off

How should I prove it's me?

Learning to use on-topic photos doesn't make you any less obnoxious.

I am so hurt user, please anything but you thinking I'm obnoxious. whatever will i do now

This time, Chloe's going with Max to the gallery. No storms.


What's Alice doing?

woah their fashion sense is really similar i hardly yeven noticed its supposed to be a clothes swap

That drawer is unused. Max folded up a blanket to make a little bed in there for Alice whenever she visits. Alice is going back to her mommy's while Max and Chloe are away on their trip, Kate's also going to bring Lisa to her room to make sure she's properly taken of.

Looking at that image again, I wish there was a pic of Max in that zebra print dress and Chloe with the polo and slacks. Would look awesome.

talk about cringe

Yeah, the final designs did end up similar. Some of Victoria's concept outfits were pretty out there and unlike anyone else. There's a nice image of Victoria and Kate in a mall together, and Kate's wearing Vic's concept jacket.

Sleep tight and enjoy the flight

Is it okay to cosplay as Max or Chloe if you're black?

Why would your race matter?

I need more Steph.


Because they aren't black?

My Steph folder is still under construction. We're probably going to have to wait a few months for more pics to show up.

Do what you want.

Just don't do whiteface, whitey will lose their shit.

They're fictional characters.

>Because they aren't black?
of course they aren't. we know that. he () knows that. And only a literal retard would claim otherwise. But coslplaying characters who just happen to be of different race's hardly a problem. Not a problem at all, in fact.

You're already pretending to be someone by posing as a fictional character, so I also don't get the outrage.

Guys hello, I'm so glad that I've found this general.

I've just finished the game and agree with it or not I got really disappointed by the finale actually and it was pretty much obvious that Sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending is most fitting with the story when you also watched dream haze.I didn't even bother to choose the other ending because it was there to be a bollywood ending cliché and it'll also harmful for Max so yeah I don't regret from my choice.

I want to ask you something about story though there are many complicated things and sometimes I couldn't really understand what the fuck was happenning in background.My question is about this girl Rachel Amber.
They've said, this girl got disappeared 6 months ago .. her parents... actually nobody's looking out for her.Prior to that they planned to run away together with Chloe so they borrowed money from Frank, theywerent gonna pay him off.Then Rachel got disappeared so suddenly.We've found her letter in junkyard (Rachel was freaking out about telling Chloe that she was hooking up with someone) but according to Max,Chloe didn't see that letter. Anyway after Rachel got disappeared,Chloe left alone. Now she had to pay Frank off and shit. She blackmailed rich bitch for that, and after we asked her about this she said ''Actually, yes. I owe big time. And I thought I'd have enough for me and Rachel if she showed up...''

So I didn't understand this. Did Chloe give up the fact that Rachel will show up someday? when did she get worried something bad happened to Rachel −because according to her, Rachel would've told her if she left her,and something gotta be happen to her−or was she still waiting for her to show up? −since,while she was thinking getting the money from rich bastard, she was still thinking about Rachel− and in this game (not talking about prequel) Chloe was also having on Rachel or not? −finding out her relationship with frank saying makes you think though−

> Chloe was also having {crush} on Rachel or not?
Fix'd, sorry.

Play before the storm and some of your questions might be answered.
>Did Chloe give up the fact
Evidently not given that she put up posters of Rachel everywhere
>Chloe didn't see the letter
I think this was up to the player and Chloe would be furious and sad if she gets to read the letter. It's been a while since I played the game however.
I think they did want to skip town but most of the debt she acquired was from buying too much weed.

>I think they did want to skip town but most of the debt she acquired was from buying too much weed.
Didn't she borrow that 3k for car repairs, though?

And that too, truck repair to be accurate. It's been a long while since I played the game so I doubt I can answer your questions as accurately.

She still couldn't pay them off though.

You could fucking buy a used car for half of that money and for sure in better condition than her rusted-out piece of shit.

Sentimental value.

Ah, that's right, she'll get the truck with Rachel in BtS.

>Evidently not given that she put up posters of Rachel everywhere
But when did she exactly started? Rachel disappeared and has been missing for 6 months, when did Chloe notice that something bad happened to her?

>I think this was up to the player and Chloe would be furious and sad if she gets to read the letter. It's been a while since I played the game however.
Actually, if Chloe had seen that letter, she wouldn't react her and Frank's relationship so heartbrokenly; that caught her off guard. If she read that letter earlier, at least she would've known that Rachel was hooking up with someone.

>I think they did want to skip town but most of the debt she acquired was from buying too much weed.
According to dialogues, mostly it was for running away together with Rachel. Actually Nathan was also thinking that Rachel was playing with Frank,posing to him to get weed etc.

user.. you know that they are living in Michel's universe, right?

Yes, the world of pure imagination.

>Car estimate is signed on Oct 17,2013
>Max finds and reads the invoice in episode 1-Chloe's Room on October 7th 2013

mari would be like

>CHLOE CAN GO FORWARD IN TIME1111!!!!1111!!!!!1111!!!

Wait, wtf, you could show Chloe the letter?

In LiS especially for character info,timelines sometimes you can't get exact answers in LiS. See

You can get answers about what's happenning with time-travel and if you really paid attention you will see that nothing makes sense and has many logical fallacies. Because you can see those events physically.

But about character info especially when you inspect their objects,stuff you will see that they fucked up the dates so so bad.There were many inconsistencies.

Answer to your question though, I guess Chloe waited and she was like ''Oh Rachel said someone changed her life and puff. Dad,Max and Rachel also left me...'' then after some time she surely got worried since Rachel didn't make contact with her. And ofc she didn't give up on her because she was thinking she was gonna come back to her and they will run away together even while looking for her she was in still denial and thinking Rachel's alive -while in the deep she got worried about something bad happened to her . You also asked if Chloe was having crush on Rachel in this game.. yes. Because as you said, if she wasn't having feelings for Rachel then her relationship with Frank wouldn't hurt her,she wouldn't look out for her also.

>you could show Chloe the letter?
You mean letter in junkyard which was in trashbin? Nope. Max's inner dialogue also says ''Now what's up with this weird secret relationship? Sounds like Rachel was confused about it, maybe even ashamed... I wish she named names. I better not show this to Chloe or she will be seriously hurt."

The only thing Chloe saw was Rachel's so-called love letters for Frank.And she got so mad after that.

Thought i was glitching or smth to have missed that. Thanks for clarification

Fuck. Then I don't believe anything I've seen in this game. Cuck Toby was saying ''we are fixing inconsistencies from in first game'' but prequel's first episode was also filled with many inconsistencies.

Y'know, the only inconsistency they've fixed with game update was Rachel Amber's school file (her birthday date iirc) And they surely did it for prequel's sake.

Chloe loves Max!

>Max's best friend
victoria, pls. Kari isn't yours


Can we all agree that Chloe is 100% gay?

Yes we can

Can we all agree that Victoria is 100% worthless?



>There's a Wells confrontation at the beginning of the episode, Chloe either gets expelled from Blackwell and Rachel gets suspended from the play.
>Chloe visits the junkyard, finds her infamous truck and tries to repair it. She falls asleep and later gets woken up by Rachel. They seem to decorate their lil junkyard shack with stuff they each brought. Then talk about stuff. Then Rachel goes back to Blackwell
>Chloe somehow bumps into Frank and Rachel's dad lover
>A confrontation with Eliot takes place somewhere between the Junkyard and the Play parts
>Also Chloe and Steph bond over their shared lesbianism
>Chloe somehow ends up as an actor in The Tempest
>Also note that it's possible for Rachel to be suspended from the play.Just as it's possible for Chloe to get expelledorsuspended
>They possibly go to Rachel's house after the play where we get to know Rachel's parents
>There's a kiss somewhere in between the second part of the episode
>There should be a part when they drive off to have an adventure as indicated by the promo art and earlier leaks but so far it's hard to deduce when will that take place

>Deleted Taylor conversation

>Future conversation between Chloe and Rachel
Pic related.
Rachel's suspended from play
Rachel:Shit.It's play time.Gotta go clean my dressing room for Victoria.Not exactly the role I thought I'd be playing tonight.Oh well.
So... they won't go Frank together,Chloe will go there alone and also encouter with Rachel's daddy's hooker during this time.She will gather stuff for her truck (and confrontation with Damon will happen at this moment) after she saved her ass, she will get message from Steph and will go to the play.


i want to see vicky's reaction when Chloe actually flirted with her