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Don Juan mask with zebra pattern edition

Previous Hotline miami heist with the drill thrown in the courtyard:
>Extremely Autistic Guide on the Mechanics of PAYDAY 2:

>Workshop Manual

>Upcoming Payday 2 Tournaments:

>Skill/Weapon Stat Calculator:

>Breakpoint calculator

>Old Skilltree Guide:

>Perk Deck Guide (slightly out of date):

>Stat Ranking and Breakpoints:

>Weapon/Armor/Damage/Pickup Spreadsheets (not up to date):

>Weapon Skin Checklist (totally up to date):

>Big Oil Engine Calculators:


>Latest Updates Here:

>Worst steam Group on earth:

>Mods and Lua:

>Weapon Skin Previews

>Reddit Daily Dose

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1st for unseen strike being slighty less useless now

second for Connor Shaw being /our guy/


>our guy
>a shilling kike
>throwing shit at the Sociopath perk deck

>My friend has an Xbox one and it can run 360 games. I don't know a thing about the payday 2 for Xbox 360 but could he possibly get it and if so would he be playing with people on PC?

what do i answer him ?


This thread better not be ded when i wake up

>implying anybody used this perk deck in years

gotta be realist, it's all about muscle, rouge and anarchist perk deck now.

>hotline miami fanboys

get out of here

Whos the best payday character and why is it Sokol?

because he has the best lewds.

Sydney, Clover and pdg-tanfags BTFO

literally nothing feels as "right" as masterfug with GL40 and a pistol of choice

please help

Seeking heisters for Nostalgia challenge please save me from this pub hell.

>24 hours until the release of RAID

are we /hype/ now ?

i unironically am

beta just made me wish i was playing payday desu

Has the PDTH hud been updated for the latest updates yet?

Is there a worse stealth heist than the Train heist?

god i wish, not sure if it ever will

It's 29 hours actually

>get kicked from a TH lobby because of someone else's mistake

Framing Frame Day 3

Framing frame. Literally sucks the dignity out of life

I know jack-shit about getting models out of game files so does anybody by chance have the model files for some of the masks/guns? They look like they would be great fun to make with pepakura

It is the easiest and most fun.
If you know how to do it properly.
You just kill all the guys and civs at the lumbermill, makes it so fucking easy. Stealth is generally easy after you do every heist once.
I seriously dont see why you plebs are complaining, these missions are really fucking easy.

24th for the most underrated akimbo of the game

just got back from school
time for you cucks who still unironically play the game to poST SOME CODES

Ay mayne
youre not even using maniac + frenzerker wid it
you wont be killin shiet
Just gibbit to me mayne.. Ill make good use of the skin.

bump for lewds

Page 6


>the only way I can find stealth lobbies is by setting it to worldwide
>everyone is a cheater or a russian with 500ping at best

page 10


>So dead that we're merging with other dead generals


I fear the day we also accept dead by daylight people in here, at least raid is another fps that's obviously similar to pd2

>that guy loosing his shit in the comments of the latest announcement on steam

j├ęsus christ my sides

can i get a gz pls

>he is actually posting vermintide content


Get out of here with your madman ramblings, every respectable man knows "ratmen" don't exist.

Anyone wanna play RAID at launch?

I plan on playing RAID at launch, yes, but I'm not driving the car, I suck at driving in any game ever.

>snipers aren't just an optional shooting target and are actually dangerous now

>ask questions during the stream
>no answers

>asking jews questions
what did I miss
this is for RAID, right?

>Connor Shaw is in the stream

truly the youtuber we deserve although not the one we would want

>There will be DLCs, but they may not come out as often as in other games
>This is because the DLCs are going to be bigger, kind of like expansion packs

let's see if they hold up to that promise

>DLCs won't come as often
>when they do they'll be bigger and "almost like expansion packs"
I don't have a reaction image to properly convey how much bullshit I think this is.

They won't dumbass

am I late, did I miss the stream?



It ended like an hour ago

did I miss anything important? Like a code for free stuff?

Only missed the sneak footages of Diamond heist for payday 2 at the end. It wasn't much so don't feel guilty for not seeing it.

Thanks Bain. I totally did not read this in your voice.

Does creamapi work after BLT 2.0?

Just saw that the developers changed the Unseen strike skill, is it better or no ? Didn't really understand the changelog

Once you get the bonus you won't lose if you get hit for it's duration, so if you have it aced, not getting hit for 4 secons will give 18 seconds of crits even if you get while the bonus is active, but the cooldown still is bugged and doesn't restart unless you get hit.


How many people are not really caring about raid ww2?


As much as there are peoples using the AK-5 in payday 2

Post humble mask 3 you trash ashley.

Thanks bb

Crap, got those already


Thanks based user

user save my soul with some PAYDAYCON 2015 codes


Ty based user

thanks for LQMHI now I just need UE or scarface

what's 2015 paydaycon if 2016 is the clover mask

Clover best girl.

there you go

Anons = gods

thanks for EYFCK almir you giant flying bad dragon dildo

Completely overkill codes when.
I need me some mega dallas.
Almir pls.

>mfw tempted to use incendiary grenade launchers but don't know how to be efficient with them on DW.

inb4 dragon's breath shotguns is all someone would need in life.

Based user dammnit

I got the third last code.
I got the last codes for these.

>implying anybody is giving COP codes for free now

it would be a miracle if you get one under 100$. The jews were strong on this one.

Post more Dallas.

of course when Im actually being a responsible human being codes get posted
still got pack 3 and the 2015 one though thank you user

Come on you keks, find those fucking bundles!

I failed the yatch heist on OD with literally 1 second before touching the exit. Whats the best way to kill myself?


I fucking love yacht heist and playing it. It's a good feel to kill the guards in the server room just because I want to after sneaking by on 0 pagers used

basically OVERKILL can't into console gameing
the PS3 version can only play with PS3; the X360 version can only play with X360; PS4 with PS4; and XBO with XBO
fortunately at least the three (3) editions for PS4/XBO seem to be compatible (ie: PS4 host with Most Wanted can play with PS4 clients with Crimewave)

obviously, none of the console versions can interact with Steam (PC) version

dbd already merged with friday the 13th to make /assg/
they have no reason to merge with us considering they get like 300 posts/day and their last 5 threads (i got lazy and didn't check more) actually reach post limit instead of dying by inactivity like we do

>tfw i "returned" my extra COPs from the 4-pack to Trashley 2 years ago

I swear guards have appeared BEHIND me on car shop out of nowhere. How do people consider alesso worse than this or train heist


Overkill BTFO?
Not sure who they're expecting to buy RAID. Why would anybody do it?

>poor mans payday
>actually more expansive than payday

your ass is more expansive than this piece of shit

I meant expensive but the autocorrect of my phone took charge. Its a post regarding Raid so it was not worth rewriting it.

Looks like Haddockbanker and the comments were right, game isn't worth shit.

Hello Robber, Heisters and Thugs! New side jobs are out!

Today's Daily Side Jobs are:
- Afraid Of The Dark (halloween_3)
- Greased Lightning (any_25_taser_kills)

Today's Safehouse Daily is:
- Cocaine Rush (daily_coke_run)
Brought to you by Rust.

And this week's new Weekly Side Job is:
- Tabula Rasa (frog_1)
Complete it for your chance at an Infamous quality Dillinger Death mask!

We will see you again on the front-lines and by the thermal drill.

Fuck off also bump

I will destroy you

Why do we have a shitposter that posts achievements or whatever the fuck, nobody cares

I wanna see you try it