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I did every single quest on Agrus.

Do I have to do them all over again on my alts? Was I lied to?

yes LOL

you get to keep the waypoints but have to do all the quests again

You don't have to do them to access the Netherland Crucifix, but you have to do them to unlock Mac'arooni WQs

Good thing you have like 4+ months to do alts on Argus :^)

Check this shit out!


Nah, once you complete a quest on any character, you'll never be able to do it again even if you make a new one. It's kind of nice but I hate only being able to grind for exp when I start a new character.

Ion strikes again


Not true. There are shortcuts, like you have to literally nothing to do in Antoran wastes other than talk with Illidan.

>stream view counts

There is literally nothing wrong with playing a Pandaren.

That may actually be the lowest its ever been

its gives you a good idea at how many people are actually interested in the game tbqh

What did she mean by this?

guys guys how about we give all the warlock artifacts the wrong color so they don't match any popular sets lmao

this what my game looks like with a inky potion

>playing demon slave in the expac about killing demons
You deserve it.

>I've tried to get them to kill you slowly, but they just won't listennnn~

Now this is an old style of randumb female garbage that I haven't seen in a long while.
*digs through catch-all bin for my old trusty spork*

not even the obvious bait posts by the draenei, more the wannabe snarky female pandas that immediately show up to shitpost about it

>enslaves and consumes demons
>demon slave

Does not compute.

I don't really watch WoW streams, or any streams for that matter, I rather just play the game. Same with my guildmates to my knowledge.

It may be the lowest because of the absolute dogshit state PvP is in now and twitchcunts can't sperg out on PvE streams

>PvP event by Blizzard
>2k viewers
>PvE event by Blizzard
15k viewers

post em

>this is what constitutes as forum shit posting now
God I miss the original forums

>vanilla collector's edition pets aren't very good for pet battling

get on my level

desu senpai I miss the old forums too, but that is actually some pretty solid shitposting. It's absurdist, but it's intentionally grating enough to fall shy of the "randum XD" line.


Why don't you play your Priest?

not fun to play outside of pvp

It's not even ironic shitposting. It's 100% serious. Look at "her" videos. There's ones of them talking in a voip being just as stupid but I can't tell if this person is a middle aged woman trying to be quirky or some femme fatboy.

What's the best subforum to shitpost in nowadays? I'm still mad as fuck that they removed Offtopic.

>Look at "her" videos.
I refuse.

any of them except tech support/bug report

Coming back to the game. Which class should I play?

I'm in the same boat. They all seem like overpowered shithogs with too many timers and buttons.

TellMeWhen or Weak Auras 2?
I've been using WA but it's a bitch to set up for alts, TMW seems way easier.

for dps
druid is super op atm
mage, rogue, and warrior are always solid options
shaman is decent
dh, monk and paladin are all lacking atm
dk, priest, and warlock are really good atm
hunter is ok

i personally like playing arms

I would just default to priest but from my experience and what others say they are boring as fuck in Legion. My special snowflake syndrome makes me lean towards healing as monk but I know how fucking terrible the mistweavers gameplay is.

16k haste give 48.04% 18k haste gives me 48.44%. Does crit have a soft cap too? I unfortunately dont have the gear to go over 40% yet.

>druid is super op atm

Was there ever the case of Druid not having at least one absolute top spec in the game?

but currently all 4 specs are top tier

That one time in vanilla. After that druids became the single best class in the game for the next 12 years straight.

Druids were ass in vanilla. The only things they were good for were innervate and battle rezzing. Feral druids were a meme, and caster druids just weren't a thing.

Mages have always been #1.

she have a nice voice

If you can't marry a NPC in the next expansion I am out

>Mages have always been #1.

It's relative. Mages have always been amazing, but after vanilla so have druids. But druids have been amazing at more. The second TBC came along feral druids were now mandatory, as were resto druids. Every single expansion after TBC had druids with multiple ROLES that were top end.

Not only this, but they are the default choice for casual players because they have a million quality of life abilities all in one class. They can tank when they need to, they can heal themselves, they can stealth whenever they need to, they can do dot damage, they have an instant cast mount which is god tier, and because of that have a significantly easier time farming. And let's not forget the billions of gold spawned into the game because of them vale farming for 2 years straight non-stop.

If you sit down and think about it, there is literally no incentive to play anything but a druid in retail WoW. And this is why they are the most played class by a giant fucking margin. The only reason people don't bitch about them being OP is because the vanilla stigma still lingers to this day.

>that binds
the absolute shit state of paladin

Why do so many men play female characters? Its confusing as fuck for a straight male

>Its confusing as fuck for a straight male
Maybe it has more to do with your underaged shit american taste

fellas is it gay to be a cashpig for other men who play nelfs?

I want to marry Jaina and protect her boys

this is pure autism I can only imagine the virgin who made this

>Every to do with giving them real money

As long as they aren't being a furry degenerate, I find them cute.

PLEASE. Rate my overthought transmog! PLEASE!

its shit because you use a fist weapon and blizz says that goes against the shaman class fantasy

I want to play a Worgen Druid because werewolves are my favourite horror/fantasy monsters and I haven't played a Druid yet but playing one seems to be vastly associated with being a furry degenerate

Should I just play one anyway?

Option 1: be reprieved as a degenerate furry
Option 2: be perceived as a degenerate erp furry
Option 3: stop caring about how people think about you online

Worgen Druid is the most OK Druid because they're in druid forms most of the time.

Can somebody post the warlock affliction virgin vs demonology chad pic?

How do you mean? Don't tell me you're looking for a gamer gf in wow

WoW is so lonely without friends, just like real life

do it fuccboi

>doing random heroic earlier
>druid tank has Iron Reaver Soul Stealer macro'd onto his swipe(?)
>constantly spamming it

Why do people do this?


The most ok worgen* dorry just woke up

Which one should I delete:
1-2 Nelf Rogue
3-4 Human Priest
5-6 Worgen Warrior
7-8 Nelf Monk
9-0 Human Paladin

5 picks my new main

nelf female druid!

Oh I wish it was 5

What mounts do you think will be removed once legion is over?

looks pretty good bud, but i think these axes would look better

>T-This expansion is too big for me

Being that stupid to do more than one +11 a week.Kek

Draenei Priest

Dwarf Shaman

Male blood elf paladin

3 pick my new alt

slut mogged fem panda rogue.

>not pushing keys instead of afking in your class hall
what are you even doing lmao

Is Quin our boi?

Gnome DK

Asmongold and Pezado are the only /our guys/ that exist

Letting people breed my fem worgen most of time.

Dwarf Rogue

stay in animal for or turn back into human when you are just wandering in sw/dala. not having a furfag name like "boomiedog" helps too.


I want to convert alt to heal, I have: Monk, Warrior, and Paladin.
Should I roll Holy Paladin or MW Monk for heals?

Play an elemental shaman and minigame exclusively.

Nelf female warrior

hpala is a bit better
monk is a bit more fun

Is HPaladin very gear dependant?


Female Dwarf ret Paladin


Why's that?


>talking to yourself in /say