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ela a shit


Man, these threads have exposed me to some fantastic fan art
You guys are alright

draw fags make more ying art

im in love with frost

>make a shit ton of call outs
>no one makes any for me
>always near bottom frag because im the one on the drone

at least i'm not the only one that goes through this situation

>droning for buddy
>watch him down one dude after another
>game ends before you even get to walk out of spawn


They did nerf Ela.

He's called Kapkan.

Year 2 armor
light - Ela
medium - Jackal Ying Legion
Heavy - Mira

it's the armour
the armour fucks me every time

buy that season pass goy

I'm hoping we get a 3-armor / 1-speed attacker for season 4. We haven't had one yet since the base CTUs, and those were all shield guys.

To continue the "No full size 416" discussion

We also don't have any traditional AK pattern weapons. The closest are the PP19 and the Saiga, but both are completely different gun chambered in a different cartridge entirely despite using the overall AK pattern

there is no

Even direct evolution of the gun like the random ass Finish versions (pic related) or the Galil just aren't here.

The AK12 isn't an AK pattern rifle, and the one in the game fuze is using is in fact a failed prototype. The Russians have adopted the new "AK12" which is basically an updated AK74 with some changes here and there

because its fucking shit lmao
just because it doesnt break and the retarded inventor didnt patent it doesnt make it a "good" gun.

why do people say to use the ak
the recoil is fucking horrible

>most popular gun in the world used by a number of nations even right now
>Many variants directly derived from this family of firearms
>even some countries that decided to shoot 5.56 NATO adopted the AK pattern over the AR pattern or any number of other 5.56 NATO pattern guns

That doesn't look like Ela's icon..

Siege is not special to me anymore

It's time for a cute Asian girl to come out.
Otherwise they did not have to do that with Frost and Hibana face modeling.

>baited by that lazy-ass comment
you are of silly, tovarich

>most popular gun in the world used by a number of nations even right now
the retard didnt patent it. Cant you read?

>Many variants directly derived from this family of firearms
hey look we polished a turd

>even some countries that decided to shoot 5.56 NATO adopted the AK pattern over the AR pattern or any number of other 5.56 NATO pattern guns
so 3rd world countries populated by apes like the thing - who cares?

fucking commie retard

only thing we are missing really is a black queen
oh and better latina, cavvie has a bad case of butterface


I feel what happened here was the same reason you see lots of mid-2000's games with the XM8, and even some games calling it the M8. Namely, they wanted to seem near-future by including a new gun that would soon see popular implementation, which was then canceled after the game launched. For Siege, I imagine Ubisoft was saying "lets give the Russians a modern Russian assault rifle," which in 2014-2015, was projected to be the (now cancelled) AK12 that Fuze now has.

>hey look we polished a turd
Same with the AR platform. Shits dumb as fuck, which is why everyone keeps trying to change the gas system to make it more reliable, to remove the buffer tube, or make it good. The HK 416 is virtually an entirely separate firearm

>commie retards
Yeah I'm sure all those European nations who adopted it are commies. Yep. Only democratic nations can use the glorious AR family. If you use any sort of piston driven platform you are a communist. Unless your piston is made by HK then it's also democracy!

>made friends with high status people that actually make the game fun


Absolutely. Ubisoft also kind of limited themselves with their idea of having SMG's as the defender weapons. They wanted defenders to do less damage a bullet, so said they'd shoot pistol cartridges in sub machine guns to make it "realistic" vs the defenders rifles.

The issue is sub guns just aren't really being made anymore for military and even law enforcement. It's mostly civilian market now since you can get really short ass rifles for decades, and they pack the punch officers want these days especially if they are dealing with any sort of threat wearing armor (ie terrorists, 50 cent)

So we get absolutely weird shit like Frost using the Sterling but no AKS74U is in sight.

And since they are also trying to make the guns relevant to the nation they limit themselves, but occasionally will say fuck it and just give random ass things like the CZ and the Origin 12 to the Polacks, with no real rhyme or reason to it.

I'm pretty sure they've just looked at Wikipedia and if it starts stressing them out too much to make a decision they just say "Fuck it, give them whatever"

That doesn't look like Mira...

Is Poland the most cucked country on the planet?

>Who is Ying?
Dumb dogposter

>already has a wall
>majority white
>almost zero terrorist attacks

nah son

>And since they are also trying to make the guns relevant to the nation they limit themselves, but occasionally will say fuck it
That's what annoyed me about GEO's weapons. USP and their shotgun are fairly standard CTU/LEO equipment, so I'd let that slide, but who the uses the Vector, aside from a range toy? The UDP9's just another 9mm AR, but really new and not adopted by anyone yet, and they had to use a Dutch version of a Canadian variant of an American rifle, instead of using any of Spain's existing 5.56 rifles?

Ying isn't cute. She has just pretty office worker face.

>and they had to use a Dutch version of a Canadian variant of an American rifle, instead of using any of Spain's existing 5.56 rifles?

And then the very next operators they go with:

>Give Hong Kong, who hates China and has a very rich European history and connection to Europe to the point where their legal system is also in English, Chinese only assault rifles that are the export restricted Chinese-military-only versions and not even the exportable Norinco ones that can be sold around the world meaning Ubisoft quite literally thinks Hong Kong is just basically a normal Chinese city under China's rule
>Also give them the Crye Six12, a high tech brand new advanced shotgun not even on the market yet

>Give Pollacks Czech weapons and some random ass shotgun developed inside the USA to get around ATF regulations using loopholes in wording of firearms classifications

It's some weird ass combinations going on here

spen uses a lot of german guns
imagine jackal with MG3

>HKfags are still butthurt about the chink guns
I dont know whos more pathetic the HKers or the polacks

Hello /r6g/, who is your waifu?

Fucking nerf 3 speeds already holy shit ubisoft

>nerf 3speeds don't fix netcode xd
3speeds wouldn't be half as bad if shots registered and people didn't intentionally hit the ping cap.

shes so cute :3

>devs make 'dude, 5 speed Ash' jokes and clearly know how much bullshit she and other 3 speed operators are
>they don't do anything about it

I want to punish him sexually whenever I see this daddy.
Will he be healthy then?

I just got a legendary alpha pack on a game that I LOST. Game must have glitched.

>ask castle player to follow me and put a cade at a few spots
>it's a french QT
>complements me on my english
>asks me to speak slowly because she can barely understand me
My chest is tight boys.

>french woman playing as a nigger

Stop being a shitter and pick IQ or Thatcher.


i am as well

Koreaboos are worse than normal weebs, just ignore them.

>tfw I unironically find Alexandre attractive

to be honest 3 speeds are too fast for a tactical game like this
i see someone here saying that making 3 speeds strafe speed the same as a 2 speed but their sprint is still fast would be a nice change

same, even worse is when someone talks and straight ignores them or even better, completely ignores what's happening with the rest of the team. I played with a friend's friend who was like that. He sucked ass and complained about the game

hes great looking not memeing here
nice face and jaw line and the grey in his hair and beard is delicious

You can't shoot out a mine that's underneath or above a window or doorway

>get into a match with a 300 but spikes to 1200ping frequently ela
>she teleports around a corner while not holding a weapon and kills me before I could see her
>gets kicked but rejoins just before round starts anyways
>next round 1v1 against her
>hear her moving so prefire and uncrouch
>killcam shows her sprinting and mag dumping at thin air to the left of me
>gets kicked again but rejoins just in time
And I thought the 2-300 ping was bad enough.


>Weebs are normal

>what are different entry points
>what are frags

IQ's gadget isn't just for spotting points. Use the intel wisely, which a lot of people don't seem to be capable of doing.

>pretending to not understand context
here's that (you) you wanted, now stop being a frogposter.

why? just ignore me
keep what you said

also his accent is hot like a grumpy dad.

>tfw no gay, hot, grumpy sounding french game dev to share my life with

i want to lick IQ's sweaty soles!

The problem is that if all the CTU's in game used the weapons those CTU's use in real life, the weapons list would literally be nothing but AR and MP5 variants with a few AK pattern weapons and one or two oddball guns. Also, basically every police CTU would be using Glocks.

Take the SDU, for example: almost every weapon they actually use is already in game in some form. The only unique gun the SDU would have is a Glock.

this is why im ok with shit like frost using a sterling
im ok with pretty much all the weapon choices in the game

Mommy? She is not even 30 yet, she can be your gf.

>Lv 40 noob
>Can't read whole map yet
>My team's average level is 40-70
>opponents are 140-160
>overwhelmingly trampled in the first match
>my team starts quit the game

At least the Canadians used to use the Sterling. They only replaced it in the 90's.

Really though, I mainly consider all the Operator's weapons to be personal choices by those Operators.

she can be my older sister

me too desu
they are in an elite multination black ops anti terrorist unit im fairly sure they arent limited to their old units weapon selection

If you have a passion to learn play twitch
if not you'd better play sledge thatcher doc and rook

>blind ela
>still die because 50rounds insane hipfire accuracy
hate this operator

shes getting nerfed so just hold out till next year when the midseason reinforcements drop

I hope they don't reduce her magazine capacity. Just give her gun worse hipfire and stronger recoil.

whats that?
15 bullet mag size and nothing else?

Knowing Ubi, that's probably exactly what they'd do.

I don't like the EVO that much, I like Ela's shotgun better. But if they reduce the magazine capacity on the EVO, they'd need to remodel the magazine.

>They wasted all the good rifles by giving the first 5 CTU's on launch a bunch of random ass firearms
>Ash gets both an M4 and the G36
>IQ gets a Sig 552 and a Steyr Aug AND an LMG'd HK21

>Start adding new characters
>All the fucking guns were used up already
>Give them random shit


The Glock shit makes me the most mad honestly

I fucking hate Glocks, so I'm not assblasted about them being in the game.

I would like one Operator to have a Glock 18, though.

What is FMG

Is anyone else experiencing random rubberbanding and lag spikes since Blood orchid release? Shits barely playable for me now

>"hehehe, ill just use the hostage as cover"
>enemy ends up doming the hostage
>keikaku doori
>watching the round end replay
>i'm like a solid 2 feet to the right of the hostage and visible as all fuck
>they just came around the corner, saw my legs moving, and decided to head shot the hostage despite the piss easy shot
I was still yucking it up with my boys but that was just terrible on their part

A non existent failed concept of a folding carbine kit by Magpul where the only thing glock is the slide.

I wouldn't consider this a Glock either because we're obviously talking about wanting a Glock pistol not a gun that is technically a Glock but covered up in it's entirety and used as a primary weapon and not a pistol.

>folding carbine
that is the shittiest snub barrelled bullpup SMG I've seen in a while. a drunken hillbilly fanning his revolver would hit pabst beer cans better than this shite

do you not appreciate the accuracy of a stock for your pistol user?

Yeah but rather as the Stechkin automatic pistol. Russians pulled that off quite early.

What about B&T's new weird Pistol they are trying to hock on police?

>pull it out
>works perfectly as a pistol the exact second you need it in an emergency
>flip open the stock for maximum accuracy
>includes a built in red dot that Aimpoint for some reason still hasn't released for sale REEEEEEEEEEEEE

But would this make Ela less special because she doesn't have the monopoly on pistol red dots?

Yeah, that's a thing with BO. Some people get it worse than others

The folding stock looks a bit uncomfortable, but if I'd wear a ballistic vest that goes close enough to my shoulders I might not care much. Red dot is a bit much, but a targeting flash light or laser seems fine. What is with the extended mag? Another full auto? Gonna shoot them skittles thieves real good.

why we using teamspeak instade discord?
vg generals usually discord?

why do you care what the circlejerk uses?
I hope you're not a part of it.

it's just a fuckhuge mag, but the point of the pistol is to serve both roles. If you were to draw it with your right hand and hold it like any other pistol you would really not notice any difference vs a normal pistol. So in the normal situations where an officer needs to draw a service weapon they can deploy it equally as fast as any other, and then when you get a moment you can pop the stock to the side and increase your accuracy.

I believe the pistol is being marketed to law enforcement to deal with threats of the modern age. Like the Paris shooters in Hebdo or that dude in Dallas, it sort of gives officers the ability to adequately fight back without sacrificing or adding to weight, having to issue SMG's or any other nonsense.

Or in simpler terms, being able to take on an AK with this thing vs just having a glock would be way better all things considered, especially if the second mag you put into it after dumping your normal 15-ish magazines is one of those 30 something round extended ones.

The idea is nice but in practice it seems extremely limited. This is why US officers carry long arms in their vehicles, why can't EU do the same?

Sometimes there just isn't time, user.


Here's a shitty list I made, secondaries not included. Apparently Spain uses the UMP, so I gave that to them and handed the FBI the MP5 10mm, which has been a staple of Rainbow 6 since forever (in addition to this change, Pulse would be Ding Chavez). Wikipedia says BOPE uses the M1 Carbine, so that'd be neat. I also made the bold decision of making the Bearing-9 Echo's primary, since it's actually their primary SMG. Valk gets a Honey Badger, SDU defense is the only one I'm really stumped on since I tried to make it all unique. Just give them the MPX or something I guess.

i want to give her a cuddle and marry her

Was there anything that Ubisoft could have done to lessen the power of the peakers advantage?