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Late night /dag/ thread!

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>"There's a DA project happening. It's not confirmed as the 4th main game in the series." - Mike Laidlaw!
>Dragon Age: Knight Errant #5 comic is out!
>Bioware's new IP, Anthem, is set for fall 2018!
>Divinity: Original Sin 2 is out!

>Check this before asking questions!
>DA:O mods!

>How do I import my save into DA:I?!
You can use this website to create your own DA world history by bringing over your choices from the previous games. You need an Origin account!

>/dag/ (incomplete) art archive!

>/dag/ booru!

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>finally a Cass thread
>it's DOA

lelianos x cassandra for life



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Yeah, Alistair would definitely be more up your alley. Cocks in general.

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I'm not your babe, Lelianos

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But she is already a male.

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/dag/ is depressing

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user's ass?

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Cassandra's ass and page 10

Lelianos' ass and page 10

Why are we 5 people the only ones on Veeky Forums who like Dragon Age, my anons? Why is everyone wrong?

They need to let Andraste's love penetrate their hearts

Yes, my user!

Fuck off with that fanfic you false DA fan.

>love Leliana with all of their body
>not a true DA fan


Someone should prove this poster wrong by posting every Cassandra image that they have on their hard drive

K, here it goes.

Maybe Dragon Age is just shit.

okay I'm here what do you guys want

Is there a BW game like Doki Doki Literature Club?

is there a bioware game that is anything like dominions 4: thrones of ascension

Fuck off

Hey there. I'm from utg. Never played any of the DAs.

Describe to me a situation from your game in a misleading way and let me try to guess the context.

Have you heard about the glory that is Ermor?

Stop posting your shitty general everywhere and fucking kill yourself

For fucking real /dag/? Let it end already goddamnit.

Why did you ask us to come here?

Bioware is dead, give up.

Origins was the only good Dragon Age game.
Stolen Throne was the only Good DA book.

Do any of the Mass Effect games let me fuck a male Krogan yet?

Hey, /utg/ here. Please take care of yourselves. Hopefully Anthem rocks.

Begone, skeleton scum

haha what's going on right now

Are Bioware games entirely waifushit now? I haven't played one since Dragon Age: Origins.

It's tumblr now. DA:O was the last good game and also the lhe last one with good waifus. Inquisition had some ugly elf with brain damage and a short haired butterface as your female romance options. Also some rat-face but she is not a companion.

The dwarf scout was the only good-looking one

And not a romance, you could only flirt with her. Because the retarded lead writers thoguht drawves are weird and small and look like children. He is luckily not the lead writer anymore, he hasn't made anything good in a while.

Hell yeah. Isn't it great?

Strange how every good looking character isn't eligible for romance innit?

Have you ever heard the tragedy of moye the legend?

Finished reading it yesterday I think its a great book, it even made me like Loghain which I thought impossible. Moved on to The Calling earlier, wasn't expecting a young Duncan.

Just bought DA:0 what am i in for?

One of the last good bioware game


It's been 3 months since E3 and we're about a year away from Anthem's release. Would be a nice time for Bioware to release soemthing about that game, if they want people to still care about it. Any Anthem news that I've missed in the meantime?

Bioware is dead. Their latest games are bad and no hardcore rpgfan cares about them. Obsidian, CDPR and Larian Studios are the only good rpg developers left.

No arguing there, but if they're smart they'll push something out for Anthem.

Bethesda is good too

Bethesda makes good sandbox-esque games that have some rpg elements but they are not proper, full-fledged rpgs. Bioware has been heading to ruination by copying Bethesda's formulae.

name 1 (one) good bethesda game


you are trolling... right?

I kinda liked Fallout 3 and Dragonborn/Dawnguard dlcs.

Dragonborn was fun as fuck and Dawnguard gave us Serana so they're good in my book. Skyrim is a really fun game despite the way Bethesda keeps trying to whore it out.

Fallout 3 is the best in the series.

>Fallout 3 is the best in the series.

obsidian has gone to shit

>you're not allowed to like Morrowind because Gothic 2 was a good game
Stunning logic.

>Fallout 3 is the best in the series.
Eh. What said.

I've got my reservations about Obsidian. I mean, people expected PoE to be the next Torment when in fact it wasn't going to be, it wasn't aiming to be, in the first place. They were going more for BG1. And I think they did that, they matched that, but I also think that they had to do it. They needed to make something introductory and basic, a way to ease us into the world and its quirks and the lore, much like BG1 did to people unfamiliar with the Forgotten Realms. Tyranny was a good idea, on paper, that lacked depth, what with the limited resources and short development cycle, plus it lacked good writers. And that's my main reservation towards Deadfire. I heard they got Ziets back for it, which is great, but I'd like something more. I think I'll have fun playing it, but I doubt it will be the BG2 of Obsidian.

>/utg/ is literally the one board that didn't hurl insults
You guys are cool

Andraste's love transcends all generals


I'm about to start installing mods for DA:O, should I use the DAO Modmanager or DA Modder?

I've been hearing that the mod managers can cause issues, is there any truth to that?

Former one.