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>Anne is sweaty!
>Anne is buxom!
>Anne is beautiful!
>Anne is happy!
>Anne is wet!
>Anne is cute!
>Anne is flexible!
>Anne is an angel!
>Anne is lewd!
>Anne is sad!
>Anne is silly!
>Anne is for kisses!
>Anne is stylish!
>Anne is for sexual!
>Anne is awesome!
>Anne is sultry!
>Anne is pure!
>Anne is amused!
>Anne is quality!
>Anne is Lovers!
>Anne is canon!
>Anne is an apricot!
>Anne is an actress!
>Anne is a model!
>Anne is Santa Claus!
>Anne is Anne, not Ann!
>Anne is best girl!

You are now posting in Marie's thread!


You forgot your pic

There are too many cute girls in P5

What's with you discordfags and forgetting your image? Ryujifag did he in the last thread

This is going to be another slow thread, isn't it? Not that I mind.

They're all slow nowadays

We've been having slow threads ever since the start of this month

She's mine /pg/

Oopsy-doops. Sleepy lady.

She's probably ban evading and trying not to bring attention to herself.

Idk man, what's your zodiac sign and your favorite Persona/Shadow/Demon?

Claiming this stylish, scrumptious, skirted stunner.
Best model.
Most compassionate.
I'm so proud of Ann. I love her.

She's great!

I wonder what death is like

I'm not banned right now, Labrysfag is.

I'll speak of him how I fucking like, I'm also an Annfag but I think all ritual posts are stupid.

Desu, I haven't seen any of their ritualposts deleted in the last few threads. It was probably one of the fledglings that got banned

>Labrysfag is.
I knew that fucker was lying to me.

Are you the Junko faggot?

femc is for smooching

does anybody have a picture of femc being kissed

God save the Queen


nevermind But he was posting last thread?

>Believing falseflaggers


Post smug ladies.



Do you not like the Ann is poster?

I do, but what will you give me for it.

Gemini Sun
Pisces Moon
Three dominants are Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius


The only good Makoto

What do you wnt?

Something new, in a cool action pose. Not from P5.


post your favorite FeMC picture and be judged.

oh god i don't think I have a favorite

Don't take the deal, he's a bytch.


Is there such a thing as having a fetish for saliva exchange?

Then just roll the dice, see where they may fall. I'll take it that's not the one because you are in a state of indecisiveness.
disgusting desu


Okay I closed my eyes and randomly chose an image

Yes and it's mine


Sasuga degenerate

Night, brew

i know man

Good night everyone!

Good night

Good night!

>random picture of FeMC and Theo not doing anything
At least it was decently drawn, still you don't pass in my eyes.
>calls me a degenerate
>posts a picture of FeMC and Yukari lapping each other's faces like dogs


All opinions discarded

s-s-sorry user

so are you going to share any potential pics of smooching femc?

is it just me or there's an increase in annfag's number here?

not that i mind

Obligatory Makoto post

They all got bullied out of /v/ for being absolutely terrible.

No, i'll post LaughingDhores instead.

fuck you dude here i am posting my femc ofr you and youre just lauguhing at me

why would yoyu do this

Ann and Makoto fags gather here because people bully them.

Kind of.


>not that i mind

I mind. She's my wife the rest of you can fuck off.

Don't let that faggot alpha male you. He likes DR.

>Still no confirmation on Akechi's fate
I just want the shitstorm of him being alive already

kys fujo

Same desu. It's a shitstorm I don't want to miss.

Ok but not before Atlus shows Akechi's face again in the horrible P5 spinoffs

how would you describe /pg/ to a normalfag?

I love Ann, she's my wife and there's nothing you can do about it.

A pack of autists who worship a greater pack of autists

Honestly, the size of the shitstorm will vary depending on where he's been since the Phantom Thieves kicked his ass.

I for one want them to reveal he just gave up on revenge after he realized he'd never be able to beat the Phantom Thieves, and just went into hiding, and STAYED in hiding for no reason other than cowardice once Yaldy made his Christmas Eve move.

Because that would piss off EVERYONE except me.

A small group of retards who all pretend they play Persona then attempt to discuss the games sometimes.


but then harufags number should go up too here. and honestly i didn't see faggottery like /v/'s annfags here
no u

so anons and the squad?


what about defile her vagina with my gold medal winning cock?

/pg/ got the Ann, Makoto and Gorofags
/v/ got the Haru, Kawakami and Tae fags

Futabafags: MIA

Oh please, it's the Harufags that also start shit over there. Why would they come here, especially after we derail their threads.

>Futabafags: MIA
Honestly where the fuck did they go?

Does anyone have that image where Joker tells Shiho that he'll mess her up so badly that her body won't remember Kamoshida's cock, and she gets 3 music notes?


They're extremely active on reddit and discord


So does that count as cucking Kamoshida?

What's funny is that my friend who frequents redd*t is a Futabafag.

This is sad

That artist draws a LOT of Futaba. Mostly with Yusuke.

But since I know how easily triggered the Futabafags re (I think THAT is why they left), I'll post one that isn't shipping.

>The absolute state of Futabafags

Don't worry senpai, I got you.

>/v/ got the Haru, Kawakami and Tae fags
No wonder why /v/'s threads are cancer

I don't know about their activity on discord, but from the few times I've checked the subreddit, about half the frontpage was filled with Futaba posts and art.

user, do you know how hard it was to find a solo one?

Fuck it, post FutaInari.

>Kamoshida rape, AnnxRyuji, 70 votes
>Kaneshiro rape, MakotoxRyuji, Sae abuse, autistic Makoto, paint-drinking Makoto
>Meth, HaruxGoro, forehead edits, death to Haru
>they all stay

>people sometimes post a picture of her paired with Yusuke
>they all leave

We literally have fags here who said they are unironically a part of the ChurchOfMakoto discord and subreddit.

I don't know what's the big deal here. Yusuke is a great character.

Should we count Kawakami being a whore and "lol granny"?

Forgot, when they don't leave, they spam the thread with gore. I guess that's their version of a downvote?

Yes, but on the flip side they didn't completely fuck off from this website like the Futabafags seem to have done.

I honestly take any post about Makoto with a grain of salt since everyone falseflag as them all the time.
No one openly claims to be a redditor here.


I mean, I get mad when people ship my waifu with another guy, but I suspect it's because /pg/ makes me hate those guys. On the other hand, Yusuke's lack of popularity on /pg/ means he's just the "High Functioning Artist" to me. It probably doesn't help that, while I like Futaba, I can't see her as a romantic option.

Where did all the Futabafags go? They're not even trying to defend themselves right now.

Unlikely that will happen though. The likeliest scenario would be not that Goro willingly fucked off somewhere else, but that he COULDN'T come back even if he wanted to, eg trapped somewhere whether it is the Metaverse or someplace else

There's a real easy way to prove that not true.