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/sthg/ #960 - Hoot Hoot Sonic Warrior Edition

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Post the funniest Sonic image ya go.t


I have a feeling Forces will be like Colors. 7 missions per area.




Heavy Magician will never vore me...

Both Blaze and Silver are garbage characters
but Silver is the least cancerous

sonic is a game for worthless cumstains like all of you inbreed fucktards. Your mothers should have been shot for even thing of having you.

Cool, Smart, Cute will be the new way characters are sorted in Sonic Heroes 2, my dad works at Nintendo trust me.

Never give up on your dreams.

What's your favorite video game? Hatred?

Any news about Forces?

yeah, it's shit


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I'm striking the TSS preview from my personal consideration, since I discovered that the guy who wrote it had multipule emotional breakdowns over the reveal trailer and threatened another user over not hating it enough
Pretty much 30 fps on switch, PS4 pro might be a third party porting disaster, little too easy in the demo if it's the opening stages

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Nah more like watch the braindead get triggered by me being ruthlessly mean.

you did

So it's your first time shitposting then? Man, that takes me back.

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C'mon dude, this is just sad. If you lurked a bit more and really tried, I'm sure you could make a great bait post. Shitposting is an art, ya feel?

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oh really? Sad like your worship of a furbait icon that should have died back in 06?
That's sad.

Probably very unlikely, but did anyone here have the privilege to go to TGS, E3, or anywhere where the demo was featured? I'd like to hear the opinion of a native /sthg/-ian.

There we go. That's much better. You got a way for someone to argue with you, or hell, react with bait about how 06 was the last good game or that it was even good (Sadly I see some people genuinely defend 06 for stupid reasons)

Wow so angry, me just coming in and hurting your precious fee fee's and you want to hurt me?
All for a children game from the 90's?
Says much about you don't it?

This feels like a trip back to 2008 deviant art trolling.
It doesn't pass for much today, but back then it was enough to get several pages worth of angry journals written about you.
Really takes me back.

Why would some random literal-who make me in any way shape or form angry? Nah, I just want to bash your skull in because that's the right thing to do.

>Sadly I see some people genuinely defend 06 for stupid reasons
is unironically a great foundation with bad execution game.
Is a better game than LW or Boom

Reminder humans can love mobians.

Cute you think i am joking around with you.
Grow up and realize the internet thinks you all should have been euthanized after sonic R.
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>Is a better game than LW
Maybe if it was playable you might have a point but fuck off with this.

That's not what Light Gaia intended.

So psychotic, see a doctor before you end up stabbing your pet.
I am here to point out how worthless you all are.
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Lost World is the worst Sonic Team game since 06

It's everything Sonic shouldn't be

>Lost World is the worst Sonic Team game since 06
Yeah. That means that 06 is worse. You're contradicting yourself. I mean, I agree, Lost World is the worst game since 06, but still.

I know, right? All it's missing is the stickers on the profile page with "Anti" and whatever ship was most popular. Or hell, the old "Don't like don't comment/read" shit on FF.net.

I'd still say 06 is fundamentally worse than both, especially Boom, even if 06 has more moments that could be considered fun than Boom. Lost World is dull as shit but it's actually functional which puts it above 06 automatically.

I feel like the whole "06 is the worst game ever" argument has been parroted so many times that people think it's bullshit and it's lost any impact it had. But playing the game really makes you realize why people said it to begin with
Secret Rings is worse. Even if the story is better the gameplay is so much fucking worse. I'd take 15 Frozen Factories over some of Secret Rings' missions.

Its so easy, i am surprised you haven't been invaded by much better (though still equally useless faggots on other boards)
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>Defending Sonic galaxy
No , you stop


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I'm not contradicting myself because I'm somebody else

Okay yeah you're right, but that shit was C-Tier and made with the other half of the 06 Team. Both were kind of two halves of the same coin


Holy fucking shit this looks incredible. What in the holy living fuck are Sega doing? Hire these people.

Isn't the ugly retarded faggot with a inferiority complex having keyboard the worthless one here? No one would care if you died, man.

Green Hill Paradise is better.

If you think that piece of shit looks incredible you are a stupid, easily-impressionable dipshit.

>Okay yeah you're right, but that shit was C-Tier and made with the other half of the 06 Team. Both were kind of two halves of the same coin
That's fair. It's a C- to Secret Rings' D and 06's F
Not impressed desu. Yeah it's an okay proof of concept but truth be told it doesn't really look or play fun

The game is fine, playable and even fun at stages. I wouldn't want it to be the main basis of all future Sonic games but there's no way 06 is better.

Even if it was in a more playable state there's so many un-fun things about that game from motorcycles to Silver's everything.

Invasions usually die once the ship bait flamewars start up.
I can only assume boredom is the cause for all these (You)s

The world wouldn't even blink at anyone's death here, you don't matter.
AS for me dieing, i am,
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It's not Sega's fault. Sonic Team is just a shithole.

Looks boring.
>Green Hill

You do realize that hiring someone is more complex than that right? Taxman was in a working relationship with Sega for about 6 years before they let him do something like Mania. They can't just pick someone off the street and hand over the company mascot to them. Also Green Hill Paradise is better.

Let's see if they can actually make a real level with real things to actually do and find in it at SAGE this year. THEN we'll talk about "SEGA should hire them." Besides, Lange doesn't play nice with others. It wouldn't work out.

Up a bit late, aren't you, GHPAnon? Don't you have work in the morning?

Weird thread.

Shipping of characters that have ZERO personality, wow best thing i have heard all day.
Face it you just like the pretty colors on baby toy like furrys.
Losers that lot of you.

Amazing rebuttal

Not him but when I first saw it I thought it was ripe with potentially fun things to do and try, what don't you like.



It's fine, I prefer it without the lyrics though.

Hyper Potions are honestly overrated. If they wanted to make a vocal theme, they should have done it more in the style of the CD opening and ending songs. This isn't that good and screams generic electronic.

Just feels like a big empty sandbox, and truth be told maybe it's just me but I'm not super big on gigantic levels in platformers. I prefer tighter level design that leaves some room for exploration. Think some of the modern levels in Generations or hell, Final Rush. Final Rush is great. Tightly designed but there's still alternative routes. It doesn't feel gigantic but it doesn't feel like a corridor. It's the same problem I had with some Sonic World levels.

Please keep going. This is a major nostalgia trip.

The control scheme is great in motion, but the camera leaves a lot to be desired. Still far too much manual input is required from the player.

I hate that I love it.

Who's the artist?

/v/s opinion

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I'm in the same boat. Utopia feels great, but until I play a real level with real direction then I am still apprehensive. I think that GHP did a better job at actually filling its open-ended design with things to actually do, collect and find.

Oh you find this funny?
Wow your so stupid you don't even realize some one playing ya up good.
God Sonic Fans are just the retards of retards.
Why haven't you chocked on your own tongue at this point?

>Heroes 2 never ever

His so stupid what? You've gotta finish your sentences, brah.

I like it.

Heroes has some great levels. The problem is that a lot of them don't know when to fucking end. That and combat gets repetitive as shit towards endgame. Heroes, with some adjustments, could be fucking amazing, but it falls just short. But I do need to replay it at some point, it's been years
I haven't touched GHP yet because of school and shit, but it looks okay. I'm just apprehensive of people saying they're better than Sonic team, because like you said there's still no levels with real direction, just proofs of concept. It's just grasping at straws to try and find the next Mania, or make Sonic Team look incompetent (Which isn't even hard. You don't even have to resort to propping up fangames)

Isn't Sonic Utopia just kind of like Sonic Adventure with more open worlds and less air friction?

May someone explain why Lange avoids the heavy similarities to Sonic Adventure 1s control/mechanics?

>lets make sonic 64!!
both really can't see the point

I feel like there's some problem with the alternate routes/exploration aspect in Modern Sonic games.
Like in the classic games I feel it's really well designed when the harder to find/get to routes are usually the fastest while shitters are running along the bottom routes.

With that said I never really thought any of the modern games did that well. The default route was easy and the speed difference was usually really negligible .

That's kind of why I like some aspects of Utopia, it's so large you can easily spend a lot of time finding the most optimized routes and ways to keep up momentum, like how I would when playing the same maps in Tribes ascend over and over.

I'd buy a Sonic 64 at full retail price if it had AAA budget and production values.

Nah Heroes is perfect the way it is, fuck you.

That's not an argument.

And illiterate too?
Purge of retards when?
The gene pool needs cleansing

>people still haven't realized that the demo of Uptopia isn't the full game, it is a test level for you to play around in and understand the physics and gameplay, the actual game will have level design and focus, and not so large that is turns into a empty field at times

come on anons, imagine this game with a full fucking budget behind it, you know this shit would be god tier

What, you would rather Forces?

People rather just complain endlessly instead of rubbing their last two brain cells together.

>This thread.

So I see there's this troll in here. Is he from the last thread?



The mechanics of Utopia demand open level design. The changes made for Sonic in Adventure 1 were necessary to allow more precise movement so they could design compact levels without worrying about Sonic careening off the stage.

I personally love Utopia. But hearing everyone felate it, post it non-stop and say like "why doesn't sega get that this is what we always want" has just slowly worn on my nerves. It's fun and I want more but lets not oversell it.

It'd probably still be boring to play.

Oh how nice you remembered me?
Good, i like that, now play in traffic.