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Make lobbies, have fun. When making a lobby, please mention region, platform, and how long you plan on keeping it open. And don't play on wifi.

I love Elphelt!

dying general soon you will return to dust

>making a new thread when the old one hasn't reached bump limit

You will regret this

Reminder, do not respond to shitposters. Ignore and report.

White and based.

Any yuros awake?

I'm starting to think it's a requirement for black people to be elphelt mains. Every damn time there's an Elphelt it's a black guy playing her.

Well Elphelt does kind of look like a coalburner.

How do I faust

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IAD is the hardest thing ever >:(
wish there was a dash button T_T

git gud fag

I love Faust, he's the cutest


for airdashing from normals with lots of hitstop like H's i just do 8566

return to neutral and do it slower. 956

Here's what you do:
>1. Go to practice mode
>2. Go to one end of the screen
>3. Attempt to IAD to the other side.
>4. Once you reach that side, IAD back to the start.
>5. Repeat for many hours until you can do it consistently.

I love Dizzy instead, she's the cutest.

Ky pls go

Do you use a stick or a pad? If you do switch to a keyboard or hitbox.

If you don't play on those or you don't want to switch then just practice more.

Why are the valentines so powerful again?



no she doesnt. delet this now

She does look like one though, and being Elphelt she would fuck the first black guy that showed any interest in her. Millia kinda looks like a coalburner too, even more than Elphelt actually.

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She does though, seriously, Millia is the kind of girl you would see in a blacked video. Luckily she's not a slut like Elphelt, so she's not gonna go around fucking blacks.

I hope.

Sell me me on this game, I have till morning to decide on it

I think Millia would be worse than Elphelt desu, plus she can't get pregnant

>Sell me me on this game

It's fun and the best looking 2D fighter on the market, and the soundtrack is fantastic.

No it's bad. Don't play.

It's a relatively accessible anime fighter, probable the most newbie friendly of them all right now.

back to /fgg/ samefag

You have a point, but I don't see Millia as the type of person that has sex with strangers. Also nice trips.

if you need to be sold on it, you probably shouldn't buy it

I want to eat Jam's cooking!

I want to fondle May's breasts!

Stop sexualizing May

Maybe when she stops being so sexy

these threads have disgusting conversations sometimes. Veeky Forums incels need to stay in their undertales generals.

I want to cuddle with Faust and let him know how much I love him

you better not do anything lewd to him

That comes next

I'm gonna post it

Bet you won't.

Don't push me

Wanna play some games instead?

Where are you from

i DARE you

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Well I'm from the EU so that's not happening

Fuck, that's it, I'm done, I'm gonna post it, I'm gonna fucking do it

>says he'll do it
>won't do it
you must be european

I am going to do it, and once I do you'll regret everything you've ever done

One hour later

Slayer is the perfect character for bad players who want to feel like they're better than they actually are. This is coming from a Slayer main.


That would be Jack O.

take time in your day to remember jarpig /ggg/



Is he the user who want to CEOtaku?

no user, its /jrpgg/

May is the honestest.

I'm still alive user, I ended up taking not as many pics as I wanted because I was too engrossed, sorry

Give us the run down of you saw and did.


I got to play with a ton of people, since it was a 24 hour venue there were some just literally living in the venue itself. Checked out the art gallery, almost bought a Daki, I ran a BlazBlue pool to see what it would be like, which ended up making me really interested in BB. Playing with high level people in GG made me heavily reconsider who I want to main in the long run, I also had all you can eat KBBQ and Sushi, the "Stun Edge", a ceotaku styled drink based on Ky, generally it was an all around great time. Watching Top 8 for UNiST, BB and GG made me so hype, and it was cool to get to share that hype with those around me, I recommend going to a major when you can

I'm glad you had a good time user.

No that is Sol

The EU hours, they're too strong.

I'm up much earlier than usually. Anyone want an early midwest PC lobby?

I'd be down in like an hour, got class right now.

I was gone all weekend how did pc ec do in the beginers tourney? Also, did you guys start using the bigger dedicated lobby?


Why doesn't Steamcharts show Rev 2 numbers?

its dlc

The only way to get it to work with being able to switch from Rev 1 to 2 in game on steam easily was to package it as dlc for Rev so it's the same steam application.


Did the finished Baiken commission ever get posted?

>2nd day of owning GG
>go online to try out a few matches
>get completely destroyed with them jumping in
>people refuse to do a second match with me so I can get timings down

What absolute fucking cunts. No wonder fighting games are small/dying.

what was your delay/what color were your opponent's icons

I think it's WIP based on this post

If you can't string together a BNB then that's on you. You should have some basic competency in execution otherwise it's a waste of everyone's time. It's like showing up to a literature class when you're illiterate. You can't expect everyone to have patience either, some people might help but if you were that obviously untrained then you need to spend some time training and playing the CPU.

Not that user, but I see that the "practice for one hundred hours before going online" is true after all.

>to spend some time training
>and playing the CPU.

i'll host a lobby if anyone's interested, EU PC

I know how you feel, it feels even worse when it happens in a beginner lobby.

The CPU is so dumb in this game man, I can beat it on maniac just by spamming ground viper.

Just played my first online matches against a Milla it was a pretty fun experience. Got the game 2 weeks ago so I wasn't confident enough on my skills, won some but lost most of them. I love this game.

While you're not wrong I have to say that it's really discouraging when it happens.

We didn't try using the bigger lobby yet. We got one person in top 8 last tourney, but he didn't advance farther than anyone else has. Unfortunately everytime one of us gets into top 8 they get one of the stronger competitors and lose in winner's semi's and then lose in loser's quarters. None of us have been able to advance past that.

Learn his best pokes,get used to canceling those pokes into items,learn his aa and combos with them,join the faust discord

Not true at all. I was barely playing for 10 when I hopped online. What you need to do is get the basics of defense down, and at the very least knowing how to faultless defense/burst, and know a few simple bnb combos/knockdowns that you can utilize in a match. It's gonna be rough the first few times even against people with the most basic competency, but after a few matches you'll calm down and start being able to implement what you've practiced. After that just continue to add to what you've learned while practicing basic execution, and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you join a room and don't want to get completely bodied, just ask if the person you fight can use a secondary/tertiary character, or even one they haven't practiced with at all so you can get some practice in. Most people would be happy to help.

How do I beat Faust?

Hope he gets shit RNG

I'm at 50 hours and I still don't know any combos, I think I'm doing something wrong.

I don't lose 10 games in a row because of RNG. I know one of my problems is not mixing up my air approach or anticipating the 6P since I often don't know how to get around all the bullshit he throws out, but other than that, do I need to be anticipating his item grabs and run in the moment he starts pulling it out and gain advantage? It seems if I just try to react, I just get pressured again or have to deal with an oppressive neutral.

Use combo mode dumpass. It doesn't really teach you optimal combos, but it'll teach you what works with what and how to connect various attacks together. Some of the simple ones you learn are actually pretty effective and very usable in a match.

>do I need to be anticipating his item grabs and run in the moment he starts pulling it out and gain advantage?
If you do this too often he'll anticipate it and start chucking bombs at you from the air instead, just be aware of that.