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gigi-chan best waifu

second for best couple

You know who is kind of great? Peebs!




>You will probably die before being able to have fun exploring space.
Worst timeline.


10th for wholesome bird wife


Late night Jack post!

Who knows, user. Do you think people born in the late 1800s thought that they would never see the rise of commercial air travel, or that people would be flying at all?
Technology moves at a brisk pace. We may just be at the cusp of another break though that will send us into the stars.

idk man. people born in 1900 say some crazy shit they ever expected to see.

remember CD's bro? whens the last time you saw someone buy one? and now people are legitimately working on going to mars! thats crazy!

Late night Li-Ara post!

It's sad/funny how we talk more about a 5 year old game than one that came 7 months ago.

it's only once per night you fucker. and you've used that pic before.

Yes, my user!

The Initiatives were asleep for 600 years.
Is that travel light year time, or literally 600 years?

Literally 600 years, which actually is way too low. They should have been asleep for way longer.

600 years of traveling at the speed of light.

Is this from something or is it just this gif?

That's actual years.

The Andromeda galaxy isn't 600 light years away, it's 2.5 million light years. The Milky Way itself is roughly 100,000 light years across. 600 years at the speed of light wouldn't even get you a tenth of the way across our own galaxy.

Cap for the user or anons if the greentext is a different person that made the comfy camping story.

Damn, that means everyone in previous ME are dead, save maybe for Liara.

Also who was operating the Arks during that time? SAM?

Grunt may also still be alive, maybe Shepard too, after all he was basically a cyborg.

>Damn, that means everyone in previous ME are dead, save maybe for Liara.

>Also who was operating the Arks during that time? SAM?

Literally never touched upon. Could either be sophisticated VIs or SAM. Or maybe they melted people out of cryo for a ten year shift or something and did rotations.

It's from a series of gifs done by a user on deviantart. No space husbando anime, unfortunately.

Do you know who or have a link? Im not even interested in Garrus/femshep but I think they look cool

Who do I romance /meg/?

Male Ryder

Don't be a fag, but if you seriously have to for the love of God don't pick Reyes. Fucking cringy tumbler is obsessed with him for some fuckin reason

Shepard had too many miles on them even if they survived ME3.

Miranda will be the longest lived human there is and she still won't make it even remotely close to 600

Excellent, thank you.


Reyes is a piece of shit, don't go for him.

Neither. Stay single. Let's your Ryder live the swingers life

Well at least theirs still Grunt.

>ywn read a fic where Matriarch Liara and Chief Urdnot Grunt meet up after several centuries and reminisce about old friends

cool, ty

You might as well choose Jaal because you can take him out on the field as opposed to Gil and you should never submit to Reyes

Does /meg/ still want a CYOA update tonight?
Or would another day work better for an interactive fade to black?

You son of a bitch


Your choice m8, doesn't matter to me.

Should probably wait /meg/ is pretty ded right now


> Im not even interested in Garrus/femshep

uh, for the next few hours you have a lonely yurop at your hand. Other than that It´s pretty ded

What did he mean by this?

Can someone fucking tell me where the fuck is the goddamn entrance of the kett base in Voeld?
Youtube vids take are fucking 45 mins long and guides in the internet don't even say where exactly the fucking entrance is.
I've been at this for 3 godforsaken hours holy shit.


Found this someone made while searching for an answer, so hopefully it helps.

>"So Scott. I see you are pathfinding inside my sister these days. Would you like to try pathfinding inside me as well?"

okay /meg/, the question to end all questions:
turian girlfriend or quarian girlfriend?

No contest.



Turian bf




settle down, disgusting aliens

there's enough bullets to kill all of you


Turian GF


>Turian gf
+Probably a stickler for physical affection and holding hands
+Military society, mandatory guntime funtime training
+/-Cute mandibles
>Quarian gf
+Firm suit that doesn't leave much to the imagination
-You can't see under the suit without nearly killing her
-Practically homeless
-Probably stole your credit chip

Turian any day.

Why can the quarian gf by loyal and a stickler for physical affection? Once she adapts to you, it's not like she's going to risk dying again just to get with someone else.


Because she uses hugging and the like to pickpocket you


>which actually is way too low

No, it's not. Travelling at the same speeds as most Citadel ships (around 15ly per day), it's around 500-600 years.

I doubt that all of them are thieves, user. It's all about finding the right one that's worth your time. Just don't take anything worthwhile in your pockets on the first few dates. If she doesn't want to spend the with you afterwards, well, then you can jump to a few quick solutions and dodge a bullet in the process.

Nothin' personnel ayliums

Man, the fact that it still takes 600 years even when you're traveling over 4,000 times the speed of light just to reach the nearest galaxy... That's a testament in of itself to how fucking huge space is. Like, incomprehensibly so. I don't think I'll ever fully grasp how far it actually is to our nearest star, even.

Think yo might be a little biased m8

Meant to reply to

Team dexbro is best team, there's no reason to fight.

>not wanting a turian gf who is clingy and very shy because she doesn't meet the traditional beauty standards her human bf has.

"I... I'm sorry I don't have those funny bumps like asari, humans and quarians."

Everyone wants a spiky turian girlfriend.

> not wanting to get a Tatoo just like your Quarian Gf

Should I play Andromeda? It's the only Biwoare game with decent Asian characters.

Yeah, you probably should. You´re in for quite some experience

are you implying Kai Leng isn't a decent asian character?

Which is more embarrassing, this or an actual tattoo of Tali?

Tali is cuter, but ppl will have a hard time trying to find out where it comes from. Could be a special tattoo to someone with symbolism and such

none of that, fuck off

Based on the age of Drack, Wrex could theoretically still be alive by the time we reach Andromeda.
>ywn see a post-Reaper Tuchanka
>ywn see a true krogan civilization that's ironically more advanced/civilized than others
Krogan with pipes, monocles, top hats, and canes WHEN

I don't want a spiky gf, I don't want a gf at all. Romance is gay.

This, definitely this. At least with Tali people will know where she's from, but this is something only like four people would ever get. On the other hand, you can blend in with the normies easier, since y'know, nobody knows what this is from. Either way, it looks like shit.

Do weapon mods persists when holstered or do you have to have them equipped?
Also why should I bring any gun more than one.

Nah the effects only last while equipped. And bring two, so you have a backup.

>X5 Ghost
>literally never stop shooting

I'm thinking going with ARs and Pistols. Are they good? Shotguns are useless because pretty much everyone will drain your shields and hp in seconds while being damage sponges.
Also why is my shield purple?

>ARs and Pistols
Good choice.
>Also why is my shield purple?
Biotic class is equipped, it turns all your shields into barriers (which are literally the exact same except, y'know, purple).

Wait shit I messed up, it's not biotic classes, it's the biotic skill Barrier that does this. It persists even into non biotic classes. You must've put points in it.

Oh i do.
I'm going for a tech/bio build that makes enemies explode. It's working really well so far.
Only problem is there isn't really a good profile for this. Either I up my tech or biotic stats, I'm using Sentinel though because I'm in hardcore and i get ripped to shreds the moment I peek out of cover.
I also don't understand why the squad have jacked up hp and shields while ai only have like half of theirs.

>I'm going for a tech/bio build that makes enemies explode. It's working really well so far. Only problem is there isn't really a good profile for this. Either I up my tech or biotic stats
You tried Explorer yet?
>I also don't understand why the squad have jacked up hp and shields while ai only have like half of theirs.
The game is balanced around Normie difficulty, and when games do that, the other difficulties tend to be just changed stats.

Posting again just in case anyone missed the talifag goldmine from the last thread
She's made 12 other videos like this one :3

>be fighting my first Architect in Voeld
>squaddies are giving me hints in comms
>they are nowhere in sight

What the fuck is this? They don't even come to me when I call them.


>first Architect
Sorry to break it to you user, but the "first" Architect is actually on Eos, at the end of the earthquake quest. Don't worry, I made the same mistake.

What armor user?


Everything she does is carefully calculated emotional manipulation to get in good with the Pathfinder and reap the benefits. The only thing genuine about her is her devotion to her sister.