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thanks faggot
t. handro

even though this is bait i want to reply anyway

i wasn't being funny, it hurts my feelings when people banter me

Guys I don't think I can get into WoW anymore. Vanilla just... sucks.

Stop being such a softie.

It's not bait and it wasn't pasta (tho anyone is welcome to use it as such, since in 3 years or so it will be a whole new crop of cata-babies trying to out edge each other so it will always be applicable).
I'd suggest just ignoring them, especially once you realize how little you or your feelings matter to them. That isn't a slam at you or them, just the way it is.

I wake up to see this creep (who i have blocked on discord) has been making images of me again. I will NEVER come to raid2 with him attending.

I'm wanting to get into this but I never really did the Vanilla grind. What's a good starting class? Warlock? Druid?

*charges you*
*crits you for 1/3 of your health*
*hamstrings you*
*kills you*
*is irrelevant 5 levels later as WW axe is not super overpowered*


Anything but warrior or priest. unless you want to tankslut/healslut it up.

hunter is considered the most noob-friendly class but I'm not sure that's even accurate. Also not sure it matters - none of the classes are particularly difficult to figure out and you'll do fine with anything.
It's time consuming so you'd be better off choosing a class that you're actually into rather than going off of some random buttlord's opinion.

Not me i was busy doin a pug run
t. Tha real handro

ZG in a week or two, my friends!

fuck of handro, nobody cares about you
t. handro

Got a new ring and neck piece.
t. Realest hanbro

Oh and a couple recipies it was a good run

I guess yeah, just figured to ask for a couple opinions before I dive on in. Thank you.


Just post ass pics on moh discord if you're cute or join triggered if you're ugly.

is moh on horde

im cute and in triggered and they bully me and i dont like it

>try to level Alliance
>have to do the Westfall -> Loch Modan -> Redridge circuit OR suffer Darkshore
>try to level Horde
>have to deal with Barrens overpopulation OR grind Silverpine "lol no quests" Forest

This sucks.

moh is for cute boys, so its obviously on alliance

Just ERP with some lvl 60 and have him mob-tag for you.

Well, I did make an Alliance character but I'm not really up to joining a Discord yet, haha.


could someone take me in then and help me level

Thoughts on annihilation the guild?

OR I could just wait for a good server to come out because I've had three characters wiped on Elysium already.

I'm sorry, invites are only after manlett shares your pics and we vote on how cute you really are.

That's fine, I'll be alright leveling by myself for a bit. Thank you though.

Ask madti, he's probably online, don't be scared by shitposting in the thread, that guy is ok, just a little autistic.

i'm not in the discord could you post it

I'm not your dad so you can obviously do whatever the fuck you'd like, but I would suggest not joining a Veeky Forums guild straight away.
They'll bend over backwards to tell you that these threads do not represent them but they are full of shit. Imagine the stereotypes you might picture that a guild of Veeky Forums nerds playing a 17 year old russian private server would be like, and that is going to be very close to accurate.
If you are a teenager then you'd love it. If you are not a teenager, you would not love it.

This isn't necessarily meant to scare you into not joining one of their guilds. Go for it and find out. I'm just being helpful.
The server is huge and filled with all types of people you can make friends and have fun with. I'd consider it a last resort to spend your evenings listening to sniveling and lisping teenagers fat-breathing into your headphones while you quest.

in game, not on discord

>Never put yourself out there and adapt to a new social culture
>Always fall back to the comfort zone of irony and greentexters and memes because atleast I understand them

Idk m8 can't really understand what's wrong.

i don't have an alliance character...

Maadti and Madtii

Try either one

So much this. 90% of the time the guild text is nothing but shitposting, it's like being stuck in a perpetual Barrens chat. There's no variation in the conversation because these guys have talked with each other for years, establishing a clique, and they've already gone over almost everything they could talk about except for shitposting.

Find yourself a leveling guild outside of Veeky Forums, and then when you want to get pre-BiS switch on over.

hunter is the most noob friendly class because it is the easiest to level up and most of the mistakes you make in groups really only screw over other people.
>hunter: oops my pet pulled more mobs, the tank or healer better do something
>Hunter: holy shit an AXE with 22 str and 1% crit? dibs /need
>Warrior: what-the-FUCK!?!

both of those are non horde too

Yeah, I figured as much. I'll probably join up later down the line when I'm comfortable with vanilla, or maybe make my own guild to play around with. Thanks for the heads-up, though.

Helll tucker.

>join normie guild
>they /gkick for anything even slightly outside of spectrum
There is no reason to join one unless you can get loot out of them or have friends there.


>run my own guild with me myself and I


Do you have cool tabard?


The "normie guild" is a meme. Maybe at server launch, but ZG is almost out on Elysium. The casual players came and left already. Veeky Forums isn't a secret club and you'll find the same inane shit in "normie" guilds that you'd find in a Veeky Forums guild - the biggest differences would be general competency and social awareness.
I get that you need a safe space to call everyone nigger cucks but your inability to maintain your spaghetti is your issue and your issue alone.
I'd even bet that most people here are in normie guilds as outside of the rampant samefagging name-droppers in here, anyone with a functioning brain avoids Veeky Forums guilds. You can assume any decent advice here is from someone not in dindus or mandate.

>corpse of Trolofobia

Are you open for recruitment?

Why are all rogues this autistic?
Tabard is ok, but doesn't looks sort of stupid with shit gear.


she's busy with me, sorry

Its either reddit guilds pretending to be edgy, Veeky Forums guilds that are racists unironically or normie guilds with rules like this:
Members are not allowed to post the following while using Discord.
-Anything Political
-Anything Religious
-Anything that denigrates any group of people or country. Racism and intolerance of
people who are members of the LBGT community will not be tolerated.
-Raging excessively on other players, members/anyone here.

>shit level
>shit gear

i dont play often, but if you want to take up a slot in the guild I dont mind
/w mindy

Do I level Arms or Fury?

who is this mysterious tranny i see shitposted about so much?

hunter or priest. A lot of guilds have molten core 100% cleared and most core raids by now don't need any more benedictions/lok n roks. So you would have a pretty easy time getting into an alt raid or being handed one from a guild that doesn't need them.

Disgusting degenerate, keep it in discord


Is this shitty server ever up?




>we can handle 10k now guys!
>server shits itself at 5k

What a fucking joke of a server

I see. I guess I'll level Priest then since I don't mind just healing.

Prot bulls!

WOW really glad anathema and darrowshit has that new hardware

Server just shit itself and is rolling back nigga lmao

What are these inept cunts spending the chink goldseller money on?

I was logged out for a good 5 mins on my hunter alt. I'm good.

> we can handle 10k now guys
> reduces draw distance to 40 yards

Alright since Elysium shit the bed can you guys help me with Ares? I can't un-hide my cloak and helm.

Hookers and blow. I can't believe you losers still play here. I'm more than happy to give you advice about the game, but ya'll are fuckin' class-A morons to seriously devote this much time to a game that won't even earn you decent money IRL.

How long will this bullshit be for

reminder to play an alt on one of the other realms

HRT, not even memeing, shenna was known as vitaliy before elysium was released

Retail is shit
got a 60 on krono

Why the fuck don't we play on Kronos, anyways?

Would anyone in MoH mind running me through deadmines quickly once the server is up?


>sheeple didn't pick the hammer

I'm out

ask in game or on discord retard

No idea, much better dev team and scripting

well our 60s are already here

>talking about playing on Kronos instead of farming Hoggers.

Yea, sure, dm me on discord.

Redpill me on Xdimatroll.

Is she a bigger hoe than indusluut?

Why don't you have a 60 on kronos as well?


Who is playing on ARES? This shit is dead

Well I was enjoying being a rogue and rogue-ing it up, now I guess I'll go back to being existential about what class I want to play

maybe when I log back in I'll play my undead priest

i prefer indisluttwo tbqhfampai

Hmmm, it's not even disconnecting me, I wonder how long the rollback will be.

Well you see
it's because like
well i mean we're already here
so why move you know?

When will elysium finally manage to implement working pvp scripts? Even fucking retrowow got it right. Why can't elysium get their shit together?


>he doesn't have a 60 on kronos
pathetic, it's not about moving it's about having characters available for when servers shit he bed like this

gummy is a retard